Retail Reopening - Best Practice Guidelines May 2020



Appoint return to work team: Consider HR, IT, facilities, health and safety team, office managers and senior management who can make company-wide decisions; identify new roles and responsibilities.

Workplace policies and other practices; training: Develop new or update existing policies and other practices, and consider how such policies or protocols will be communicated to employees, including formal training. Identify who returns to work and when: Consider timing issues (e.G., Bringing back all employees, or staggering return to work dates), amount of notice to provide employees, and how many employees will be allowed in store at once (including any applicable occupancy limits required by law). Determine which laws apply: Laws will vary by state and territory, and the law is likely to impose different requirements or restrictions on “essential” and “non-essential” retailers. Determine transition plan: Consider whether to (i) reopen operations and get employees back to work as quickly as permitted under the applicable law, or (ii) implement a slow or phased approach. Develop a process to handle re-integration logistics.

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