Jason A. Schermer July 2017


JULY 2017

Jason A . Schermer , D . D . S & Noor Almuda l l a l , D .M. D COMPREHENS I VE RESTORAT I VE & ESTHET I C DENT I STRY

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One of my long-time patients came in recently, a woman whom I’ve been treating since I first started in dentistry. When she sat down in the chair, she looked up and asked me, “Do you remember what I said to you the first time I came in?”

know how amazing she is at her work. Born and raised in the Cleveland area, she earned her Bachelor of Arts in chemistry, her Master of Science in anatomy, and her Doctor of Dental Medicine degree from Case Western Reserve University. She did a lot of research during her tenure at CWRU, with a focus on how periodontal health relates to women’s health. Of course, education does not automatically make a person a great dentist, and Dr. A also brings her friendly, kind personality. She is skilled at helping each patient feel comfortable and relaxed in her hands. As far as associates go, Dr. A is in a league of her own. I’m lucky to have been able to bring her on board. After passively looking for an associate for a while, three different dentists I’ve known and respected for a long time each independently recommended her to me. Dr. A received high praise from my personal mentor and another dentist who was part of the same master’s program as her, both of them telling me how she’d fit in well with the philosophy we have at the practice. When we first met to discuss the possibility of Dr. A becoming an associate, I could tell they were right. I’ve met people who’ve been out of dental school for 30 years who don’t have nearly the same ability and talent she does. I know patients can have reservations about working with someone new to the practice. It ties my stomach in knots to see her get

“Are you kidding?” I joked. “I can barely remember that it’s Thursday.”

“I asked you if you were old enough to be a dentist,” she laughed. “You don’t look that young anymore.”

“As far as associates go, Dr. A is in a league of her own. I’m lucky to have been able to bring her on board.”

the “new kid on the block” treatment, but Dr. A takes it all in stride. After patients meet her, even if they were skeptical at first, they make it a point to come up to me and say, “You picked a good one.” There’s no “new kid” here. Dr. A brings some incredible skill to the table, and together, I know we’ll continue to put the experiences of our patients first. I wouldn’t have brought her on if I didn’t completely trust her to do right by my patients. She’s one of the best, and we’re lucky to have her.

It was simultaneously the nicest and meanest thing anyone had ever said to me. While I’m not overly thrilled my age is starting to show, I did develop a chip on my shoulder during my early days as a dentist. More often than not, when I walked into the room, patients would give me one look and ask, “Are you sure you’re the dentist?” It starts to wear on you after a while. Being the new associate can be hard, which is why I want to make the experience easier for my own associate, Dr. Noor Almudallal. Many of you have already met Dr. A and

- Jason A. Schermer



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