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The project outline As a result of the redevelopment, patrons can ‘learn discover access’ within the LINC which has been designed for experiences and has moved beyond a transactional view of the client. This has been achieved through the selection of furniture, infrastructure, the layout of physical collections, a café, varying seating arrangements, integration of technology for desktop & mobile devices,Wi-Fi access and sophisticated interior design. All of these elements have enabled the LINC staff to leverage the physical space and create client service experiences that are engaging, positive, safe, respectful, and contemporary, delivered with a sense of pride.The impact of embedding in every possible way the paradigms of the ‘Community Living Room’ and ‘Breakdown Hierarchy’ was significant and clients and agencies in the greater Launceston communities are voting with their feet, physically and virtually.



The LINC has moved from a focus on collections to social engagement with content and learning.

“The overall visual impact is of a welcoming, contemporary, safe space for people to engage, meet, chill, read, learn, be noisy, be quiet and just be.The ability to meld a corporate branding approach with the humanity of a community living room has been a significant visual impact achievement.Young adults have their own area and its location and layout were informed through engaging with local agencies who understand the broad range of social approaches for such a diverse target group. The advice was included in designing a contemporary space, slightly “off the beaten track” within the building. They enabled social gathering, conversation, hanging out, access to multimedia, Wi-Fi and charge bars, without the heavy-handedness of direct supervision of the past.”

Garry Conroy-Cooper, Manager



Architect - Carroll & Cockburn Architects

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