Retail Reopening - Best Practice Guidelines May 2020


Cleaning / Saniti s ation Cleaning “kits” including disinfectant wipes or sprays, disposable gloves, paper towels, masks, hand sanitiser and other cleaning supplies are readily accessible throughout store, including point-of-sale terminals and other stations that will be cleaned periodically throughout the day.

Implement a cleaning regime targets frequently touched surfaces and spaces, which are most likely to result in the transmission of communicable diseases:

General: o Shopping carts and baskets. o Door and drawer handles. o Light and other power switches (consider signage to keep lights on at all times, or utilising exiting motion sensor capabilities). o Shared tools such as pricing guns, pallet jacks, tape guns, box cutters, etc. o Chairs, tables, and benches. o Vending machines and self-serve kiosks. o Refrigerators, microwave, and other frequently touched objects and surfaces in employee breakroom. o Time clocks .

Point of sale/checkout: o Cash register, including touch screens, keyboards, mouse.

o PIN Pads (touch screen, keypad, and pen). o Checkout counter and/or conveyor belt. o Cabinet pulls. o Checkout dividers.

Restrooms (consider temporarily closing restrooms to public, if possible): o Door handles and flush levers. o Toilet bowl and toilet paper holder. o Sinks and taps. o Paper towel holders and/or air dryers. o Nappy-changing stations. Sales floor: o Fixtures with handles or pulls. o Any other identified “high-touch” surfaces. o Hand sanitiser is available throughout store for customers and employee use, including store entrance(s), and checkouts.

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