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Protecting Bright Futures

APR 2019

Bright Futures Bulletin

While in law school at Michigan State University, I would daydream about graduating and “hanging my own shingle” in my beloved hometown of Marietta, Georgia. However, I was advised by experienced lawyers that the most important thing in the beginning of a legal career is trial experience. I was fortunate to acquire that experience prosecuting in Cobb County. I loved studying criminal law at MSU, so it was a natural choice for me. It didn’t hurt that my boss was Barry Morgan, a dedicated public servant any communitywould be honored to have, as its elected chief prosecutor. He taught me so much about dealing with people in a responsible and dignified way, and I am forever grateful. My desire to serve my community strengthened as I worked for my home county, prosecuting on behalf of its citizens. In court, I interacted with hundreds of people each day and learned something new from every interaction. I discovered a real passion for conflict resolution and bridge building. In 2006, I took a leap of faith and launched my own firm, offering defense to good people facing criminal prosecution. Within a year of launching my own firm, I felt a longing to do more. I wanted to expand my practice area where I could continue to help people in crisis but not interfere with my thriving criminal defense practice. At that time, our local bar association in Cobb Countywas looking for volunteers to do pro bono work at the Cobb Justice Foundation. There was a specific need for bankruptcy attorneys. Howard Rothbloom, a legal giant in consumer bankruptcy protection, offered to train any attorney how to handle bankruptcy cases in exchange for a commitment to volunteer pro bono hours to indigent members of our community. I jumped at the opportunity. For the past 13 years, I’ve continued to help clients restore financial peace through bankruptcy protection and alternative methods. I have met so many good, hardworking, humble people

during this time. My favorite thing about this work is witnessing my client’s transformation from uncertainty and risk to confidence and stability. The “fresh start” provided in bankruptcy protection is an opportunity everyone is worthy of receiving. It is difficult for people facing financial crisis to take the initial step and reach out for help. Many people try to keep it a secret from friends, family, and employers. Fear and shame drive inaction. I want to encourage you to reach out early if you find yourself in trouble. Many of my clients come to me a year or two before they choose to file. An attorney can explore all the options available to help you restore financial peace. There can be some complicated strategies involved which require planning. Even if someone feels like they are not ready to take legal action, they can still benefit greatly from a legal consultation. I am thrilled to announce that in March, I was named the best bankruptcy attorney in Cobb County in a contest conducted by Marietta Daily Journal and Cobb Life Magazine. I want to thank all my clients, friends, and familywho voted for me. I appreciate every client who has entrusted me to help them find resolution to their conflict. It is truly an honor to serve Cobb County in this way. The loss of freedom and financial instability are two of the biggest crises people can face in their life. I enjoyworking to restore peace of mind for my clients and their families facing these challenges. Thank you for trusting me to help you and your friends and family. Whenever people ask me what I do, I often get the response “I hope I don’t ever need you.” My standard reply is “You probablywon’t, but I’ll bet you know someone who will.”We appreciate all of your referrals and promise to honor your trust

Solving Crises Humbled By My Work Every Day

My favorite thing about this work is

witnessing my client’s transformation from uncertainty and risk to confidence and stability."

with quality service. At PhyllisLaw. com, we value our commitment to "protecting bright futures" for all of our clients. –Phyllis Gingrey Collins

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