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Exercise To Do At Home


I came in the door on a walker. After a month of therapy I’m walking out using only a cane. Couldn’t have

Improves Balance

done it without their help.” - Scott P.

BALANCE TANDEM STANCE Start by placing one foot in front of your other foot in a heel to toe position. Maintain your balance. Return to starting position and repeat 3 times. Attempt this exercise alternating the opposite foot in front.

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I really like living in mostly rural Illinois as there are so many things to see about nature. It is my innate curiosity that keeps me constantly vigilant for movements and sounds. These may be mundane they are often amusing.

Dick Kruckeberg

The north side of my house has some typical mold on the siding. So, I got up on the roof

to spray cleaner and hear a scurrying in the gutter. My gutters have a mesh guard to minimize leaves and other debris so it was not what I expected when up from a corner that has a small opening, up pops a young squirrel. He runs to the opposite end of the gutter on top soon to realize there are no trees near by there. Back to the hole in the screen and into the gutter he runs. I am sure he likes it in the gutter because of protection and the few stray acorns that manage to get in. I will discourage him when he is out by blocking the hole (if possible as squirrels are tenacious) when not there. Some people like squirrels but around the house I believe, being from the rodent family, they can be destructive.

object zing by. It suddenly hits a post on the stairs to the porch. I immediately thought it was a large cicada or a hummingbird. Naturally, since cicadas are oafish insects that often bang into things that is where my mind went. Imagine my surprise to see a small hummingbird on the ground dazed. Identifying how embarrassing it was to him or her I snapped a picture and left it alone. I guess that puts me into the category of paparazzi. The bird left to parts unknown hoping I would not publish the picture.

Well after finishing that chore and putting things away I was walking be to the house when I hear a buzzing and quick flying

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