Viking Views 2022

MISSOURI VALLEY COLLEGE Faces of Jesus Exhibition

Meet our Chaplain

Viewing the Exhibit We invite groups from around the globe to visit and view this exhibit on the Missouri Valley College campus. To schedule a visit, please contact Rev. Nick Petrov, MVC Chaplain. The Message The underlying message of the collection is that God loves everyone unconditionally, accepting and including all people in that love regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, differing abilities, appearance, religion, lack of religion, or any other differences.

Rev. Nick Petrov, Phd. Assistant Professor Campus Chaplain Dr. Nick Petrov is an assistant professor of religion and campus chaplain. Prior to coming to MVC he taught at Drew University Theological School. Nick is a Methodist minister and has served in educational, administrative, pastoral and missional capacities in three countries. At Valley, he teaches world religions, comparative sacred texts, introduction to critical thinking, comparative religious ethics, religion and American politics, among other classes. As a campus chaplain, Nick supports the spiritual and religious experience of students in the context of an exceptionally

diverse student body. 660.831.4276 7

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