Jacobs House Booklet 2022

House Environment

Daily Routine

The House has areas for study and recreation, as well as secure bike storage. Other facilities include: – a kitchen, with toastie machines, microwave and hot water – a locker room, with a full-size locker for each boy, supplied with a good quality combination lock to keep their locker secure. This is charged out on the first account.

For most students the daily routine is: – arrive at Jacobs House by 8.15am – read the noticeboard for any notices and get their name checked off the roll by the Housemaster – organise books and folders for the first two periods of the day – House assembly at 8.15am, except on Thursday which has a late start, beginning with school assembly – attend Chapel service (Monday and Friday), mentor groups (Tuesday) and school assembly (Thursday) – attend all classes – take part in sport or cultural activities after school.

07 – Christ’s College Jacobs House

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