Retail Reopening - Best Practice Guidelines May 2020


Some stores and outlets offering services in the hair and beauty industry will require extra safety measures and protocols. Below are recommended measures specific to salon, barbershop and clinic environments to help prevent the spread of coronavirus.


• Managing your appointment schedule to have the appropriate number of clients in your Salon to practice distancing guidelines. i.e blocking appointments and also taking into consideration processing time or services which require more than one touch point. • Rescheduling appointments if clients feel in any way unwell or have flu like symptoms. • Include extra time with each appointment so there is no overlap of clients arriving and leaving the salon. • Block time out in the appointment book to allow for cleaning and preparation for each clients arrival. • Discuss with your client to have clean hair on arrival.

• Ask clients when booking to attend their salon appointment alone. • When booking clients request they bring their own refreshments.


• Consider removing seats and reduce the number of clients in the reception area as well as having only 1 staff member at the reception area. • On arrival provide your client with a clean gown and ask them to put this on and secure without assistance. • As hairdressers interact with their client’s and some are like friends be mindful to avoid contact i.e hug on arrival, handshakes or touchin g. • Educate your client to understand you are managing a schedule and if they could leave after their service is complete, if they wish to rebook etc offer to call them and arrange their next visit.


o Educate salon assistants to clean / sweep the area after the client has left the space. o If you are behind schedule contact your next client and update their arrival time. o If receiving stock orders and supplies make them contactless.

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