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Ed Alexander

It’s supposed to be April showers, but apparently all the showers happened in March when I went camping at White Springs. Luckily my campsite stayed dry, but all the bike trails were completely flooded. Despite being unable to ride around, the weekend was still peaceful. In other news, last month I posted a piece on strategic partnerships. I received a lot of positive feedback on the article, so I wanted to mention it here too. We’ve all heard the words “joint venture” and “strategic alliance” thrown around in reference to big public companies like Apple, Amazon, or American Airlines. However, the benefits of joint ventures and strategic alliances don’t need to be the exclusive purview of big business! Small businesses stand to gain immensely from tapping into the hidden potential of strategic alliances and joint ventures. By teaming up with other businesses, small businesses can increase their competitive advantage in the face of increasing pressure from big businesses. I strongly encourage you to look into the benefits joint ventures and strategic alliances could provide for your business. You can learn more about supplementing your organic growth through strategic partnerships at

2 SIMPLE STEPS TO IMPROVE YOUR WEBSITE WHY SIMPLICITY AND CTA ARE KING Every savvy small-business owner in 2019 knows that you need a website in order to stay relevant in the modern marketplace. But when you search the internet as a consumer, it’s clear that many of these business owners don’t actually understand why a website is important. If you look around at the digital storefronts of your competitors — and probably your own — you’ll mostly find placeholders as opposed to compelling avenues for customer engagement. Instead of making their company’s offerings, goals, and identity instantly clear, most pages muddy the waters with wordy self-justifications. Instead of being attractive and easy to use, they’re covered in garish promotions and confusing menus leading nowhere helpful. The worst thing you can do with your website is make it pointless. You can shell out some funds to a design firm to create a generic webpage, but without a clear understanding of how your site will create and drive leads and customer engagement, it won’t do much. Here are two steps you can take to improve your site and get an edge over the competition whether you edit the site in-house or outsource it to a web designer. In a 2012 study, Google discovered that users assess the aesthetics of a website in one- fiftieth of a second. Furthermore, overwhelming visual complexity leads users to perceive a site as unattractive. It’s tempting to cram as much information as possible onto your homepage. You want prospects to check out your social media, read your blog, see your latest promotion, and give your business a call. But in reality, when confronted with too many options, most PARE IT DOWN.

–Ed Alexander

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