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ON PAPER, we make products.

IN PRACTICE, we connect people to products.

At WestRock, we’re proud of the millions of packages and boxes we make every year. But we are prouder of what each of these boxes represent: connections . Between WestRock and our customers who depend on us to help them solve the challenges they face. Between designers and engineers who work together to bring innovative box designs to life. And that special connection between consumers and the products they trust and use every day. t W t , w ’r pr of t il i of p a b we make ev ry year. But we ar ev n m re proud of wh t each of these r r t: c ti . t W t a o r t r w d o u t l t s l t c l t f . t our designers and i r w w r t t r t ri i ti b d i t lif . t t s i l c ti t c r a t r t t tr t a u every day.


Wearea $19billionpaperandpackagingcompany with leading positions in growing markets around the world. ON PAPER


We connect people to products , helping our customers increase their sales, lower their total cost, minimize their risk and improve their sustainability. IN PRACTICE



We are 50,000 team members who are passionate about packaging.


We are changing the industry with innovations in papermaking, packaging design, automation, supply chain, sustainability and retail solutions that demonstrate that PackagingMatters ® . IN PRACTICE



We have hundreds of manufacturing facilities, design centers and research labs around the world .



We are your local partner with global perspective and reach.



We make packaging .


We create winning solutions for our customers that connect people to products . IN PRACTICE

Let us show you howwe do it.













The best way to connect people to products is by partnering with our customers – understanding the challenges our customers face and helping them learn what their customers want from packaging – and then delivering unrivaled paper and packaging solutions that help our customers win in the marketplace.

Our vision is to be the premier partner and unrivaled provider of winning solutions to our customers, and we know the best way to achieve our vision is to help them grow their sales, lower their total cost, minimize their risk and improve their sustainability . By partnering with our customers to bring their products to market, we become an extension of their teams and help them solve their most critical challenges. We share actionable insights on consumers and channels that enable our customers to connect packaging with consumer behaviors and preferences, helping increase consumers’ intent to purchase and product satisfaction. We are innovative. The boxes and packages we create attract the attention of consumers and are interesting to hold. We provide value through differentiated paper and packaging solutions, which in turn, drives real business results for our customers. By acting responsibly with regard to the environment and delivering innovative packaging solutions, we continue to make our business and our customers’ businesses more sustainable. Our team members are the critical link in bringing our customers’ products to market and connecting people to products. By working together with our customers, suppliers and each other, we demonstrate the difference packaging can make and that PackagingMatters .




Connecting people to products is possible only because of a special group of people – our teammembers .

Our 50,000 team members around the world are WestRock. From a journeyman in Hodge, Louisiana, to an engineer in Três Barras, Brazil, our team members share a commitment to safety, quality and service that makes WestRock a different type of company. Our customers value our differentiated portfolio of paper and packaging solutions, but it is our team members’ passion and dedication that make them an extension of our customers’ brands. Like any good team, we care about and look out for one another. There is nothing more important than the safety of our employees. We believe there is no task so urgent that we cannot take the time to do it safely. We have values. Respect. Accountability. Excellence. Integrity. Our values are the standards of our behavior. They resonate across our company and are how we do business every day. Livingourvalueshelpsusbuildour culture –onethat recognizes and rewards doing business the right way, everywhere we do business. We have something else. Team members who embody these values. You see it in every interaction with our customers, our suppliers and each other. Our team is the spirit of WestRock. Our team is the connection .



Through listening, research and experience, we are committed to understanding our customers – their challenges, what’s happening in the industry, and perceptions and preferences toward packaging. We use these actionable insights to informour strategy, drive our innovation and develop meaningful solutions for our customers. Whether conducting quantitative research to gather consumer insights about packaging satisfaction, observing shopper behavior in our retail labs or studying macro trends, we constantly explore what’s possible. We do it because we know that packaging contributes to consumers’ decisions to purchase products, their satisfaction with the products and their perception of brands. Our main insight? PackagingMatters ® . Packaging is the only element of the marketing mix that connects with every consumer, regardless of how they buy or interact with products and brands. That’s whywe study packaging and its impact on brands, retailers, and consumers. Since 2013, we have tracked consumer satisfaction with packaging through the entire product lifecycle: from the lab, through the supply chain, on the shelf, and on consumers’ doorsteps. We study differences between genders and generations, as well as the unique needs of endmarkets and emerging trends in how consumers purchase products. We use our research to generate insights that make us a better partner for our customers and help themmake better decisions.

Did You Know?

81% of consumers have tried something new because the packaging caught their eye.

63% of consumers have purchased a product again because of the appearance or aesthetics of the packaging.

52% of consumers have changed brands because of new packaging.



Our insights drive our innovation. We combine our knowledge of – and passion for – packaging with the latest technology and our understanding of the challenges our customers face. We then develop solutions that help our customers win in the marketplace.

What does innovation look like? Innovation is being the only company in the paper and packaging industry with an in-house manufacturing team who designs a complete line of precision and automated packaging systems. It’s creating the Meta ® Centering Case Design that provides vertical load stability and offers superior stacking strength. Meta is one of 1,200 patents awarded to WestRock for innovation. It’s about creating boxes on demand using fanfold corrugated to produce custom, corrugated packagingthat isaccuratelysizedforanyproduct typeaccordingtothecustomer’sspecifications. It’s being at the forefront of developing creative, fiber-based packaging solutions, such as EnShield ® , made from renewable and responsibly sourced resources.

And, it’s even finding a way to ensure pizza stays hotter in the box longer.

It’s about making packaging that delivers.

Did You Know?

Ames Companies, the oldest manufacturer of lawn and garden tools in the United States, saw more varied orders as their business shifted online, placing pressure on the packaging department to find the right-sized box for every order. After implementing WestRock’s Box on Demand technology, Ames reduced packing labor costs, shipping charges, and corrugated waste, while increasing their number of shipments per day, which led to a boost in customer satisfaction.



Sustainability is the fiber of our company and it is at the heart of the circular economy.

Sustainability is about meeting today’s needs without compromising the ability of future generations to do the same, and it is a key part of our long-term business strategy. Our sustainability platform is built on three pillars: People, Planet and Performance . We invest in our workforce and our communities. We act responsibly with regard to the environment and the natural resources we use to produce our products. We deliver strong financial results that allow us to continue our investments and improve our performance even more. We believe sustainability helps drive innovation and spurs fresh thinking that can lead to profitable growth. Sustainability is one of our motivations for practicing lean manufacturing to reduce waste. It also inspires us to adapt our renewable and recyclable paperboard and other packaging substrates to create products that are both eco-friendly and profitablemarket leaders. Our fiber-based packaging solutions are helping customers meet their most significant environmental and sustainability challenges. For example, we manufacture products that can replace plastics and are developing new, innovative packaging designed for composting and recycling.

Did You Know?

WestRock has one of the world’s largest third-party certified fiber procurement systems. All 12 of our North American virgin fiber sourcing regions are certified to the SFI® 2015- 2019 standard, and our forestland in Brazil is certified to the Brazilian Forest Certification Programme (CERFLOR®), PEFC™ and FSC® standards.



Connections help form and strengthen communities, and at WestRock, we strive to be an integral part of the communities in which we live and work.

Being part of a community means lending assistance in times of need and investing in programs and causes that will make tomorrow better for everyone. Like many of the best things at WestRock, our investments in our communities begin with our employees. Employee Relief Fund We take care of our own. The WestRock Employee Relief Fund provides financial assistance to employees and their families who have suffered hardships due to natural or man-made disasters. Not only does the Employee Relief Fund benefit employees, it is funded by our teammembers. TheWestRock Foundation The WestRock Foundation invests in communities where we have an operational or corporate presence, providing grants to organizations that share our commitment to deliveringmeasurable results. The foundation’s giving focuses on education, environment, and sustainability. Employee Volunteer Programs We’re proud of how connected our employees are to their local communities. From coaching little league teams to volunteering at food banks, the causes our employees' support are as diverse as they are. When employees give of their time to these organizations, the WestRock Foundation recognizes their service with grants to these organizations through the Grants for Volunteers and Teamwork Matters programs. When our Panama City, Florida mill suffered extensive damage from Hurricane Michael, WestRock employees from around the world rallied behind their team members who were directly impacted by the storm, many of whomhad lost their homes, or had no power, nowater and nowhere for their families to go. Teams from our mills in Covington, Virginia; Demopolis, Alabama; Dublin, Georgia; Evadale, Texas; FernandinaBeach, Florida;Hodge, Louisiana; Mahrt, Alabama; andStevenson, Alabama; and from our box plant in Montgomery stepped up to provide assistance. And the Employee Relief Fund has helped more than 400 team members with direct financial assistance to help them get back on their feet. Did You Know?






$19 billion NET SALES


1 Estimated FY 2019 results


$2.8 billion

$5.8 billion


$1.3 billion




2 Capital allocated since July 2015, excludes RKT-MWV merger-related share repurchases of $668 million, includes KapStone transaction and excludes acquisition-related debt.


Beverage Commercial Print Food Foodservice Healthcare

Home & Garden Retail | e-Commerce Tobacco

Beauty & Personal Care Media & Entertainment Luxury

Liquor & Spirits Confectionary



32.5MILLION tons of virgin fiber

7.6MILLION tons of recycled fiber


3 WestRock 2017-2018 Global Reporting Initiative report

25 25


Our vision is tobe thepremier partner and unrivaledprovider ofwinning solutions for our customers. We'reproudof theworkwedo to helpour customers succeedand to create value for our stockholders.

12 awards from the Paperboard Packaging Council’s North American Paperboard Packaging Competition, including the inaugural digital application of the year.

30 "Design of the TImes" Awards for Excellence in Merchandising Displays

Fortune's "World's Most Admired Companies" 2016/2017/2018/2019

2018 Carton Excellence Award from the European Carton Makers Association

American Forest & Paper Association 2018 Leadership in Sustainability Award and Innovation in Sustainability Award

11 Outstanding Merchandising Achievement Awards

2018 FTA Awards for Printing Excellence

MSCI World ESG Leaders Index

FTSE4Good Index Series


We are building a paper and packaging leader with a differentiated strategy and capabilities to meet the evolving needs of our customers and generate attractive returns for our stockholders.

On paper, we make products.

In practice, we connect people to products.




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