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The project outline The opening of the new Library in 2015 established the space as a central hub for learning within the School. The Library sits on the same site as the previous library which dated back to the 1970s, but with a considerably increased footprint. The design brief was to provide flexible learning and reading spaces for students from Preparatory to Year 12, within an environment that reflected the aesthetic of the building in which it is located. Whilst the Library is extraordinarily beautiful, the design also ensures that it is imbued with a sense of calm. From the first time students were able to use the Library spaces, their delight has been evident and their behaviour exemplary. A number of senior students have told staff that it is just like a university library as it is “a grown up space.”

outcome “Usage levels have been consistently high since the Library opened to students. Lunchtimes see every seat occupied by students working collaboratively in groups or sitting in the nor th-facing reflection area enjoying a book and the view. What has been interesting is the way students have embraced sitting at the large tables (under the Atrium and in the Ar ts Alcove) with students they may not necessarily know and working companionably side by side. Teachers are increasingly booking classes into the designated learning areas and have commented upon what a delightful and productive environment these spaces offer.”

Team at Loreto Mandeville Hall



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