Bruce Law Firm June 2017

June 2017

Life With the Bruces

Family is the most important thing in my life. My wife, Ashley, is a lawyer as well, and we married in 2012 after I swore I would never marry a lawyer. Now, Ashley and I are the proud parents of two beautiful children: Russell, 17 months, and Ruby, 5 months. Ashley and I met after law school, studying for the bar exam. At first, Ashley didn’t want anything to do with me — she refused to give me her phone number — but she eventually came around after I invited her out for sushi, which I later learned was her favorite food … lucky guess! While I practice divorce law, Ashley is a highly accomplished bankruptcy and business lawyer. She actually just went back to work recently after having Ruby, and she is nothing short of Superwoman. It’s amazing watching her balance her professional life and our life as a family. I am eternally amazed by and grateful for her.

The newest addition to our family, Ruby

are older. When I was growing up, my family had many Rottweilers, so I’m hoping that’s the breed we end up deciding on.

Being a dad is one of the greatest things in the world. My kids are still very young — both are under 2 — so most of my free time is spent changing diapers, feeding hungry tummies, and taking naps. I have so much fun with my kids already, and I am really looking forward to the days when they are both walking and talking. For now, I’ll savor the attempts to crawl and the milky burps. Until recently, I served on the board for the Coastal Conservation Association (CCA). I am passionate about marine conservation, and the CCA helps protect our coastal states by advising and educating the public on conservation of marine resources. I have always enjoyed saltwater fishing — it’s something I have always been able to share with my dad — and I am passionate about protecting our waters. After graduating from law school, a couple of my colleagues told me about the CCA and encouraged me to get involved. When the kids are older and my life is less hectic, I’m hoping to again have the chance to get behind a marine conservation group such as the CCA. Though my dad didn’t instill a passion for marine conservation in me, he did ignite the spark by teaching me all about saltwater fishing. Each year, my dad and I take a fishing trip — sometimes we will go to the Bahamas — usually targeting blue marlin. My dad taught me how to fish at a young age, and I am thankful that I can share this hobby with him today.

“I have so much fun with my kids already, and I am really looking forward to the days when they are both walking and talking.”

Chris, Ashley, Russell, and Ruby

Not only do we have two tiny tots in our house, but we also have a few pets. Ashley is a huge animal lover, and if we had enough space and time, our house would be filled with pets. Right now, we have a few cats, but I’m hoping that we can trade one of them out for a dog when the kids

~ Chris Bruce

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