Uniform Shop Booklet

Hair guidelines

Please ensure that all boys return to school clean-shaven and with the appropriate haircuts and hair lengths.

Hair must be neat and tidy, regularly washed, and brushed or combed for school. A fringe cannot hang in front of the eyebrows.

A fringe cannot be hooked behind the ears.

Boys must be clean-shaven at all times, with no stubble or a moustache.

A fringe cannot fall in front of the eyes.

Hair must be natural in colour.

Hair on the side cannot be shaved less than a ‘3’. Hair on the side must be graduated with the rest of the hair, with no line cuts on the side. There must be no significant contrast in the length overall.

Sideburns cannot be longer than the middle of the ear.

Hair cannot be excessively thick and ‘large’ in appearance.

The overall length must be ‘3’ or above. Hairstyles cannot be extreme or exaggerated, e.g. no mullets or shaved sections.

Hair needs to be above the collar at all times.

6 – Christ’s College Uniform Shop

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