Uniform Shop Booklet

Name Labels

House Abbreviations Condell’s C Corfe Cf Flower’s F Harper H Jacobs Ja Julius J Richards R Rolleston Ro School S Somes So

All articles of clothing must be named. We will order your son’s name labels for you, and they will be available to purchase at the time of your uniform fitting. Name tapes, either printed or woven, are to have initials, surname and House abbreviations as follows: eg. AB SMITH Ro (Ro = Rolleston House) For boarders, this includes naming of mufti, towels and underwear. A minimum of 50 additional name labels are to be given to the House Matron. Name labels are to be sewn on as follows: • Back of neck on blazers, jerseys, shirts and tops • Back of waistband on trousers and shorts • Centre back of ties • Centre front on outside of underpants, below waistband • Top of socks • Outside of duvet cover at opening end (boarders) • Top right hand corner of towels (boarders)

4 – Christ’s College Uniform Shop

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