VCM PT. Your Physical Therapy Program Is Still Necessary

Our Message To You. . . Vineyard Complementary Medicine is still here for you.

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic that has caused numerous businesses and health care services to temporarily close, we as medical professionals are diligently trying to serve our patients in the best ways possible without risking the spread of this disease. The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has deemed physical therapists as “Essential Critical Infrastructure Workers” during the COVID-19 pandemic. DHS states, “If you work in a critical infrastructure industry, as defined by the Department of Homeland Security, such as healthcare services and pharmaceutical and food supply, you have a special responsibility to maintain your normal work schedule.” Because of this mandate, the clinicians at Vineyard Complementary Medicine (VCM) are still working with current and new patients in modified ways. Our facility in Post Office Square will remain closed until further notice.

As we begin to settle into our new norm of social distancing and sheltering at home, it is so important to keep up with your therapy plan, self-care programor fitness routine observing safe practices. The sedentary lifestyle that many people are experiencing since being sheltered in their homes can actually lead to more aches, pains, and discomfort than you realize. We do not knowwhen our lives will return to normal but that doesn’t mean we stop taking care of ourselves. I believe maintaining movement routines, therapy plans, and self-care programs is even more important during this time - especially for anyone in the “at risk” category. “at risk” is considered to be individuals over 60, people with underlying health issues including diabetes, cardiac and respiratory issues, and those with compromised immune systems.“ (continued inside)

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