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Condell’s House

Welcome to Condell’s House

I look forward to meeting you all over the next few months and making 2024 an unforgettable year. This booklet will answer questions you may have about the House system at College and Condell’s House in particular.

The History of Condell’s House Condell’s is one of the seven dayboy Houses at College. However, it has not always been a dayboy House and it has not operated continuously since its inception. The original building – described as being “in the Gothic order of architecture, entirely of wood, of appearance in keeping with the existing College buildings, and with a pretty bell turret with ornamental iron work and finial” – was planned and built in 1878. In May 1879, Thomas de Renzy Condell, a College Old Boy, became the first Housemaster of the new boarding House, with 20 boys in his care. Although the new House was successful, the depressed state of the New Zealand economy meant the College roll fell to such an extent that after only 15 years of operation, in 1893, the Board decided to close the House. For the next 25 years, the House became a residence for several masters, and temporary accommodation for displaced Headmaster’s House pupils, while their present building (School House) was constructed. From 1908, the College roll began to increase steadily and, in the years that followed, the first two dayboy Houses, North Town and South Town (Harper and Julius), were established. By the end of 1918, the two boarding Houses could barely accommodate the 148 boarders, so it was decided to open another boarding House. From 1919–1923, it operated under the name of its Housemaster, Mr E Jenkins.

Condell’s House is located in Gloucester Street. It has good facilities for study and recreation. We provide a supportive environment to help boys attain their best. If you have any further questions we can discuss these when I meet with you. Please contact me if there is anything I can help you with between now and the start of the new school year. – Alex Robertson, Housemaster

01 – Christ’s College Condell’s House

Mr JG Denniston was Housemaster in 1924 and it was then that it reverted to Condell’s House. This continued when Mr Jenkins returned from 1925–1932. However, by the end of 1932, the effects of another economic depression caused the boarding roll to decrease, so once again Condell’s House doors closed and the boys were distributed among the other boarding Houses. By 1935, it was necessary to establish a dayboy Waiting House and these boys were given rooms in the old Condell’s House. This situation continued until 1939 when Condell’s House reopened with its original name as a dayboy House, with Mr TWC Tothill as Housemaster. The House flourished under his guidance, retaining a level of achievement that it had enjoyed as a boarding House. In August 1954, the College Office moved to the part of the House previously occupied by Mr Tothill, who moved to his new home in Halswell. This enabled the old College Office to be demolished to allow for the building of Richards House. In December 1954, Mr Tothill retired after 14 years of service to the boys. Mr DJR Cooke became the next Housemaster, serving from 1955–1959. During the final term of 1959, the residential part of Condell’s had considerable alterations to enable a new dayboy House, Corfe, to open in 1960. The prefects’ study and House library were relocated to what was Mr Cooke’s old house, and the upstairs was converted into a biology laboratory.

Mr JHN Pine took over as Housemaster of Condell’s in 1960 and further renovations took place during his term. New showers and improved changing facilities were fitted and the senior study was remodelled. After five years, Mr Pine moved to School House, when Mr DG Hamilton took over as Housemaster of Condell’s. Academic honours were notable during his term, with six university scholarships gained in 1967. Unfortunately, Mr Hamilton’s term was also only five years, after which time he moved across The Quad to Jacobs. Mr PD Barton succeeded Mr Hamilton in 1970. During the 1970s, major restructuring of the building took place. Corfe House was relocated on the first floor of the building, leaving Condell’s on the ground floor. The alterations included a new shower block, a new locker room and additional study space. The House continued to compete with distinction in many interhouse competitions, and several Condellians maintained the tradition of academic excellence. C Stewart became the Housemaster in 1981 and was succeeded by PW Duggan in 1997. Tony O’Connor was Housemaster from 2015– 2019, and Alex Robertson was appointed Housemaster in Term 4, 2019. At the start of Term 2, 2001, Condell’s moved from The Quad to new premises in Gloucester Street.


The Housemaster

Alex has been Housemaster since April 2019 following the departure of Tony O’Connor. Alex joined College in 2018, teaching ESOL and English. Her desire to take a greater role in the wider school community and pastoral care of students led to her stepping up as Housemaster. House culture is paramount in her view, building a community of mutual support where individuality is valued and successes applauded. Originally from the United Kingdom, Alex, her husband and two sons are settled in New Zealand after four years working in Brunei. Alex Robertson, Housemaster Mobile: +64 27 268 9431 Email : Deputy Housemaster/Mentor Olivia Austin Olivia joined College in 2018, teaching English across Years 9–13, as well as managing basketball and aquatics. At the start of 2019, Olivia acquired the position of Teacher-in-Charge of Classical Studies. Olivia is a goal-driven educator with a solid commitment to the social and academic growth and development of every boy. She has a passion for literary theory and the light it sheds on the ideas and values of the world around us and strives to use it across both disciplines. Working at College has allowed her to impart life lessons, putting her in a valuable position to influence decisions, behaviours,

strengths and weaknesses of the boys. Email :

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New Boys in 2024



William Ban

Medbury School

Lewis Bennett Hugo Bush Alex Doutch Hugo Ensor George Greig Raymond Hsing Nitin Keswani

St Patrick’s School (Bryndwr)

Medbury School

Heaton Intermediate Cathedral Grammar

Medbury School

Heaton Intermediate

Medbury School Medbury School

Hwijun Kwon Kingsley Lee

St Michael’s

Sean Ma

Medbury School

Gus Matheson Cathedral Grammar Pewhairangi Morgan Te Waka Unua School Gabriel Onions Cashmere Primary Ben Stockton

Clarkville Te Kura ki Waimatao

Jaivan Tuiloma Daniel Zhang

Te Waka Unua School

Medbury School


The House System

Christ’s College is divided into 10 Houses, seven for dayboys, three for boarders. The dayboy houses are Condell’s, Corfe, Harper, Jacobs, Julius, Rolleston and Somes. The boarding houses are Flower’s, Richards and School.

House Structure The House system is one of the strong features of College. It is not just the physical base from which the boys operate, it is the unit in which boys may develop close relationships, leadership skills and a real sense of community. Academic, sporting and cultural facets are all catered for, particularly in interhouse competitions. However, the House is a lot more than a physical space. It is the structure in which the boys form lasting bonds with other members of the House and develop a strong sense of unity over their five years at College. Their involvement in a wide range of duties, as well as interhouse academic, sporting and cultural activities, encourages and instils a sense of responsibility, pride and commitment to the House in particular and to Christ’s College in general, and helps develop personal qualities and values. The Housemaster The Housemaster supports the individual development of every student in the House, both academically and in co-curricular pursuits. They are the first liaison between parents and College. They advocate for their students when necessary and are in regular contact with teachers.

The Mentor System All Houses have a Deputy Housemaster and staff mentors who assist the Housemaster with pastoral care. Each boy is assigned a staff mentor and, in vertical groups from Years 9–13, placed in a mentor group. These groups meet their mentor each week. During these weekly meetings, boys can discuss their goals for the year, as well as participate in other activities, such as group discussions, led by senior students. The goal-planning process is student-driven, but guided and monitored by the mentor. Being part of a mentor group allows them to build a relationship with a member of staff who is not their Housemaster and get to know boys from different year groups. Both of these connections are important forms of pastoral support. Mentors also undertake House duties and attend selected House assemblies and functions. They provide feedback to Housemasters about the boys in their group as required, and Housemasters can also access all goal-planning documentation. Head of House and Deputy Head of House The Head of House and his Deputy are Year 13 students. They assist the Housemaster in the running of the House. They often represent the views of the boys in the House about any changes to House organisation.

05 – Christ’s College Condell’s House

Matt Cortesi / Mentor

Andrew Glssenbury / Mentor

Kirsty Howatson / Mentor

Jennifer Thomas / Mentor

Years 9–13 Students Year 13 students will be allocated an area of responsibility. They are expected to coordinate House competitons and be role models and support for younger students. All boys must treat their peers and surroundings with respect and consideration to ensure that everyone is comfortable and enjoys their time in Condell’s House. Interhouse Activities There are many interhouse competitions, which range from most sporting codes to drama, debating, singing and chess. The boys themselves select and organise teams. They are encouraged to volunteer to be in teams, though teams are selected on merit, based on age group and ability. The opportunities in interhouse activities are great fun and provide leadership skills, as well as fostering a special spirit in the House. Boys can earn House colours for their involvement and performance in interhouse activities. There are points for participating, making finals and winning championships. Athletic championships are held in Term 1, shortly after the swimming championships.

House Colours The awards for House colours are: 20 points Certificate 40 points House badge 50 points House tie clip 70 points House tie 90 points

Housemaster’s Award

In both cases there is an interhouse competition as well as the individual

championships. Everyone is encouraged to enter these competitions, both as individuals and in the various relay events.


House Environment

Daily Routine

The House has areas for study and recreation, as well as secure bike storage. Other facilities in the House include: – a kitchen, with toastie machines, microwave and hot water – a locker room, with a full-size locker for each boy, supplied with a good quality combination lock to keep their locker secure – showers and toilets in the locker room – a table tennis table and basketball court.

For most students, the daily routine is: – arrive at Condell’s House by 8.15am – read the noticeboard for any notices and get their name checked off the roll by the Housemaster – organise books and folders for the first two periods of the day – House assembly at 8.15am, except on Thursday which has a late start, beginning with school assembly – attend Chapel service (Monday and Friday), mentor groups (Tuesday) and school assembly (Thursday) – attend all classes – take part in sport or cultural activities after school.

07 – Christ’s College Condell’s House

House Expectations


House expectations are based on a need for organisation and respect, and apply to everyone in Condell’s House. They are not onerous and most students abide by them naturally. The following are the more common daily expectations: Roll House roll is taken each morning at 8.15am. Anyboywhoisgoingtobelatetoschool,for whateverreason,mustsendatextmessage to the Housemaster. If school has begun, he should report to the main office. Permission All boys must obtain permission to be out of the school grounds at any time during the day, including going home for lunch. Breakage and Damage Students should treat the fabric and facilities of the House with respect at all times. Any breakages or damage within the House should be reported immediately to the Housemaster. Possessions All bicycles must be clearly and permanently named, and must be locked in the bike shed. All possessions and clothing must be clearly named. No boy may borrow any property from another boy without first gaining permission. Boys may return to the House at break and lunch to eat meals, study or for recreation. Boys get changed in the House locker room for PE and sports practices. They may use the House after school. It is usually locked at about 7pm.

Chapel is a central part of College life. Boys are required to attend services on Monday and Friday before classes, congregational practice on Wednesdays, and two Sunday Chapel services per term. The Chaplain prepares boys for Confirmation, provided they are in Years 12–13. The preparation course is held in the second or third terms, with the Confirmation Service usually held later in the year. All services are listed in the College calendar or on the College website. Parents are welcome to attend any Sunday Chapel service. Boys who have a regular commitment in their parish church can apply for the Chapel requirement to be halved. A letter from their priest or minister is required and will be forwarded to the Chaplain.


09 – Christ’s College Condell’s House

General Information

Contacts If there is any concern, parents should contact the Housemaster in the first instance. The Housemaster can then direct the concern to the Executive Principal, Deputy Principal or subject teachers as required. Meetings with teachers and members of senior management may then be arranged. Illness/Medical Absences For daily absences or illness, please call 03 364 8676 and leave your son’s name and reason for his absence. For extended absences, please contact your Housemaster. Leave If a boy needs to leave the school grounds during the day for a dental, doctor or physiotherapy appointment, his parents must contact his Housemaster. Parents are asked to try to arrange such appointments outside school hours whenever possible. If a boy is to be absent for a private reason for more than two days, parents are asked to request leave in writing prior to the absence. Such leave is granted by the Deputy Principal. Social Events During the year there will be a number of social events which parents and families will be invited to attend. These include House Music, House Plays, as well as functions for combined year groups. Sometimes parents volunteer to host an evening for their year group. This is always greatly appreciated by the Housemaster.

School Hours Students report to the House to be ready for House assembly at 8.15am. They leave school after they have met their academic, sport or cultural commitments, usually between 5–6pm. Dayboys should not stay around school after 6pm unless for a specific purpose. Notices The Christ’s College calendar for each term can be found on the College website. Students are asked to check upcoming events at the start of each week. Students are expected to listen carefully to notices at House assembly and must regularly check the House board, as well as Schoolbox and their College email. Lockers Each boy has a locker in the House, where he can store books and school equipment, packed lunch, sports gear etc. Boys are given a combination lock at the start of the year. They are expected to keep their lockers tidy; they must not leave food in their locker and should take their sports uniforms home for washing. Lunch Boys may eat their lunch where they wish within the school grounds. Boys can use their common room, where there are toastie machines and a microwave, or stay in the courtyard area at the House. The cafe is located in the Chapman Room and is open at lunchtime every weekday. It offers a wide range of food items and drinks, with healthy alternatives. Wherever boys eat, they are expected to put all rubbish in rubbish bins and cans/plastic bottles in recycling containers.


Bicycles Boys are encouraged to cycle to school. They are asked to lock their bike in the cycle shed in the basement of the House. Some sporting codes (rowing, for example) require boys to cycle to venues for practice or competition days. Helmets must be worn at all times and bikes should have appropriate lights, especially in the winter months. Students are expected to follow the road code and to respect other cyclists and pedestrians at all times.

A limited number of places are available for dayboys who wish to have lunch in the Dining Hall. Lunchtime Activities Boys are encouraged to be active during lunchtime and make use of the sporting facilities such as Upper and the various outdoor basketball courts. The library and the computer suites are open at lunchtime. Many interhouse events take place during lunchtime and boys will either participate or support House teams. Uniform Shop The Uniform Shop is located in Gloucester Street. Laptops, Books and Stationery All textbooks issued by the school, exercise books and stationery items must be named. Students are expected to look after their books and keep them in good order. Boys are asked to use a school bag to carry their gear during the day. The boys need to ensure that they carry their laptops with them at all times. When not in use, they need to make sure they secure them safely in their locker.

11 – Christ’s College Condell’s House


13 – Christ’s College Condell’s House


All uniforms should be purchased from the Uniform Shop upstairs at 10 Gloucester Street. A list of uniform requirements will be sent to all parents.

Sports Gear All Houses have their own colours for athletics and interhouse sports. The Condell’s House uniform consists of black shorts, a yellow singlet with a white diagonal band across it, and a yellow and white rugby jersey. There is no regulation footwear for PE and athletics, but all boys must wear footwear around the school or when running in the park. Sports gear can be purchased from the Uniform Shop.

In the senior school, a different blazer replaces the striped blazer worn by juniors. In all cases, blazers must be worn when on leave from College. Full uniform must be worn when going home after school, unless boys are being collected from directly outside the House. After sport practices, boys may travel home in sports gear or in a tracksuit. Formal Uniform The formal uniform consists of the grey suit and white shirt. It is worn on a Monday and Friday during Terms 2 and 3, and for Sunday Chapel services. Stripes Blazer Uniform This uniform consists of a striped blazer, white shirt, and mid-grey long trousers or black walk shorts (summer). It is worn on a Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday during Terms 2 and 3 and every day during summer. It is also worn for any sport exchanges.



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