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You probably heard your parents tell you to eat your vegetables so you can grow up big and strong. But did you know that eating fruit and vegetables can have a positive impact on a child’s mind? A recent study from across the pond in the United Kingdom set out to put this theory to the test.

high school and 9% of elementary school students reported eating no fruits or vegetables at all. Those students who ate the recommended portions of fruit and vegetables scored on average 3.73 units higher in regards to their mental well-being than those who did not eat any. While this newfound research provides a link between improved mental well-being to fruits and vegetables, there are many more benefits that come with eating the daily recommended portion. There is a plethora of minerals and vitamins hiding within our favorite fruits and vegetables that help with lowering cholesterol, reducing and maintaining a healthy weight, and protecting against diseases such as some cancers, heart disease, and Type 2 diabetes. They can also curb the appetite to stop you or your kids from reaching for an unhealthy snack. And they taste great!

The study was published in BMJ Nutrition, Prevention & Health. Researchers sent surveys to more than 50 schools across England and received responses

from 11,000 students. The survey asked schoolchildren about their mental health as well as their dietary choices. The average mental health score was 46.6 out of 70 for high school students and 46 out of 60 for elementary students. When looking at the children’s dietary habits, only 25% of high school and 28% of elementary school students reported that they ate the recommended five portions of fruit and vegetables each day. About 10% of

Whether it’s to improve mental well-being, grow stronger, or just add variety to your diet, you can’t go wrong by incorporating more fruits and vegetables into your and your family’s diets.


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