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Ed Leslie (aka Mr. Viking) is a beloved MVC professor who taught mathematics at Missouri Valley for 45 years. His impact on students was immense, and he has always embodied what it means to be a servant leader. He selflessly gave of himself and his resources time after time to help ensure every student's success. Multiple students testify that they owe their academic success and future careers to Ed Leslie. Ed Leslie Endowed Scholarship

Several of his students, including "Rico" Allen '77, Raul Roldan, '77, and J.C. Allen, '77, are joining to create the Ed Leslie Endowed

Scholarship. "Rico" and Raul both attribute their successful careers to the influence and encouragement of Ed Leslie. Mr. Leslie encouraged the first-generation students to excel in school and to always do their best. This endowment will ensure that Professor Leslie's legacy of generosity and investment in the lives of students lives on for decades to come. Ed is known for riding his old yellow Ford Model T "Henrietta" into the football stadium on game days, and he still does that to this day. If you, too, have great memories of Ed Leslie, consider giving to this endowed scholarship here. "My friends and fellow alumni – Raul Roldan and J.C. Allen

and I, established the Ed Leslie Scholarship Endowment to invest in the future of our great school and its students today and in the future. We do so in loving honor of the contributions of our teacher, mentor, and friend Ed Leslie, and also to say thank you to the institution of Missouri Valley College. The three of us came from very humble beginnings and recognized that the success we've enjoyed and the blessings our families have shared might never have been realized if not for Missouri Valley College. We were not prepared for college academics and probably would not have succeeded at a big school. It was because of Missouri Valley College and educators like Ed Leslie that we were allowed to have time to grow into top students, successful contributors in society, and provide for our families to the level we have". -Rico Allen

"The opportunity that Missouri Valley provides is unique. Ed Leslie is a special person for many students at Missouri Valley. He's become a figure in everything Missouri Valley does and has devoted his life to Missouri Valley. Rico mentioned doing something special for him and creating a long-lasting legacy and recommended a scholarship endowment honoring Ed Leslie. I really want to emphasize not just what Ed did, but the appreciation we have for him and all the things Ed Leslie has done, not just for Missouri Valley, but for students across the board. He has become a leader and touches our hearts with all he has done; that's why we want to give back to him. We would love it if other people could participate in this endowment. There are so many people that benefit from not just Missouri Valley College, but Ed himself." -Raul Roldan

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