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October 2017

Good money coaches Housing Choices Australia is pleased to announce that we have a new support partner, Good Shepherd Microfinance. As part of this new partnership, Housing Choices residents can now have free, confidential conversations about money with a Good Money coach. A Good Money coach can support you to improve your household budgeting and money skills with tips and suggestions. Good Money can also assist if residents need help buying an essential household item like a fridge or washing machine – or even a couch – as they can organise an interest-free loan for you (subject to affordability and eligibility) to make it happen. Interest-free loans are for amounts up to $1500 and can also be used for some medical and dental costs, education expenses, laptops and other items. Additionally, Good Money coaches can help you with other services such as car and home contents insurance, financial counselling, low interest loans and support in managing your money. If you are interested in accessing this service please contact your Housing Officer to request a referral, or call the Good Money Coach directly on 03 9495 9630. Good money workshops Between August and September 2017, Good Shepherd Microfinance offered dedicated workshops on financial topics and issues for Housing Choices residents at several locations including Melbourne, Preston and Dandenong. These workshops provided practical tips, tricks and activities to help residents manage their money and feel in control of their finances. We will be scheduling more of these workshops in different locations in the months ahead, so look out for an invitation in the mail! Your money matters...

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