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One Westfield Place’ brings Westfield’s Master Plan to life HBC | Streetworks Development invests in revitalization of Downtown Westfield, NJ


Station that improve access to alternative modes of transpor- tation with features including ride sharing, bike stations, storage, and pickup/drop-off service locations In addition to improving the Town Green, Town Square, and Quimby St., HBC | Street - works Development, in concert with the Downtown Westfield Corporation, will collaborate with Dan Biederman , presi- dent of Biederman Rede- velopment Ventures , the experts behind New York’s Bryant Park, to develop a com - prehensive plan to strategically

activate and program events and activities in public spaces and gathering areas. The project as envisioned will generate several million dollars per year to the Town of Westfield for a total of over $200 million in additional revenues over 30 years, which would help to stabilize taxes, fund public improvements, and support other municipal priori - ties to maximize the benefits to the entire Westfield com - munity. The project will also create over 2,900 jobs during construction, as well as 1,700 jobs when operational. MAREJ

ESTFIELD, NJ — HBC , through its real estate develop-

ment arm Streetworks De- velopment , announced plans to reimagine the former Lord & Taylor building and develop the remainder of its property, along with several town-owned parcels in Westfield, through a sequenced, mixed-use develop- ment. The proposed develop - ment, One Westfield Place, is poised to reinvigorate West- field’s downtown; repurpose underutilized buildings and properties; optimize parking; create new housing and com - mercial spaces; improve pe - destrian connectivity between residential neighborhoods and downtown; and envision a mobility hub to accommodate alternative modes of transpor- tation around the Westfield Train Station. HBC | Streetworks Devel - opment’s proposed 731,000 s/f development, One Westfield Place, includes: ● 100,000 s/f of next-genera - tion, flexible class A office space through the adaptive reuse of the former Lord & Taylor building ● State-of-the-art mass tim - ber building that offers 210,000 s/f of class A office and ameni - ties to benefit employees ● A total of 27,000 s/f of street-level retail distributed across the development ● 154 high-quality residential apart - ments and townhomes targeted to 55 and older residents ● 69 residential apartments cater- ing to families and young pro- fessionals ● Affordable housing units planned in accordance with housing requirements in both Westfield and the state of NJ ● Two new parking garages for public use on North Avenue and South Avenue that can ac - commodate over 450 vehicles ● Expertly designed and landscaped Town Green and Town Square, north and south of the Train Station, to be revitalized public spaces that enable significantly enhanced community programming and to feature tree-lined green spaces, seasonal planters, wa- ter features, and improved pe- destrian and vehicular access ● Comprehensive streetscape and sidewalk improvements including the beautification of Quimby St. ● A state-of-the-art mobil - ity hub connecting the north and south sides of the Train

One Westfield Place before and after rendering

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