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Keith Spicer

Deciding to change phone systems is often a difficult process full of uncertainty. The telecommunications experts at MichTel have compiled a simple list presenting the three best reasons to switch to a VoIP phone system. VoIP offers more than just a simple calling service — it comes with a wide variety of calling features and functions that allow for cost savings and simple control.



Let’s face it: Marketing has hit a wall. Everyone is looking for the next unique way to engage the broadest demographic possible, but they just can’t break through. Do you want to know why? Go to the websites of startups, mid-sized businesses, and massive conglomerates. What do you see? They all have the same aesthetic, the same content, and the same tone — each packaged just differently enough to make them look unique. Audiences want new content faster than marketers can provide it. Just as social media embraces trends, businesses market to consumers. Once a company strikes a chord that resonates with the masses, everyone jumps on the bandwagon until the marketing strategy is wildly overused and therefore ineffective. Rather than businesses dictating how they market to consumers, the pendulum has swung so that marketing strategies are in the hands of the consumer. The quick progression of technology in recent years could be a cause of this shift of power, but the reason matters less than the result. Businesses are left to either try to create the next big marketing trend or ride an existing one until it’s out of gas. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Every business is sitting on a gold mine of content-driven marketing; they just haven’t tapped into it. The biggest resource for a company to market is its leader. One strategy that has gained a significant amount of traction in recent years is the personal branding of companies’ leaders. But just as other marketing has become standardized and generic, so has personal branding. Owners and CEOs have become robotic in what they say and how they act. It’s as if they’ve all gone through the same media coaching. Leaders are so concerned with slipping up that they won’t take risks. But when did being authentic become risky? Here’s the truth of the matter: If you’re a business leader, people will listen to you. Most people are drawn to the same qualities that make a person successful.

The one feature of a VoIP service that everyone can understand is its low cost. VoIP providers offer a lower monthly cost than any traditional landline or cable provider. Because providers host the PBX, there is no on-site equipment necessary, therefore there are no upgrades or maintenance costs for businesses to handle.


VoIP phone plans include more than the basic calling and voicemail features. A VoIP phone system can include dozens of features that are all included at no extra cost in the monthly plan.


If the lower prices do not satisfy the customer and the advanced calling features seem too complicated, customers can be convinced by the simplicity of a VoIP system. So many features may seem like too much to understand. However, they all exist to make the users’ lives easier.

–Keith Spicer

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