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Feb 2018


The Perfect Evening

How I Proposed to Lisa, My Incredible Valentine

W ith twins on the way in May, my wife, Lisa, and I have our hands full with the endless list of preparations that have to be made. It’s been a lot of fun andmore than a little stressful getting everything ready for the two newest arrivals to our little family. But while we’ve been busy, withValentine’s Day right around the corner, I always take a moment to take stock of everything she and I have built together. She’s the most beautiful, incredible woman I’ve ever met. I’m constantly amazed that she decided to spend her life by my side. When Lisa and I started dating, it didn’t take me long to realize that she was absolutely the woman I wanted tomarry. But though we lived together for a few years before I proposed, it just never seemed like the right time. As with anything in our relationship, I wanted tomake sure it was perfect and that we were in the ideal stage to take this enormous step together. Luckily, she was patient, never pressuring, or demanding for a single second. We went at our own pace. When I finally decided it was the perfect moment to pop the question, I embarked on one of the most extensive researchmissions I’ve ever done inmy life, learningmore about diamonds than I ever wanted to know. Once I had the ring in hand, I booked a weekend getaway for the two of us on the coast of Newport Rhode Island and called in reservations to the most amazing restaurant I could find in the area—again, after a ridiculous amount of research. As anybody who knows me will tell you, I’m the kind

of guy who wants a special moment to go off perfectly, so the entire preparation for the night of the proposal was wildly stressful for me.

But when we arrived at the restaurant, The Spiced Pear at the Chanler Hotel, and saw our table overlooking the sea, my worries began to subside. The viewwas too incredible in the low glow of the ambient lighting to create anything but the ideal evening. After enjoying one of the most delicious meals we’d ever had, there was a lull in our enthusiastic conversation.

“You know, Michael,”Lisa said, smiling lightly.“This is just the perfect evening.”

“Well,”I said, slyly.“I might be able tomake it a little bit more perfect.”I pulled the ring frommy pocket, and got down on one knee.

The rest, as they say, is history. Now, I share a wonderful family— two kids with twomore on the way—with the most phenomenal woman I could ever imagine. Today I can say that not only is she levelheaded, deeply intelligent, and strikingly beautiful, but she is the single greatest mother on the planet. Valentine’s Day wouldn’t mean anything without her constant warmth and love inmy life.

—Dr. Michael Russo

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