Retail Reopening - Best Practice Guidelines May 2020


CLIENT SERVICES IN SALON To help you achieve 4 square metres of space per person (or where not reasonable, to achieve the maximum space per person) limit the number of workers and clients in the workplace at the one time.

You can achieve this by:


• Map out your salon space for everyone to be able to move around safely in the salon. • Magazines, books and newspapers, brochures, salon menu’s and promotional material need to be removed . Consider offering complimentary WiFi. • Spread out client stations or close down every second client station (including those in the basin area). • Set your work trolley or area with everything you require for the clients service, tools, products,equipment. • If you are having foiling, balyage set your trolley with everything you need so that you can work alone without an assistant. • Be mindful to have limited contact with others in your workspace.


• After the client service when attending the reception area make sure there is only the receptionist or you and your client – e.g. using wireless eftpos machine and other electronic devices to finalise payment. • All capes, towels(if not disposable) and gowns are to be laundered between clients. • Clean and disinfect brushes, scissors, combs, razors, etc with the appropriate cleaning products and disinfectant after each client (check your cleaning products are appropriate to use for COVID-19). • When styling or using,bobby pins,fringe pins,combs and clips make sure they have not been used on another client’s hair.

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