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O wners , D evelopers & M anagers By Timothy Naski and Michael Doyle, AIA of ECS Mid-Atlantic, LLC Do You Need a Preconstruction Condition Survey?

Y ou are constructing a building, and a neigh - bor complains that

issues frequently arise with residential property owners, owners selling their proper - ties, and not well-maintained properties. Occasionally, we have seen where a contractor’s piece of equipment has dam - aged the adjacent property. The type of foundation and extent of the construction project determines the scope of documentation during a preconstruction condition survey. Some questions to ask include: • Is an adjacent property to be underpinned? • How deep is the existing

condition survey. A preconstruction condition survey of adjacent properties

foundation? • How close and what type are the neighboring properties? • Will blasting be required? • Are piles to be installed? If the property is located immediately adjacent to con- struction, the condition of the interior of a building may also need to be documented. After the project, a post- construction condition survey may also be completed. This survey compares the condi - tions of the adjacent prop - erties observed during the preconstruction survey with the existing conditions.

In conjunction with vibration monitoring and 3-dimensional monitoring of the adjacent structures, a preconstruction condition survey can alleviate “he said, she said” problems that often arise with construction projects and neighboring prop - erties. These services can pro - vide peace of mind for you and the adjacent property owners. About the Authors Timothy Naski is a Fa- cilities Senior Associate for ECS Mid-Atlantic, LLC. Michael Doyle, AIA is a Principal Architect for ECS Mid-Atlantic, LLC. MAREJ

completed before con - struction ac- tivities can assist both the contrac - tor and the neighbor - ing property owners. The

your activi- ties damaged their build - ing. Unfor- tunately, there is no documenta- tion as to the previous con- dition of the

Timothy Naski

Michael Doyle

survey can determine if there is damage to the property and to what extent, if any, was potentially caused by construction. We have seen

adjacent property before the construction. What do you do? If there was a preconstruction condition survey, you could compare photographs of the building’s condition before the construction with the current condition. A preconstruction condition survey consists of documen- tation of adjacent proper- ties with photographs and/or video. It may also include adja- cent roadways, sidewalks, and site features adjacent to the project site. An independent third-party company should complete the preconstruction $10 Million in joint venture equity arranged for multi- housing redev. site in New Jersey MONTCLAIR, NJ — JLL Capital Markets announced that it has arranged $10 mil - lion in joint venture equity for the acquisition of 65 Church St., the fully approved rede - velopment site in Montclair. The project will include 74 apartment units and 3,873 square feet of retail space in downtown Montclair. JLL worked on behalf of Bijou Properties, LLC and Accurate . The JLL Capital Markets Investment Advisory team representing Bijou was led by senior managing direc - tors Jose Cruz and Kevin O’Hearn , director Ryan Rob- ertson , managing directors Michael Oliver and Steve Simonelli and associate Mi- chael Zlotnick. The four-story property will feature 34 one-bedroom, 30 two-bedroom and two three- bedroom market residential units. The site is also ap - proved for one one-bedroom, five two-bedroom and two three-bedroom affordable resi - dential units. The property will accommodate 112 vehicles across two levels. MAREJ


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