Retail Reopening - Best Practice Guidelines May 2020



Place signage in conspicuous locations throughout the store, particularly high-traffic areas such as entrances and exits, checkouts, fitting rooms, etc. Social Distancing

Consider programming in-store audio messaging to frequently remind employees and customers to follow guidance on hygiene and physical distancing.

For high-traffic retailers and retailers with checkout counters that do not allow adequate distance between the customer and employee, consider installing plexiglass “sneeze-guards.” Capacity limits have been considered; if implemented, distance markers are located outside of store to allow for queuing while maintaining physical distance; employees can also be assigned to assist customers with waiting to enter.

To the extent possible, spread out employees across point-of-sale terminals and workstations .

Implement and encourage use of contactless payment options for employees and customers contactless signatures for deliveries. If contactless signature for deliveries is not possible, require employees to use own pen.

Where possible, employee shifts and meal breaks should be spaced out to avoid crowding.

High-traffic areas have been widened to the extent store configuration allows.

Where appropriate encourage or require employees and customers to wear approved facial coverings, gloves, and personal protective equipment (PPE) at all times, if possible. Face Masks and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Determine whether employees will be permitted to use their own face masks and PPE, and on what terms and conditions, with special attention to potential use of filtering face-piece respirators.

Designate receptacles for discarded face masks PPE.

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