“Smart developers are using our data to become super developers, anticipating market changes to get ahead of changes in the market and spot arbitrage. The specific sweet spot for CityBldr has been multifamily developers and builders. These developers have gone through and vetted our product, and what we’ve found we’re particularly good at is identifying sites that are well-suited for multi-family development. That’s important because there’s a huge need for more housing in the markets we’ve moved into – Seattle, SF, LA, San Diego, and Portland. “Our data is also being used by several investors, property flippers, to identify good opportunities that might not be listed on the market. We’ve had almost 15,000 pro-active offers on off-market properties go out through our site. There are other cool use cases though: we’re working with cities to identify arbitrage and underutilized sites. We are partnering with non-profit affordable housing developers to find affordable housing development sites. We are working with a large trust to identify keystone sites to promote social good. It really helps to have data to make that decision. An additional upside to all of this is that by improving properties to their best use the byproduct is more functional communities, happier residents, better businesses and ultimately better cities.

Our data is also being used by property flippers to identify good opportunities that might not be listed on the market.”

Why did you decide to use ATTOMData? “A lot of it had to do with the relationship we had with Matt (our sales representative). Matt gave us a lot of help in determining who would be the right fit for us. He was very forthright. “The price seemed good. It was better or comparable with the rest of the market. And the fact that ATTOM is pro- entrepreneur was important to me as well. What has been your experience with the data delivery? “Been perfect. The data is updated every day, and always arrives on time. Predictably good. Every once in a while we have to tap you guys for something we’re

missing, but when we do you are super- responsive in getting it to us.

“You get back to us really fast, sometimes outside of business hours.

What has been your experience with the data quality? “It’s been predictable, it’s been streamlined. ATTOM has done a good job of standardizing the data. What has been your experience with customer service? “It’s been great. I couldn’t ask for anything more on responsiveness and willingness to work with us as startup.

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