King's Business - 1939-10

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P h o to g r a p h b y H . A r m s tr o n g R o b e r ts

“ T h e lo v in g k in d n e s s o f J e h o v a h is f r o m e v e r l a s t i n g t o e v e r l a s t i n g A n d h is r ig h t e o u s n e s s u n to c h ild r e n ’s c h ild r e n ; To such as keep his covenant,”

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I N am e .................................................................................................................. ’ 1 | Addra M________________________ !----------— |


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REDUCED PRICE Brings KING S BUSINESS W ithin Reach of Thousands 50 Cents a Year

“For the price . . . no one can find a Christian magazine for t h e whole family that surpasses THE KING’S BUSINESS in spir­ itual instruction and food.” —D. B. S., Buffalo, N. Y.

The unrequested comments printed below demonstrate that our readers have found THE KING’S BUSINESS in its new dress equally as valuable as in the more elaborate style. These friends appreciate pur decision to make use economy—with the added benefit to them of a REDUCED PRICE OE ONLY FIFTY CENTS A YEAR —and thereby to continue publishing all the helpful de- partments of this magazine. From many sources we learn

that the magazine is invaluable to hosts of Christians who are serving in various capacities—as Sunday-school teachers and workers, pastors, evangelists, miaginnariaff young people’s leaders—as well as to those who desire to avail themselves of its many helpful features for personal use, or to present as a gift to others. Read what our subscribers say in the letters following, for we believe these unsolicited comments represent the opinions of the great majority of our reading friends:

Friends Rejoice a t Low Price!

C v aA n v lIlA O

C e d a r F a lls , Io w a “ I a™ s u r e e v e ry o n e w ill, b e a b le to t a k e th i s m a g a z in e a t th e lo w p rip e o f f i f t y c e n ts a y e a r—m a n y th a n k s f o r t h e f in e p a p e r . I h a v e 'b e e n s p e c ia lly in t e r e s te d In th e w r iti n g s o f D a n G il­ b e rt, a ls o “ D a n ie l’« P ro p h e c y o f th e S e v e n ty W e e k s ” b y A lv a M cC la in , a n d m a n y o th e r w o r th - w h ile th i n g s T H E K IN G ’S B U S IN E S S c o n ta in s .” • . _ . H a r r im a n , T e n n . “ I « In c e re ly h o p e y o u r o ld s u b s c r ib e r s w ill a p p r e c ia te th e n e w r a t e fo p th e m a g a z in e e n o u g h to h e lp e n la r g e th e s u b s c r ip tio n lis t. I fe e l c o n fid e n t t h a t a f t e r r e a d in g i t f o r a y e a r , t h e y w ill h a v e b e c om e s o • in te r e s te d in th e m e s ­ s a g e s a n d a ls o in h a v in g a p a r t In c o n tr ib u tin g to s u c h a g o o d c a u s e t h a t th e y w ill b e s u r e t o r e n e w . I c o u n t i t a p le a s u r e to b e a b le to s e n d in a n e w s u b s c r ip tio n .”

D e e r R iv e r, M in n. * • • • T w o a r e g i f t s a n d th e o th e r I s e c u re d w ith o u t e v e n a s k in g f o r it . A s a g r o u p o f u s w e re ta lk in g a t B ib le C am p o n e d a y , I m e n tio n e d t h a t T H E K IN G ’S B U S IN E S S h a d re d u c e d it s s u b ­ s c r ip tio n p ric e , a n d o n e y o u n g w o m a n Im m e d ia te ly a s k e d t h a t I s e n d in h e r s u b s c rip tio n . 5 M y h e a r t re jo ic e d w h e n I r e a d o f th é r e d u c tio n in p ric e , f o r I lik e to s e n d s u b s c r ip tio n s a s g if ts ,, b u t n v e r h a v e m u c h m o n e y f o r th e p u r ­ p o s e ” l • V a lle jo , C a lif. “T o a c k n o w le d g e m y a p p r e c ia tio n f o r th e n e w p ric e , I w ill m a k e m y g r a n d ­ s o n a n e w s u b s c r ib e r .”

I a m e n c lo s in g f i f t y c e n ts f o r a r e - n e w a ' o f T H E K IN G ’S B U S IN E S S w n ic h I h a v e ta k e n f o r s e v e r a l y e a rs . M y s u b s c r ip tio n r a n o n t, I th in k , w ith th e J a n e n u m b e r, a n d I in te n d e d to l e t i t s to p a s I d id n o t fe e l t h a t I c o u ld p a y th e p ric e o f th e p a p e r, P IN E AS IT IS . H o w e v e r, a fr ie n d le n t m e h e r A u g u s t co p y , a n d I s e e th e p ric e n o w w ;il i b e f i f t y c e n ts a y e a r , s o I am re n e w in g . I w o u ld b e g la d I f y o u w o u ld s e e w h e n m y s u b s c r ip tio n e x ­ p ire d , a n d c o n tin u é th e p a p e r fro m th e n o n .” • „ . . . . , C a n to n , O h io A lth o u g h I h a d p r e v io u s ly w r itt e n y o u to d is c o n tin u e s e n d in g m e th e p a ­ p e r, I a p p r e c ia te ,y o u r c o u r te s y in s e n d ­ in g m e th e A u g u s t n u m b e r , a n d n o w f e e l t h a t I c a n n o t w e ll d o w ith o u t i t a t th e re d u c e d p ric e .”

Subscribe today, for yourself, for your friends, or for those in your community who should come under the influence of definite evangelical teaching through Chris­ tian literature. The price . . . ONLY FIFTY CENTS for TWELVE ISSUES (one year). NOTE: Our new bundle method of distributing THE 25 cents additional for each foreign subscription

KING’S BUSINESS now enables our friends to purchase bundles for churches, Sunday-school classes, hospitals, and other groups >vho need its ministry. Will you help in this distribution ? Send for a month’s trial bundle of 25 for $1.00 to be distributed in your local community. For further details see page 370. (except to certain countries. See contents page.)


558 South Hope Street

Los Angeles, California


T H E K I N G ’ S B U S I N E S S

October, 1939

BUNDLE PLAN Spreads COD'S WORD 44-PAGE MAGAZINE OFFERED FOR THE PRICE OF A TRACT □ W riteToday for Bundle and Conven ient Bundle Plan Bank

Bundle Prices for THE KING'S BUSINESS Churches, Sunday-Schools, Missions, Hospitals, Suppl ied at Lowest Rates Rate Each Bundle Price Bundle Price QUANTITY DELIVERY Copy ♦Per Mo. **Per Year 25 Monthly ..................................................................... $ .04 31.00 $12.00 50 99 ......................04 2.00 24.00 100 » ......................04 4.00 48.00 200 ft ..............033/, 7.50 90.00 300 9» ......................03 9.00 108.00 400 9 ...................... 023/, 11.00 132.00 500 9 •021/2 12.50 150.00 (N OTE 2: O rd e r a b u n d le f o r o n e m o n th o r f o r a s m a n y m o n t h s - a s y o u w is h . A n n u a l s u b s c r ip tio n s n o t o b lig a to r y u n d th is p la n . T h e a b o v e r a t e s d o n o t a p p ly to b u n d le s to b e d e liv e r e d b y m a il w ith in th e d e liv e ry d is tr i c ts o f th e L o s A n g e P o s t O ffic e . A dd 2 c e n ts p e r c o p y f o r p o s ta g e to s u c h a d d r e s s e s . F o r p o s ta g e ,to f o re ig n a d d re s s e s , w r ite f o r p a r tic u la

Get a Bundle for Your Church Y ou c a n c o lle c t a t 5 c e n ts e a c h a n d c o n tin u e r e m itt in g e a c h m o n th a s fu n d s a c c u m u la te . A sk y o u r p a s to r o r S u n ­ d a y -s c h o o l s u p e r in te n d e n t to a n n o u n c e p la n w h e n b u n d le a r r iv e s . Or . if y o u p r e f e r to a llo w u s to c h o o se th e r e c ip i­ e n ts f o r y o u , w e c a n p la c e h u n d re d s o f c o p ie s am o n g g r o u p s w h ic h w a n t a n d s o re ly n e e d th em . S p e c ia l S e rv ic e to E v a n g e lis ts ! P u r ­ c h a s e b u n d le s fo r a ll c h u r c h e s y o u e x ­ p e c t to v is it. O rd e r in a d v a n c e o f to u r a n d d is tr ib u te d u r in g s e rv ic e s . T h u s n ew c o n v e r ts w ill b e in tro d u c e d to- a B ib lic a l te s tim o n y t h a t w ill n o u ris h th e n e w life b e g u n d u r in g y o u r m in is tr y . On C a n a d ia n s u b s c r ip tio n s a d d o n e c e n t f o r e a c h in d iv id u a l c o p y in y .;u r b u n d le . F o r o th e r f o r e ig n c o u n tr ie s , w r ite f o r b u n d le p o s ta g e ra te s*

‘ T h e d e liv e r y o f th e , e n t ir e b u n d le Is to o n e a d d re s s . T h e BUN DLE! PLA N is id e a l fo r c h u rc h e s , S u n d a y -s c h o o l c la s s e s , m is s io n a r y s o c ie tie s , o r in s ti­ tu tio n s . B e c a u s e TH E! K IN G ’S BU S I­ N E SS c a r r ie s th e I n te r n a tio n a l S u n d a y S c h o o l L e sso n C o m m e n ta ry e a c h m o n th a n d a ls o in c lu d e s C h r is tia n E n d e a v o r N o te s , th e m a g a z in e c a n b e u s e d p r o f it­ a b ly a s a q u a r te r ly by S u n d a y -s c h o o l c la s s e s o r y o u n g p e o p le ’s s o c ie tie s w ith o u t a d d itio n a l e x p e n s e , b u t s e c u r ­ in g m a n y f e a t u r e s n o t to b e fo u n d in q u a r te r lie s . F u r th e rm o r e , b y ta k in g a d v a n ta g e o f th e B U N D L E P LA N , y o u a s a n in d iv i­ d u a l p u r c h a s e r m a y e n g a g e In a m o st p r o f ita b le fo rm o f e v a n g e lis m . W h y n o t p u r c h a s e a b u n d le o f c o p ie s NOW, f o r u s e tn y o u r c h u rc h o r m is s io n a ry s o c ie ty ?

*P ayable in advanck fo r as m a n y m o n th ly bu n d les as desired . **Payable in advance. THE KING’S BUSINESS 558 S. Hope St. Los Angeles, Calif.

B U N D L E P LA N BA NK B undle Plan B ank w ill be given tree m o n th ly w ith each b u n d le ordered. Pass b a n k w hen d istrib u tin g m agazines. Collec­ tions and g ifts w ill p ay fo r n ext b u n d le . O rder before 10th o f each m onth.

October, 1939

TH E K I N G ’ S B U S I N E S S


A-Millennial? Pre-Millennial? Post-Millennial? If you are a pre-millenarian, I have a message of supreme value for these dark days. I advertised this same message some time ago. The re­ sponses from those who had sent for it were filled with gratitude to God for a new revelation that had come to them; almost every one said in effect: “This should be read by every Chris­ tian in America.” So I am making the s a m e an­ nouncement once again: I want to reach every true Christian who is longing for the coming of the King, and I am doing my part to accom­ plish it. .Whether I reach you de­ pends on yourself. Just enclose 10c (stamps will do) in a letter and say, “I am a pre-mil- lenarian; send me your message.” If you are not a pre-millenarian, please do not answer this advertisement. And may I remind you also of the continuous needs of our missionary undertakings ? In the spirit of Isaiah 40:1-2, we stand astride the world and seek to bridge the gulf between a misrepresented Christianity and a misled Judaism. In this ministry of reconciliation (JO Cor. 5:18) y o u r faithful, prayerful undergirding is needed far more than you will ever know this side of eternity. Our work merits your every confi­ dence. It is a program of world-wide Gospel testimony to the Jews. Tour fellowship in prayer and in gift is always welcome and appreciated. Our monthly publication, THE CHOSEN PEOPLE, is of course sent to all con­ tributors.

LO U IS T . TA LBO T , E d lto r-ln -C M R oy L. L aubin Associate Editor M ildred M. C ook . Managing E ditor

O ffic ia l O rg a n o f T h e B ib le I n s t i t u t e o f L os A n g e le s , I n c o rp o ra te d

S h e S i b l e T am ii# O l i a t i n e Motto: “Unto nim that loved us, and washed us from our sins in his own blood.” —Rev. 1:5.

Volume XXX

October, 1939

Number 10


Around the King’s Table —-Editorial ,............................ ......... ........................ 372 Views and Reviews of Current News —Dan Gilbert .....„........................ .„.373 The Vindication of the Righteousness of God —James R. Graham, Jr .....374 Living to Serve Others____ ................. .................... :......................................376 The Battle Is the Lord’s —William Hazer Wrighton ................................. 378 “W hat Makes Folks Hate Us So ?”—Louis S. Bauman ............................... 380 Junior King’s Business —Martha S. Hooker .................................................381 International Lesson Commentary................... ................................................383 Notes on Christian Endeavor —Mary G. Goodner ______ _____ _________ 391 Daily Devotional Readings.............................. ..................;...............................395 Bible Institute Family Circle __ ______ ______ ______ ________ ________401 O ut Literature Table ....................................... ................................................404 I N F O R M A T I O N F O R S U B S C R I B E R S THE KING’S BUSINESS is pub­ lished monthly at the rates below, payable in advance, for either old or new subscribers, in the United States or its possessions. These rates include postage. REMITTANCE: Should be made by Bank D raft, Express or P. O. Money Order, pay­ able to “The King’s Business." Receipts will not be sent for. regular subscriptions, but date of expiration will show plainly each month, on outside wrapper or cover of ■magazine.

ADVERTIS ING: For inform ation with refer­ ence to advertising in .THE KING'S BUSI­ NESS, address the ADVERTISING MAN­ AGER, 558 SOUTH HOPE STREET, LOS ANGELES, CALIF., or our eastern represen­ tative, Religious, Press Association, ,1108-10 Colonial Bldg., 13th and M arket Streets, Philadelphia, Pa. Entered as Second Class M atter November 7, 1938, at the Post Office at' Los Angeles, California; under the Act of March 3, 1879. Acceptance for mailing a t special rate of postage provided for in Section 1103, Act of October 3, 1917, authorized October 3. 1918. MANUSCRIPTS: THE KING’S BUSINESS cannot accept responsibility for loss or dam­ age to m anuscripts sent to it for consideration.

50 cents—-For one annual subscrip­ tion, 50 cents per year (Twelve maga­ zines). One two-year subscription, $1.00 (Twenty-four magazines). 25 cents—-For one six-months' sub­ scription (Six magazines). S u b s c rip tio n s to C uba, D om . R ep u b ­ lic, H a iti, S p ain , C e n tra l a n d S o u th A m e ric a n c o u n trie s , e x c e p t th e G u ia n a s a n d B ritis h H o n d u ra s , 50 c e n ts p e r y e a r. T o a ll o th e r fo re ig n c o u n trie s , in c lu d in g th e G u ia n a s a n d B ritis h H o n d u ra s, t s c e n ts p e r y e a r. (C a n a d a 62 c e n ts.) I t re q u ire s o n e m o n th fo r a c h a n g e oi a d d re s s to b eco m e e ffe c tiv e . P le a se se n d b o th o ld a n d n e w a d d re sse s.

J. H offm an , Cohn, American Boa rd of Missions to th e Jews, Inc ., 31 Thro op Avenue, Brooklyn, New York.

D e a r B ro th e r: I a m a p re -m ille n a ria n : h e re in I e n c lp se 10c; sen d m e y o u r m e ssa g e . I a lso j o y f u l l y e n clo se ................ a s m y fe llo w s h ip w ith yo u in y o u r w o rld -w id e G o sp el m in is try to Is ra e l. N am e .......................................................

A d d re ss ............................................ .......................


558 South Hope Street

Los Angeles, California

C i t y ............................ . . . . . S t a t e . . . " ...................

October, 1939

T H E K I N G ’ S B U S I N E S S



Around the Kings E D I T O R I A L

eration of the faith that saves. But some schools still remain true to the glorious gospel of the grace of God. These institutions merit the full sup­ port of the Lord’s people. Will you not pray that the ministry of every school of this kind may increase in scope until the Lord shall come, and that the Bible Institute of Los Angeles in particular may be enabled to fulfill its divinely assigned mission in this age of apos­ tasy?—Louis T. Talbot. Shaken—Unshakable I do not know a word that describes present-day conditions everywhere like the word “shaken.” Everything has been shaken to its very foundation. This description is true no matter where you turn, or what realm you may enter. It is true in the financial world. Men and women who a few years ago com­ puted their wealth in six or seven fig­ ures, today have no fortune and barely the necessities of life. A survey of the political world will reveal the same condition. Nothing is more unstable than present-day human government. Since 1914 the map of Europe has changed many times, and dynasties that were founded hundreds of years ago have passed away. Commu­ nism and Naziism are shaking their fists and threatening the stability and the integrity of every nation in the world. This shaking process has reached even the religious realm. Few of the great verities for which martyrs have shed their blood are considered worth a con­ tinuing struggle. The religious world is a place of confusion. In the midst of such a situation as this, it is blessed for the child of God to remember that over against these shaking scenes there are some things that are unshakable. The first of a few of these unshak­ able things is the throne of God. In Hebrews 1:8 we read, “Thy throne, O God, is for ever and ever.” Other thrones topple and fall; this throne stands se­ cure and eternal. No matter what may take place in this world or in the uni­ verse of God, the throne of God, which stands in the center of this universe, stands forever, and it cannot be shaken. Another immovable thing is the Word of God. The Psalmist declares, “For ever, O Lord, thy word is settled In heaven” (Psa. 119:89). And the Lord Jesus Christ affirms, “Heaven and earth shall pass away, but my words shall not pass away” (Matt. 24:35). Still another permanent entity is the church of God. In Matthew 16:18 the [Continued on page 403]

also work, making it our chief business in life to be the right kind of am­ bassadors for the Lord Jesus Christ. —Louis T. Talbot. Bible Institutes—A Bulwark On Tuesday, September 5, the Bible Institute of Los Angeles opened its fall term with the largest enrollment in recent years. The young men and young women who have registered represent many states of the Union and several foreign countries. I have just completed an itinerary that has taken me to all parts of our great nation. I have preached on an average of twice and three times a day, including Saturdays. After careful study of the religious situation, I am of a fixed opinion that the Bible Insti­ tutes of the world are, under God, the bulwark of the church today. Everywhere I went, I found young men asking where they might go in order to receive a knowledge of the Word of God that would equip them for the gospel ministry at home or abroad. Some of these young men had studied in seminaries and had found that the influence ,of the type of instruction given there' had paralyzed rather than developed their Christian life, denying to them the only authority that a Chris­ tian may claim—“Thus saith the Lord.” The greatest modem tragedy is that many branches of the Protestant church have discarded faith ip the Word of God. Meanwhile, the pernicious doc­ trines of these groups have been dis­ seminated widely by the help of unwary individuals who think they are giving to the cause of Christ. What right has any Christian steward to give a penny for' the advance of false teaching? In­ stitutions like the Bible Institute of Los Angeles cling to the old Book and to the old faith. -They provide courses of study in historical .Christianity, and they proclaim and prove that the gospel is still “the power of God unto salvation.” It becomes more and more necessary for men and women of God to ask the question:' “Is this cause, to which I am giving my money, loyal to the Lord Jesus Christ and to the whole Word of God?” On this point, Biola wel­ comes careful investigation. The more than four hundred young men and young women who enrolled this fall present limitless possibilities. Their Textbook is the Bible; their Teacher, is the Spirit of God, speaking through the Word and through the Lord’s servants. It is true that modernism is sweeping through many of our institutions oi learning today, robbing the rising gen­

, The Doom of Human Government

The deterioration of human govern­ mental power is clearly foretold. In Daniel 2, where we have the most com­ plete prophetic picture of the character, course, and consummation of the times of the Gentiles, we find it emphasized that, in the affairs of thé times of the Gentiles, there will be a downward ten­ dency in political control—descending from an absolute monarchy to Commu­ nism and Bolshevism. Gold, silver, brass, iron, clay—this is the order. It is in­ teresting to réad history and to observe how this great prophecy in regard to the decline of governmental power from Nebuchadnezzar’s day to ours has been fulfilled just as it was prophesied. The symbolism of the clay in the feet of the great image comes to mind forc­ ibly as one watches the trend of af­ fairs in the world today, especially in the nations that occupy the territory of the old Roman Empire. The clay repre­ sents democracy, not as America knows the word, but as Russia knows it. The iron representing imperialism is seen in the rise of dictators who hold the des­ tiny of millions of people in their hands. The conditions of the world are a call to Christians to press the battle and to make every use of opportunities that the Lord is now giving us to make known His gospel. God’s purpose for this age is the calling out of the church. One day, how soon we do not know, the last member will be added. The body of Christ will be complete, and there-*will occur immediately the translation of the' church. Then will appear the “man of sin,” a man after Lenin’s type, who will weld the chaotic forces together and will bring into existence the Roman Em­ pire in its final form. How conditions today should solemn­ ize our hearts! In the light of 2 Thessa- lonians 2, however, we believe that the church will not see the Antichrist. The hindering power that is holding in check the forces of sin and lawlessness, and is preventing them from reaching their climax in the person of the coming man of sin, will one day be removed. This restraining power is undoubtedly the blood-bought c o m p a n y of men and women, baptized into one body of which Christ is the Head, and indwelt and em­ powered by the Holy Ghost. Believers will be above the clouds when the storm breaks. During the present time, however, the mystery of iniquity is now working, pre­ paring the world for the devil’s man. Let us who name the name of Christ

October, 1939

T H E K I N G ’ S B U S I N E S S


I Views and Reviews of Current News By DAN GILBERT Washington, D. C , and San Diego, California

SHOCK: “Shock” was the mildest word used by the world’s diplomats and news commentators to describe the universal reaction to the newly formed Nazi- Soviet alliance. The Hitler-Stalin pact, although secretly in the process of form­ ulation for months, came as a bewilder­ ing surprise to the rulers of the nations of the world. In London, it was characterized as “a startling, astounding, shocking, stun­ ning surprise.” In Budapest, it was called a bombshell. In Paris, it was described as a “thunderbolt.” In Wash­ ington, D. C., it left speechless high officials in the State Department. The Nazi-Soviet accord was perfectly timed. It was announced at the very time that Chamberlain of England and Daladier of France were eagerly antici­ pating the completion of the Soviet- British-French agreement, which had been hanging fire for months. It is now clear that Stalin deliberately and in­ sincerely stalled along in the negotia­ tions with France and Great Britain, encouraging both nations with false hopes, in order that he might render the greatest help to Hitler at tfte most op­ portune moment, through his deceitful betrayal of the democracies. In all the world, the only people who were not shocked and surprised by the Soviet-Nazi concord were fundamental believers in God’s Prophetic Word. For months before even a few secular writers began to suggest this union, Louis S. Bauman, this writer, and other con­ tributors to THE KiNG’S BUSINESS set forth the reasons and evidences in­ dicating the approaching rapprochement of Russia and Germany. At the close of the year 1938, this writer stated that the outstanding de­ velopment of the current period was the multiplying of evidences of a coming together of the forces of Naziism and Communism. Looking forward into the new year, this writer set forth the opin­ ion that it would be featured by a ma­ turing of the Soviet-Nazi relationship. Truly, God’s Word is a record of “his­ tory written in advance.” Those who read the Word in this light are able to come to a comprehension of things be­ yond the grasp of the shrewdest human intellect relying on its own analytical powers. The course of world history, th e . cause of democracy, would have been powerfully influenced had Great Britain, or France, or Poland, or the United States, had at its head during

this series of developments a man who believed thoroughly in the Prophetic Word of God. Hitler could not have gained this special advantage, through Stalin’s duplicity, had Chamberlain and Daladier accepted God’s prophecy on the subject; they would have known in ad­ vance that their striving for a pact with the Soviets was foredoomed to failure. “To be forewarned, is to be fore­ armed.” Foreknowledge of the Soviet- Nazi “get together” could have been gained by the democracies through the acceptance of the Word of God. And foreknowledge of this development would have put the democracies in a position to prepare against it and neu­

tralize its effectiveness in the hands of Hitler.

C OMMUN I S T CONSTERNATION: Stalin’s “sell-out” of the democracies to Hitler has upset the apple cart of Red propagandists in America. The Commu­ nists here have been insisting for months that Soviet Russia is the “true friend of democracy” and that she should lead the “fight against Fascism.” By use of this propaganda appeal, they had won many friends for the U. S. S. R. among leading “liberals.” Just a week before the announcement [Continued on page 404]


Cartoon by Bruce Russell. Courtesy# The Los Angeles finie#

October, 1939



The Vindication of the Righteousness Of God "The Vision of the Glory" By JAMES R. GRAHAM, Jr. Philadelphia, Pa. G OD wondrously revealed His righteousness in making the cross of Christ the basis of for­

Illustrations by Ransom D. Marvin prophetic ministry extended from the last year of the reign of Uzziah (circa B. C. 740) through practically the whole of the reign of Hezekiah who died in B. C. 699. Persistent tradition has it that Isaiah died a martyr’s death dur­ ing the reaction to idolatry under Man- asseh, Justin Martyr upbraids the Jews with having “sawed asunder with a wooden saw” the prophet Isaiah. It is believed that the vision of Isaiah 6 was the prophet’s inaugural vision, and after the first five chapters of his book recapitulates his own spiritual ex­ perience. Having pronounced “woes” upon his people for their sins, he goes back and tells of the day when he first pronounced the “woe” upon him­ self. God forbid that we should ever presume to pronounce woes on others or to warn them of ap­ proaching judgment until we have faced squarely the proposition that we are hell-deserving sinners our­ selves and would be the just vic­ tims of divine Wrath but for the abounding grace of God in Christ Isaiah was just such a young man as many another through all the ages including our own. His modem counterpart is the young man or woman who is a regular churchgoer and Sunday-school at­ tendant and is “active” in every part of the church’s program and as a result is extremely well pleased with himself or ’herself. There is one drawback about it all. With all his religiousness, Isaiah had never had a vision of the glory of God, and in the pres­ ence of that radiant holiness had never seen himself as a lost silkier, had never cried aloud to God for mercy, and had never received the divine as­ surance of forgiveness and cleansing. Many of the churches of our day are attended by charming young folks—at­ tractive, lovable, but—unsaved. When Men Saw the Glory of God As Isaiah went into the temple that day, the Lord Jehovah graciously gave him a vision of the glory, the preincar­ nate glory of the Lord Jesus Christ.

There is no doubt about whose glory he beheld, because the Apostle John makes it very plain in chapter 12 of his Gos­ pel. After he has been telling of the words and miracles of Jesus, John then makes one quotation from Isaiah 53 and next quotes from chapter 6. He goes on to summarize: “These things said Esaias, when he saw his glory, and spake of him” ! (v. 41). It was the Man on the throne of glory that Ezekiel saw and. that caused him to fall upon his face (Ezek. 1:26, 28). It was the Man that Daniel saw, the beauty of whose holiness caused that great and godly man to declare, “My comeliness was turned in me into corruption,” and

giveness for sin, as seen in Romans 3. He further shows His righteousness in providing for the proclamation of His Word. What Is the central and pri­ mary purpose of God’s commission to His earthly representatives? This ques­ tion brings us to an important aspect of His righteousness. A careful perusal of Isaiah 6:9, 10; 'Jeremiah 1:9, 10, 17, 18, and Ezekiel 3:4-12 will prepare our hearts and minds for this study. We will find that Isaiah, Jeremiah, and Ezekiel were definitely and directly commissioned by the living God to be His representatives and am­ bassadors. There is no mistake about that. They were in no sense messen­ gers who ran without being sent, and yet the Lord does not hold out any hopes to them of visible success in their ministry. It is interesting to note that the rather strange commission that was de­ livered to Isaiah is quoted in all four of the Gospels (Matt. 13:13-15; Mk. 4:12; Lk. 8-10; John 12:39-41)- and also in the Book of Acts (28:25-28). Christ is recorded in each of the Gospels as having quoted it; and in the last chap­ ter of Acts, Paul quoted this same Old Testament p a s s a g e at considerable length. Isaiah 6 is referred to frequently and often is preached from, and the quota­ tion “Here am I; send me” is very fam­ iliar. Yet the content and implication of the commission that follows Isaiah’s full surrender is sadly neglected. Let us note briefly order of events recorded in the chapter. Isaiah is a re­ ligious young Jew, probably between twenty and thirty years of age. His [The author of this article is a mis­ sionary, evangelist and Bible teacher, and has ministered the Word exten­ sively in America the last three years. He planned to join the faculty of Wheaton College as special lecturer in Bible in September, but hopes to return to Qhina within a year .-— E ditor .]

to turn his face toward the ground (Dan. 10:5-9). The beloved disciple John had lain upon the very bosom of the Son of God in the days of His flesh while He was divested temporarily of the lineaments of His heavenly glory, but when on Pat- mos he beheld the glorified Christ (practically the same vision which Dan­ iel had seen over six hundred years be­ fore), he fell at His feet as dead (Rev. 1:12-17). The great Apostle Paul be­ held the glory of the same Christ,

October, 1939

T H E K I N G ’ S B U S I N E S S


and repent in dust and ashes” (Job 42:5, 6). Our young religionist Isaiah ‘‘saw . . . the Lord sitting upon a throne, high and lifted up.” He noticed that the very seraphim— ever in the presence of this Glory and themselves the agents of di­ vine cleansing—were unable to endure the radiant holiness of His presence and covered their faces with one pair of wings and their feet with another, using the third pair only for flying. He heard their cries of “Holy, holy, holy, is the Lord of hosts: the whole earth is full of his glory.” He beheld the posts quake and the smoke (the figure of divine jealousy and the symbol of di­ vine holiness) descend. We see then that these mighty men, called of God to be His tes­ timony, men in different ages, were all vouchsafed a vision of the Glory of God in some mani­ festation or other. And we note that the invariable effect was to bring these men to their knees in deep conviction of their own sinfulness and impurity when brought under the searching rays of divine holiness. It would seem that Isaiah in later years was reminded of his temple experience when he exclaimed, “Who among us shall dwell with the devour­ ing fire ? , who among us shall dwell with everlasting burnings?” (Isa. 33:14). Malachi, contemplat­ ing the coming of the Lord to His temple, asks, “But who may abide the day of his coming? and who shall stand when he appear- eth? for he is like a refiner’s fire, and like fullers’ soap: And he shall sit as a refiner and purifier of silver” (Mai. 3:2, 3). God’s standard of judgment is absolute, and man’s standard is- only ap­ proximate. God’s judgment of man is never based on his char­ acter as compared with that of other men, but upon what man is in the scorching rays of divine holiness and in the light of that “uncreated beam.” The correct young Hebrew Is­ aiah in the light of this consuming radiance sobs out his own con­ demnation. He is convicted of his own utter impurity and that of all who are about him. “Woe is me! . . . I am undone . . . I am a man of unclean lips . . . for mine eyes have seen the King, the Lord of hosts.” The effect •is traced directly to the cause. His conviction of his condem­ nation, his lostness, his uncleanness, rests squarely upon the fact of having seen the King. Deep'Conviction of Sin I wonder whether you who read these words have ever beheld a soul gazing

into the very jaws of death and hell. We are hot, for the moment, referring to that unspeakable horror and an­ guish that overtake a lost soul on his deathbed as the very fiends of hell gloat over their victim. We have reference to that work of the Spirit of God which gives a living soul, n o t immediately approaching death, such a conviction of the awful­ ness of his own sin and of its just pun­ ishment in the fires of hell, that it seems the soul itself is about to enter that awful place of torment. As a general principle, we seriously doubt whether any one has ever really come to a saving faith in Christ, who has not first seen himself as lost! After conviction comes cleansing. God is ever ready to use His own means of cleansing in behalf of any who cry unto Him for mercy. Cleansing by the Blood But let us note that in the case of Isaiah as in the case of every other soul, the source of cleansing is the altar of sacrifice. “Without shedding of blood is no remission” of sins (Heb. 9:22); so the coal which was brought in the hand of one of the seraphim (Isa. 6:6) was taken from off the altar where the blood had been shed. The altar, fore­ shadowing the cross on which the Lamb of God was offered up, must in every age be the source, the ground, the means of cleansing. A Remarkable Commission We now move on to the climax of the drama. Our young prophet has beheld the vision of the glory, he has suf­ fered conviction, he has been .divinely cleansed, and he has received assurance to that effect. Then he goes on to say, “Also I heard the voice of the Lord, saying, Whom shall I send, and who will go for us?” It is important for us to note that it is only after Isaiah has passed through the various stages outlined above that he enters into or is ready for the reve­ lation that God is pleased to use men in carrying out His earthly testimony. And it is only after he has arrived at this stage that he is willing to be com­ missioned or that God is willing to com­ mission him. He responds with alacrity to the Lord’s suggestion of need, “Whom shall I send, and who will go for us?” Let us note the plural of the second pro­ noun. One person of the Trinity may give the commission, but it is for the purpose of carrying out the united pur­ pose of the three. What a dangerous thing to run w i t h o u t being sent, or without having a clear understanding of the purpose of the Trinity of the Godhead! It is after Isaiah volunteers “Here am I; send me” that he receives his or­ ders: “Go, and tell this people, Hear ye indeed, but understand not; ana see ye indeed, but perceive not. Make the [Continued on page 379]

The invariable effect of a vision of the glory of God is to bring men to their knees in deep con­ viction of their own sinfulness and impurity when brought un­ der the searching rays of divine holiness. brighter than the. noonday sun. And the traveler fell to the ground, with his pride, his religion smashed to bits (Acts 9:3-6). Even away back in the beginnings of things that righteous man, self-righteous withal, Job of Uz, comes through the crucible of testing crying, “I have heard of thee by the hearing of the ear; but now mine eye seeth thee: Wherefore I abhor myself,

October, 1939

T H E K I N G ’ S B U S I N E S S


to Serve Others Living

■ HE Bible Institute of Los Ange­ les was conceived in p r a y e r , founded by faith, and continues to be established through sacri­ fice. Biola’s purpose is to train youth for Christian life and service, and to give them, by the grace of God, deeper conscientiousness of responsibility to­ ward God, government, and fellow men. Ever since its conception, Biola has fulfilled this commission, and again this year the Lord has intrusted us-with the responsibility of training 417 students during the coming term. -

the Lord of Glory who paid the price for their redemption with His own pre­ cious blood. Students meet the milling throngs on the busy downtown,streets of Los An­ geles. They distribute tracts, speak a word where the opportunity is pre­ sented, and tell the “down and out” and the “up and out” of the love of ■God as it is found in Christ Jesus. Teaching Thousands The most extensive work done by students is in Sunday-school classes in

Field of Activity A community of 2,000,000 people con­ stitutes the laboratory of practical Christian work into which these 202 men and 215 women of the Institute student body go for definite training in aggressive Christian service. The aca­ demic training of the students is car­ ried on in the classrooms. This train­ ing is put into actual e x p e r i e n c e throughout Southern California, as the students seek to bring Jesus Christ to the multiplied thousands who are Jiur- rying about, with but little thought of

October, 1939

THE3 K I N G ’ S B U S I N E S S


Four Hundred Simultaneous Introductions

in the field of Christian education. Eternity alone will reveal the influence of the Institute upon the children of this entire region, as it is exemplified in the lives and teaching of the Insti­ tute young people. As a further aid in the practical training of the students and in the defi­ nite proclamation of the gospel, many other types of testimony are conducted. Through the Music Department,, stu­ dents are conducting choirs in many of the Southland churches. Students are also employed as directors of young people’s work, superintendents of vari­ ous departments in Sunday-schools, and assistants to pastors, In Street Meetings, Missions, Hospitals The young men in the student body conduct several street meetings a week in strategic locations, where thousands of men congregate throughout the year —most of them without employment ana having very little of a constructive na­ ture to think about—men among whom the seeds of atheism and other destruc­ tive isms constantly are being sown. As a result of the testimony of Biola students, men have been saved, others have been restored to fellowship with the Lord, new hope has been given, new determination has been instilled in the minds of those who were about to give up, and most wholesome results are constantly.being recorded. Groups of students go regularly to various missions in the Los Angeles area, and there conduct services in which Jesus Christ is exalted, and where the power of the Holy Spirit is felt in convicting men of sin and bring­ ing them to a saving knowledge of our Lord and Saviour. Each Sunday afternoon finds many of the students- carrying on work in the Los Angeles County General Hospital, which is the largest institution of its kind In the country. These winsome young people carry flowers, with ap­ propriate Scripture verses attached, to give to the patients, and wherever the opportunity is presented, the message of Jesus Christ, the Great Physician ani Saviour of the world, is given. Gospels, Testaments, and tracts are freely dis­ tributed. The results have been most gratifying, and in giving out the Word, the young people themselves have been greatly encouraged and built up in their own faith. Helping Pastors and Churches Gospel teams, quartets, and other mu­ sical groups are testifying practically every' Sunday evening in v a r i o u s churches throughout Southern Cali­ fornia. Fifteen or. more services of this kind are held each Sunday evening. This testimony is proving to be most helpful among the young people of the churches visited. Many pastors bear testimony to the fact that these eve­

ning services in their churches have marked the beginning of a greatly in­ creased spiritual interest among tbe young people and older members of the church as well. A number of the small churches in the Southern California area are being served by Biola students who are pre­ paring themselves for the gospel min­ istry. This plan serves a twofold pur­ pose. It means that the churches which are being served have an opportunity of getting the gospel, which would oth­ erwise be denied them because of insuf­ ficient funds to support a resident pas­ tor. It also means that the young men themselves are receiving invaluable ex­ perience in the course of their training which will serve them well in the years to come when they are engaged in full­ time Sipastoral positions. The Institute recognizes the value of this training and encourages churches throughout the en­ tire Southland to obtain the services these zealous young men wherever the need is realized. Many Fields— But a Single Message Space does not permit giving a de­ tailed account of the numerous avenues of Christian service in which the stu­ dents engage. Regulaj weekly shop meetings, the group attending Juvenile Hall and other similar institutions, the hundreds of students who are out regu­ larly distributing the Word of God in tract form, the personal work that1is done ainong the children on the street, the week-day Bible classes, -and the many other forms of Christian activity in which the Biola students engage, all point to the fact that the students are doing their best in meeting the chal­ lenge of today in a way that brings honor and glory to Him whom we love, and seek to serve. To get an adequate view of the work being accomplished, one must, visualize more than four hundred fifty young people who are enthusiastic and in­ tensely active and zealous in the service of Jesus Christ, out witnessing for Him in most interesting and unexpected places and under most varied circum­ stances. The forms of service are ex­ tremely many—the message is one. That message is found in the Word of God, and tells of a loving, dying, risen, com­ ing Saviour and King of Kings who died for the world, but who also died for the individual, and who is soon to return to claim His own. Your Testimony To the present time, we have been training students without tuition charge. Your gifts have made this privilege pos­ sible. .Perhaps you cannot give as you once did. Have you asked some one else to make up the amour1 you now lack? Will you not give so you may continue to send forth laborers into His vineyard ?

Praising God Unitedly for the open­ ing of another school year at the Bible Institute of Los Angeles, the school’s student body, faculty, and, trustees joined the Church of the Open Door’s làrge congregation in a great “Biola Day” on Sunday, September II. Three services were held under the leadership of Louis T. Talbot, president of the Institute and pastor of the church. The Institute young men and young women formed a chorus choir under the direc­ tion of Herbert G. Tovey, chairman of the music department. At all three meetings the school chorus was aug­ mented by the regular choir of the church. Kenneth M. Monroe, dean of the school, formally presented the 130 new students and more than 230 returning students to the assembled friends, an­ nouncing that this was the largest group to have enrolled at Blola In sev­ eral years. , Dr. Monroe reminded the congrega­ tion that this was the last Sunday morn­ ing service at which the full student group would be present, for during thé school year they scatter to witness for the Lord Jésus Christ in more than one hundred Southern California church­ es. .(The story of this and other min­ istry carried on by these young men and young women is told on these pages.) Student testimonies and a message from John A. Hubbard, for nineteen years a member of the Institute faculty, were features of the morning hour. The speakers told of the deep gratitude of students and alumni for the Biola train­ ing provided without tuition chargé. The Biola Alumni Association, repre­ sented by their president, Peter F. Wall, ’21, were special guests at the after­ noon session. At this time Dean Mon­ roe, who returned from Europe on the “Bremen” just after the war broke out, spoke on “Why Has the Peace oi Europe Failed Again,- and What Will the End Be?” In' all, the Biola Day which marked the public presentation of the new stu­ dent body impressed the three congre­ gations with the constructiveness of Biola’s program and with the necessity for its extension in these days of gospel opportunity. churches throughout S o u t h e r n Cali­ fornia. More than 115 churches are now using Biola students as Sunday-school teachers. Thus thousands of children are listening each Sunday to the Word of God being explained and illustrated by these Biola-traineci ycuag people. 1Many of the students are specialists

October, 1939

T H E K I N G ’S B U S I N E S S


Is the Lord s


Illustration by Ransom D\ Marvin

• The author of the article on this page is Head of the Department of Philosophy at thé University of Geor­ gia, Athens, Ga.

God to help him. God says, in effect, “You are helping Me.” He had been begging God to undertake for him, and God’■'says virtually, “I want you to co­ operate with Me. The battle is Mine. The work is not yours first, but Mine first, then yours,” The same situation was found in the life of Joshua. Joshua felt the burden of a great undertaking. He was mak­ ing his way to Jericho filled' with ap­ prehension of the greatness of his task, and perhaps feeling that the whole bur­ den was upon him, when he was met by One who had a drawn sword in His hand (Josh. 5:13). And Joshua,,feeling his' need and anxious . to enlist every helper in the work he was entering upon, said, “Art thou for us, or for our adversaries?” And. half rebukingly the One whom he addressed said, “Nay; but as captain of the host of the Lord am I now come.” Joshua was saying in ef­ fect, “Are you on my side?” And he is told in reality, “No, hut you, Joshua, are on My side. I am conducting this campaign, and you are a subordinate officer. Nay, but. as Captain of the host of the Lord am I now come. This is not your battle* Joshua; it is not your host; it iS: the Lord’s.” And Joshua fell into rank and sought the Captain’s com­ mands: “What saith my lord unto his servant?” The Doer of the Work We need to hear this message. When the work seems great and the difficul­ ties vast apd the foes many, we are apt

He was perplexed and bewildered. He s a i d , “Neither know wé what to do.” It was a time of extremity. Jehosha­ phat was at “wits’ end.”

■ E NOT afraid nor dismayed by reason of this great multitude; for the battle is not yours, but messenger to King Jehoshaphat of Judah. How many helpful lessons can be learned from the Old Testament! They are lessons applicable to our own im­ mediate lives and circumstances. This fact is illustrated in the story of Jeho­ shaphat and his troubles. . Jehoshaphat had not attacked the enemy nations that were approaching Jerusalem. The Ammonites and Moab­ ites were people that God would not allow Jehoshaphat to invade. And now they were returning this kindness by coming out against the people of Judah. It was a war forced upon Jehoshaphat by people that were given up to mili­ tarism. The Bearer o f Responsibility Jehoshaphat realized his unprepared­ ness and his weakness. He was filled with fear as he saw how hopelessly out­ numbered he was, how well organized was the foe, how poorly organized were his own armies. Jehoshaphat had no definite policy. No plan of campaign had been drawn up.

In his perplexity and bewilderment he did the only wise thing—-he looked unto the Lord. It would be good for us to . be brought to the end of Our own wisdom if through it we were made to look to Him who says, “If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God, that giveth to all men liberally, and up- braideth not.” If we have great prob­ lems, tremendous difficulties, perplexing situations, let us say with Jehoshaphat, “We have no might against this great company . . .; neither know we what to do: but our eyes are upon thee.” It is good for us to realize the words of Christ, “Apart from me ye can do nothing” (John 15:5, R. V.) so that we may have the joy of knowing that His strength is made perfect in our weak­ ness. The reply in Jehoshaphat’s extremity was not long delayed. Almost before the prayer was over, the answer came. Upon a Levite named Jahaziel came the Spirit of the Lord, and he said unto Jehoshaphat and all Jjidah, “Thus saith the Lord unto you, Be not afraid nor dismayed by reason of this great mul­ titude, for the battle is not yours, but God’s.” * This was a startling announcement for Jehoshaphat. He had been asking

God’s” (2 Chron. 20:15), said the Lord’s

m. .When the work seems great and the difficulties vast and the foes many, we are apt to think we are more interested in God’s work than God is!

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