Retail Reopening - Best Practice Guidelines May 2020



Facilities: Deciding Which to Open Economic Analysis: Pre-crisis performance vs. re-opening projections; also, cost of lease termination should a given location no longer prove viable post COVID -19 . Co-Tenancy Considerations: Have COVID - 19 closures implicated one or more co- tenancy provisions in your portfolio? If so, have you taken any necessary steps to claim the relief provided under your lease(s)?

Evaluate the Landlord/Tenant Relationship: Is this a multi-site Landlord with loan agreement? Is this a location where we did not pay (or short-paid)? If so, has a strategy been devised to restore that relationship?

Retrofit: Do the costs of post-COVID retrofits (to meet health and safety requirements - including social distancing) render a site no longer financially viable?

Facilities: Preparing the Store for Opening For leased properties, work with your landlord and your local jurisdiction to obtain early access to store location to ready it for return-to-work (deep cleaning, retrofitting as necessary for new regulations, installation of new signage [see below], etc.). Thoroughly inspect facilities for any damage or issues caused by vacancy including mechanical, air, and water systems.

Clean and prepare equipment for startup; install sneeze guards or other protective measures, as necessary and/or required.

Consider facility enhancements such as increased fresh air circulation, installing highest efficiency rated filter recommended or allowed by manufacturer.

Identify which vendors and/or distribution centres are functioning, and the extent to which they may be delayed or limited in their operations. Establish contingency plan for vendor disruptions. Establish protocol for monitoring store occupancy in compliance with any applicable laws.

If applicable, establish procedure for use of escalators and elevators to avoid crowding.

In multi-tenant situations, obtain clarity on what customer screening be required and who will perform it.

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