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Mount st Joseph g i rls ’ col lege , V i c

The project outline Mount St Joseph Girls’College Learning Resource Centre provides the College community with a contemporary learning hub, meeting place and events space. Prior to extensive renovations, the space was par titioned which prevented the flow of natural light. The space is now a beautiful open area where natural light filters through the shelves due to their strategic placement angled for ease of access and flow of traffic. The school now has the flexibility to re-arrange the shelving units to suit special events and learning needs as they choose mobile and light-weight furniture. The choice of colours throughout the centre is balanced between the calming influence of greens on the floor with the whites of the walls. This allows more light to be directed at the book collection and the work benches between the shelves.The charcoal grey shelving enhance, by way of contrast, the colours of the collection on display.

outcome “The college now has a functional and user friendly space where the students enjoy coming in to study.The shelving defines the space. Great use of display shelving throughout the library provides easy access to books where we can feature new and upcoming books. We are very happy with the final outcome and thank Raeco for their guidance and assistance.”

Fran Dorgan, Director of Learning Resources

Architect - Minx Architecture



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