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Feel Brand New



Get inspired to be your best self, a more holistic state of being, where your mental, physical and emotional health are all in sync. PHYSICAL HEALTH Feel better, look better and be better with products, designed to keep you on track such as these stylish gym bags, coolers and hydration products that encourage healthy habits. MENTAL WEALTH Use the power of mindful positivity to promote better mental well-being with products, like journals that enhance your creativity and personal growth, to well-heeled gear for your pets who bring much joy and keep stress levels in check.

Brooklyn Sport Bag Meet your new favorite travel companion! This modern duel is designed to adapt—taking you from the gym to a night in the city in style. 600D Polyester; 17L 12H 12W

100008-001 Black 100008-057 Quiet Grey : NEW COLOR 100008-060 Granite Heather Grey 100008-410 Navy Blue : NEW COLOR 100008-430 Royal Blue : NEW COLOR


Track Sport Bag Carry your gear in style with this sporty gym bag with graphic pattern accents. 600D Polyester & 210D Polyester; 18L 10H 10W

100077-001 Black 100077-263 Camel 100077-430 Royal Blue


Health & Wellness // Gym

Excel Sport Bag Whether it’s a quick overnight trip or an after-o†ce workout, this stylish bag has you covered. 600D Polyester & 300D Ripstop; 18.25L 11.5H 9.75W

100075-001 Black 100075-410 Navy Blue

Geometric Sport Bag Hit the gym in high style with this sleek and sporty gym bag. 600D Polyester; 19L 9H 8.5W

100069-001 Black 100069-051 Glacier Grey 100069-430 Royal Blue


Keep it Cool and Healthy


Health & Wellness // Coolers

Igloo ® Rowan Lunch Cooler Can’t make up your mind? Have it both ways with this clever, dual-compartment lunch cooler. 7 can capacity, 600D Polyester & 300D Heathered Polyester; 7L 10.25H 5W

100060-001 Black • 100060-411 New Navy * Igloo ® is a registered trademark of Igloo Products Corporation.


Keep it Fresh and Take it Anywhere

Igloo ® Rowan Box Cooler The perfect cooler bag for any occasion has a classic design that really goes the distance. 16 can capacity, 600D Polyester & 300D Heathered Polyester; 9.5L 9H 7.5W

100061-001 Black 100061-411 New Navy

* Igloo ® is a registered trademark of Igloo Products Corporation.

Nico Box Cooler This cooler is perfect for grab-and-go fun, featuring neoprene details that give it a sporty and casual feel. 8 can capacity, 210D Polyester & Neoprene; 10.25L 8H 5W

100059-001 Black 100059-430 Royal Blue


Health & Wellness // Coolers

Taylor Lunch Cooler This sturdy little helper is ideal for picnics, work or travel with its sturdy framed bottom designed to keep everything upright and in place. 11 can capacity, 600D Polyester; 9L 13.25H 6W

100074-001 Black • 100074-303 Deep Forest Green • 100074-410 Navy Blue


Health & Wellness // Hydration & Food Storage

Osaka Bento Lunch Box FEBRUARY 2019 Goodbye brown bag—this stylish bento box comes equipped with everything you need for lunch on the run. Polypropylene (PP) & ABS Plastic; 7.25L 3.75H 3.75W

100137-001 Black • 100137-100 White

Fuji Lunch Gift Set FEBRUARY 2019

Meal prep just got easier with this combo gift set containing one Quench Tritan Hydration Bottle and one Osaka Bento Lunch Box. Eastman Tritan™ Copolyester, Polypropylene (PP), ABS Plastic; Box: 13L 9H 3.75W

100187-001 Black • 100187-100 White

1 0

Emery 2-in-1 Double Wall Stainless Bottle - 20 oz. Warm up or cool down with this convertible, double walled 2-in-1 drink bottle that easily transitions from a hydration bottle to a travel tumbler. Stainless Steel & Eastman Tritan™ Copolyester; 2.75L 10.5H 2.75W (Bottle), 2.75L 7H 2.75W (Tumbler)

100136-006 Matte Black

1 1

Aviana ™ Luna Double Wall Stainless Bottle - 20 oz. NEW COLOR : FEBRUARY 2019

Aviana™ Sierra Tritan Bottle - 24 oz. Stay hydrated on the go with this sleek, leak-proof bottle. Eastman Tritan™ Copolyester; 2.75L 9.5H 2.75W

Double wall, vacuum insulated and sweat proof, this bottle is performance ready so you can be too. Stainless Steel; 2.75L 9.75H 2.75W

15058 White • 15059 Black

15025 Charcoal • 15026 Royal Blue • 15028 White • 15029 Black

Aviana ™ Juniper Reusable Tritan Straw Set FEBRUARY 2019 Share the love with this four pack of eco-friendly, reusable straws. Bring your own wherever you go with a handy, reusable travel pouch. Eastman Tritan™ Copolyester; .4L 10.5H .4W

Celeste Bamboo Ceramic Bottle - 10 oz. A unique hand-painted design makes this stylish and easy to clean bottle a great gift. Ceramic & Bamboo; 2.5L 7.5H 2.5W

100132-083 Grey Marble • 100132-464 Blue Watermark

100198-965 Assorted Neutrals


Health & Wellness // Hydration & Food Storage

2019 TREND ReVibe

Sidney Double Wall Stainless Bottle - 17 oz. Keep your drink as you like it, hot or cold! The durable, sleek design makes this bottle a perfect choice for everyday use. Stainless Steel; 2.5L 10.5H 2.5W

100138-001 Black 100138-082 Iridescent 100138-100 White

Eden Double Wall Bamboo Glass Bottle - 13.5 oz.

Use the built-in infuser to brew your own tea or add a little flavor. Either way, you’ll enjoy a cleaner drinking experience with this contemporary combo of glass and bamboo. Borosilicate Glass & Bamboo; 2.75L 9H 2.75W

100134-000 Clear


Health & Wellness // Pet

Free to Roam

Buddy’s Pet Gear Bag This bag makes traveling with furry friends simpler than ever. With unique features like a removable leash and built-in placemat, this convenient bag is sure to become a quick staple for animal lovers everywhere. 600D Polyester; 15.5L 12H 4W


100057-001 Black

Dog Walker Hydration Sling An all-in-one hydration sling is the perfect companion for dog walkers, with thoughtful features like a waste bag compartment and reflective tabs. Neoprene & 210D Polyester; 3.5L 8H 5W


100056-001 Black

Rocco Collapsible Pet Bowl Keep your pet cool and happy wherever you go, with this dual compartment collapsible bowl featuring a PEVA lining for easy cleaning. 6 oz. Cotton & PEVA lining; 9L 3.375H 4.5W


100055-001 Black

Fido Tritan Bottle with Bowl - 34 oz. Here’s a clever little way to quench your thirst and keep your pet happy, too. Eastman Tritan™ Copolyester; 3.58L 8.5H 3.58W


100126-057 Quiet Grey


2019 TREND ReVibe MENTAL WEALTH + POSITIVITY + PHYSICAL WELL-BEING. Consumers are looking beyond the gym towards a more holistic approach to wellness.






Health & Wellness // Journaling

Moleskine ® Volant Ruled Pocket Journal This slim, light, soft cover journal is ideal for everyday use. Acid-Free Paper; 3.5L 5.5H .25W

Moleskine ® Volant Ruled Large Journal A soft-covered slim journal that’s an undeniable favorite. Acid-Free Paper; 5L 8.25H .25W

42066 Black • 42068 White

40067 Black • 41067 Slate Grey • 42067 White 43067 Navy Blue • 45067 Powder Blue 49067 Forget Me Not Blue : NEW COLOR

49068 Pine Green : NEW COLOR 4 9069 Lemon Yellow : NEW COLOR

Moleskine ® Cahier Subject X-Large Journal A lightweight, flexible companion with a structured page layout that helps you get the most from every day. Acid-Free Paper; 7.5L 9.75H .28W

100082-001 Black


2019 TREND ReVibe MENTAL WEALTH + POSITIVITY + PHYSICAL WELL-BEING. Consumers are looking beyond the gym towards a more holistic approach to wellness.

Take Note

1 7

Everyday Carry

Reliable gear with well appointed features to keep you organized no matter what you carry with you.

2019 TREND Connected Outdoors PEAK TO PAVEMENT. Outdoor inspired products connect consumers with their passion for outdoor experiences, no matter where they travel.

Samsonite Morgan Computer Backpack FEBRUARY 2019 A classic, everyday commuter bag that is sleek and stylish enough to go e ortlessly from day-to-night. 1200D Polyester & Leather; 19.5L 11.5H 5.5W

100048-001 Black • 100048-261 Khaki

1 8

Style that Works

2 0

Everyday Carry

2019 TREND Connected Outdoors

Samsonite Morgan Travel Bag FEBRUARY 2019

This hardworking, fully functional travel bag will make any commute or overnight trip just a little more stylish. 1200D Polyester & Leather; 12.5L 19H 7.75W

100049-001 Black 100049-261 Khaki

Rutledge Backpack Simple and sporty, this all occasion bag is ideal for the gym, the o ce or anywhere in between. 600D Polyester; 11.75L 18H 4.5W

100068-001 Black 100068-430 Royal Blue 100068-610 Red

2 1


Whether you are an urban dweller navigating the concrete jungle or struck by wanderlust roaming the world, pack it all in. Thoughtfully designed with high functionality to carry in comfort and style, no matter where your adventures take you.

Dempsey Split Weekender Bag Do it all this weekend with this split style bag that makes packing simple and organization a breeze. 600D Polyester; 18L 12H 9W

100070-001 Black • 100070-410 Navy Blue


2 3


Samsonite Andante 2 22" Wheeled Duffel FEBRUARY 2019

A durable, casual duel for all your travel essentials. Easy to transport with a lightweight design and smooth rolling wheels for eortless mobility. 900D Polyester & 420D Dobby Polyester Accents; 22L 12.5H 12W

100159-001 Black 100159-084 Riverrock & Black

2 4


Samsonite Andante 2 28" + 32" Drop Bottom Wheeled Duffel FEBRUARY 2019 Easy to pack and easy to carry, this stylish du el features a large U-shaped opening for easy access to travel essentials and a split bottom compartment for added convenience. 900D Polyester & 420D Dobby Polyester Accents; 28": 28L 14H 14W 32": 32L 14.5H 17.5W

28" Version : 100160-084 Riverrock & Black 32" Version : 100161-084 Riverrock & Black


2 5

RuMe GTO | Garment Travel Organizer NEW COLOR : FEBRUARY 2019 This garment organizer is a traveler’s dream, combining the ease of a folding garment bag and convenience of packing cubes into a single travel companion. Polyester; 46L 20H 4W, Packed: 20L 15.5H 12W

100024-001 Black 100024-080 Heather Grey : NEW COLOR

Samsonite Foldable Packing Cubes (4 in 1) Organization made simple. This set of three nesting packing cubes with a small packing pouch will keep everything in its place while traveling. Polyester; Large Cube: 14.5L 10H 4.25W, Small Cubes (2): 12L 8H 4.25W, Small Pouch: 8.25L 6.25H .25W

RuMe Luggage Tag A customizable luggage tag that is unique, stylish and durable. Showcase your brand your way, from subtle tone-on-tone branding to eye-catching graphics that really pop. Aluminum; 2L 3.5H

100124-037 Graphite

100122-961 Custom

2 6


2019 TREND ReVibe

Travis & Wells ™ Leather Zippered Pouch Simple and sophisticated, this pouch makes smart work of staying organized. Leather & 1680D Polyester; 8.5L 5.5H 5W

Avery Cotton Zippered Pouch NEW COLORS : FEBRUARY 2019 Keep it together with this everyday carry companion for all your essentials. 8 oz. Cotton; 8.25L 5.5H 6830 Natural • 6831 Black • 6832 Navy Blue : NEW COLOR 6833 Deep Forest Green : NEW COLOR 6834 Classic Camo : NEW COLOR 6837 Natural & Iridescent : NEW COLOR

100094-001 Black

RuMe Baggie All NEW COLORS : FEBRUARY 2019

Staying organized has never been easier! Keep small items safe and secure in a purse, gym bag or while you travel. Polyester; 8.5L 7.5H

100014-001 Black 100014-002 Herringbone

100014-026 Cool Grey 100014-061 Downing 100014-065 Marshall Grey 100014-080 Heather Grey : NEW COLOR 100014-081 Marble : NEW COLOR 100014-341 Spring Greenwich : NEW COLOR

100014-412 Navy 100014-460 Baker 100014-461 Navy Downing

100014-622 Crimson 100014-691 Emerson

2 7


CONNECTING COMMUNITIES. A rise in people working in nontraditional spaces calls for products that allow consumers to work anywhere.


Whether working remotely, running from meeting to meeting or on the road, savvy business professionals keep flexible and productive with well-organized tools of the trade.

Mobile Office Tote A modern day solution for today’s workplace—whether you are working from a coee shop or dashing to your next appointment, everything about this tote works for you, no matter where you work. 600D Polyester & 600D Matte Polyester; 17L 12.25H 6.25W

100058-001 Black

2 9

Mobile Office Pencil Case

Keep the essentials at hand with this on-the-go organizer. Whether your workspace is stationary or on the move, you’ll be equipped with whatever you need to get the job done. 600D Polyester & Matte Polyester; 8.5L 6.5H 2W

100063-001 Black

3 0

Business // Mobile Office

Mobile Office Commuter Sleeve Keep your mobile oce up and running with a padded commuter sleeve designed to keep you organized. 600D Polyester & Matte Polyester; 14.75L 10.5H 1W

100064-001 Black

3 1

Business // Bags & Padfolios

Midtown Slim Computer Portfolio

When everything has a place, productivity becomes that much simpler. The sleek design of this portfolio keeps you organized and your documents secure so you can go about your business. 600D Polyester & Matte PVC; 15.5L 11.25H 1.5W

100062-001 Black

Logan Computer Backpack

This modern, slim backpack combines comfort, convenience and organization for the perfect carry-it-anywhere solution. 600D Polyester; 11.5L 17H 4.25W

100093-060 Granite Heather Grey

All Day Computer Backpack A fully-featured backpack that carries beautifully from the oŒce to wherever life takes you. 600D Polyester & Matte Diamond Ripstop; 12L 17.5H 6W

100054-001 Black

3 2

Melrose Junior Padfolio

This modern, compact padfolio is the simple solution to your organizational needs. Keep the essentials right at your fingertips—ideal for meetings on the run or anywhere the day may take you. 600D Polyester; 6L 9H .75W

100052-060 Granite Heather Grey

3 5

Business // Notebooks & Pens

Write Your Own Ticket

Moleskine ® Hard Cover Ruled X-Large Professional Notebook

Moleskine ® Hard Cover Ruled Large Professional Notebook

You’ll always stay on task with this notebook, specifically designed to help increase productivity and eciency throughout the workday. Acid-Free Paper; 7.5L 9.75H .5W

Featuring an agenda, detachable to-do lists and a built in bookmark, this notebook was thoughtfully crafted to make even the busiest days feel eŽortless. Acid-Free Paper; 5L 8.25H .625W

40705 Black • 40905 Pearl Grey : NEW COLOR

40706 Black • 49066 Pearl Grey

3 4





Zebra F-701 All Steel Retractable Ballpoint


Rugged and sturdy from tip to clip, this ballpoint pen means business. For serious communicators who appreciate a bit of style, flair and smooth writing performance. Stainless Steel; 5.25L.382W

100139-047 Stainless Steel

Zebra PM-701 Permanent Marker No matter how big the project is, this stainless steel barrel marker will keep you going. Features 5 days of cap oΠtime. Stainless Steel; 7.5L .61W


100169-001 Black

Zebra Sarasa Grand Step it up a notch with the Sarasa Grand—a pen with just the right amount of sophistication and gravitas. Brass Barrel; 5.625L .5W


100170-417 Navy Blue • 100170-715 Gold

D Zebra Sarasa Dry X1 FEBRUARY 2019

Moleskine ® Ruled Letter Sized Professional Pad From meeting notes to brainstorming, this letter-sized professional pad is a perfect choice for staying organized and on target. Acid-Free Paper; 8.5L 11H .33W

Wide barrel comfort with a smooth, non-smearing gel ink that’s perfect for the left-handed writer on your list. Plastic; 5.69L .56W

100194-001 Black • 100194-430 Royal Blue

100083-001 Black

3 5

Celeste Ceramic Tumbler - 13.5 oz. Caeinate in style with this polished, ceramic tumbler. The easy open and close lid makes it ideal for sipping on the go. Ceramic & Plastic; 3.25L 6.25H 3.25W

100133-083 Grey Marble 100133-464 Blue Watermark

Business // Drinkware

Overflowing with Style

Celeste Gift Set Style and functionality come together with this gift set duo, featuring bamboo and ceramic. Set includes one Celeste Bamboo Ceramic Bottle and one Celeste Ceramic Tumbler. Ceramic, Bamboo & Plastic; Box: 13L 9H 3.75W

100188-083 Grey Marble 100188-464 Blue Watermark

Aviana ™ Oakley Double Wall Stainless Tumbler - 17 oz. FEBRUARY 2019 Multi-taskers rejoice! This bottle with hands-free carrying strap keeps beverages hot or cold longer. Stainless Steel; 2.5L 9H 2.5W

15073 White 15074 Black

3 7

Meetings, Conventions & Events Meetings, conventions and events are time to reenergize, reconnect and reboot your business. Make it extraordinary with the latest in bags, totes and other essentials.

Jordan Tablet Tote From the tradeshow floor to the conference room, this stylish tote keeps items secure and organized. 600D Polyester; 10L 17.5H 4.5W

100051-001 Black 100051-410 Navy Blue

Rockland Messenger Bag This bag boasts style and convenience— a perfect fit for wherever the job takes you. 600D Polyester; 18L 12.5H 3.75W

100050-001 Black 100050-430 Royal Blue 100050-610 Red

3 8

Conventional Wisdom Get smart, must-have gear on the agenda for your next event.

3 9

Meetings, Conventions & Events

Triumph Tablet Tote This functional tote is the perfect size for any meeting or conference, featuring elastic top side gussets to give a little extra room when you need it. 600D Polyester; 12.5L 17H 4W

100079-001 Black 100079-430 Royal Blue 100079-610 Red

Tribeca Tote Modern and stylish, the perfect companion for tradeshows or errands around town. 600D Polyester; 16L 15H 4.5W

100078-057 Quiet Grey 100078-060 Granite Heather Grey

100078-410 Navy Blue 100078-430 Royal Blue

4 0

Midway Mini Sling Bag Wherever you’re headed, enjoy hands-free comfort and style. This mini sling is perfect for events, outdoor activities and travel. 600D Polyester; 6L 14.5H 3W

100065-001 Black • 100065-100 White 100065-430 Royal Blue

Style to Go

Astoria Backpack Stylish and streamlined, this backpack is sure to become a go-to for any occasion. 600D Polyester; 10.5L 15.75H 4.75W

100067-057 Quiet Grey • 100067-060 Granite Heather Grey 100067-410 Navy Blue • 100067-430 Royal Blue

4 2

Meetings, Conventions & Events

Moto Mini Backpack The perfect little companion for wherever life takes you—just the right size for events, outdoor adventures or travel. 210D Polyester; 8L 12H 3.5W

100066-001 Black 100066-100 White 100066-430 Royal Blue

Propel Hydration Sling A great solution for staying hydrated on the go, while carrying your essentials. Neoprene & 420HD Nylon; 3.75L 6.75H 2.5W

100053-001 Black

2019 TREND Connected Outdoors

Camden Backpack Lightweight and designed with comfort and convenience in mind—just right for day trips or special events. 210D Polyester Ripstop & 600D Polyester; 15L 17H 5.5W

5292 Black 5293 Royal Blue 5294 Navy Blue

4 3


Entertain or simply be entertained. Sleek, sophisticated and stylish—from the coolest coolers to ultra cool drinkware and gift sets to keep your food and libations at the perfect temperature. Cheers!

Dumont XL Cooler Carry the party wherever you go with our oversized, versatile cooler with attached metal bottle opener. 600D Polyester & 420D Polyester; 20L 13H 7.5W

100072-001 Black 100072-303 Deep Forest Green 100072-410 Navy Blue

4 4

Bring the Party with You

4 5

Entertainment // Outdoors

Maui Pacific Cooler Tote From the beach to the farmer’s market, this all-purpose tote keeps food fresh, drinks chilled and summer days simple. 600D Polyester & Micro Mesh; 15L 13.5H 8.5W

100071-001 Black • 100071-100 White

4 6

Entertainment //Tabletop

Aviana ™ Chateau Double Wall Stainless Wine Bottle Cooler No ice bucket necessary—this durable, stainless wine bottle cooler keeps wine at the perfect temperature. Stainless Steel; 4.25L 10.5H 4.25W

15100 Charcoal Satin 15103 White Opaque Gloss : NEW COLOR

Aviana ™ Vale Double Wall Stainless Pint - 16 oz. This pint-sized solution is a foolproof choice for any hot or cold beverage. Stainless Steel; 3.5L 5.75H 3.5W

15065 Stainless Steel 15066 Matte Black 15067 Matte Navy Blue

15068 White Opaque Gloss : NEW COLOR 15069 Black Opaque Gloss : NEW COLOR 15140 Sage Opaque Gloss : NEW COLOR

4 7

Entertainment // Tabletop

Aviana ™ Darby Double Wall Stainless Cocktail Shaker - 20 oz. Shake things up—this double walled shaker keeps cocktails deliciously cool and guests coming back for more. Stainless Steel; 3.5L 8.5H 3.5W

100146-010 Black Opaque Gloss 100146-105 White Opaque Gloss

Aviana ™ Collins Double Wall Stainless Lowball Tumbler - 10 oz. This lowball tumbler keeps cocktails cool on summer days. Ideal for outdoor events and entertaining guests in style. Stainless Steel; 3.5L 4H 3.5W

100147-010 Black Opaque Gloss 100147-105 White Opaque Gloss

4 8

We’ ll Drink to This

Aviana ™ Vine Double Wall Stainless Wine Tumbler - 12 oz. Bring the party with you with the durable design of this double wall, stainless wine tumbler. Designed to keep your wine at just the right temperature for hours of fun. Stainless Steel; 2.75L 5H 2.75W

15095 Charcoal Satin • 15096 Royal Blue Satin • 15097 Wine Satin 15098 White Opaque Gloss : NEW COLOR 15099 Black Opaque Gloss : NEW COLOR • 15135 Sage Opaque Gloss : NEW COLOR

4 9

Entertainment // Tabletop

Aviana ™ Vine Gift Set From patio sipping to outdoor events, this durable set of stainless steel tumblers is the perfect gift for the wine enthusiast. Set includes two Aviana™ Vine Double Wall Stainless Wine Tumblers. Stainless Steel; Box: 8.5L 7H 3.5W

15120 Charcoal Satin 15121 Royal Blue Satin 15122 Wine Satin

15123 White Opaque Gloss : NEW COLOR 15124 Black Opaque Gloss : NEW COLOR 15145 Sage Opaque Gloss : NEW COLOR

Aviana ™ Cosmopolitan Gift Set Shaken or stirred, this gift set is sure to be a hit with entertainers and mixologists alike. Set includes two Aviana™ Collins Double Wall Stainless Lowball Tumblers and one Aviana™ Darby Double Wall Stainless Cocktail Shaker. Stainless Steel; Box: 13L 9H 3.75W

100182-010 Black Opaque Gloss 100182-105 White Opaque Gloss

Aviana ™ Bordeaux Gift Set Wine aficionados will love this gift set featuring two Aviana™ Vine Double Wall Stainless Wine Tumblers and one Aviana™ Chateau Double Wall Stainless Wine Bottle Cooler designed to ensure an optimum tasting experience. Stainless Steel; Box: 13L 9H 3.75W

15125 Charcoal Satin & Charcoal Satin 15126 Royal Blue Satin & Charcoal Satin : NEW COLOR 15127 Wine Satin & Charcoal Satin : NEW COLOR

15128 White Opaque Gloss & White Opaque Gloss : NEW COLOR 15129 Black Opaque Gloss & White Opaque Gloss : NEW COLOR 15150 Sage Opaque Gloss & White Opaque Gloss : NEW COLOR

5 0

Aviana ™ Vale Gift Set Enjoy your favorite beverages on the go with this delightful gift set that includes two Aviana™ Vale Double Wall Stainless Pints. Stainless Steel; Box: 8.5L 7H 3.5W

100181-006 Matte Black • 100181-010 Black Opaque Gloss 100181-047 Stainless Steel • 100181-105 White Opaque Gloss 100181-311 Sage Opaque Gloss • 100181-415 Matte Navy Blue

5 1

Reusable Shoppers

It’s all in the bag. Smart reusable totes and bags in fun styles and colors to use over and over.

5 2

RuMe Classic Medium Tote NEW COLORS : FEBRUARY 2019 Easy stowing makes this an everyday essential, with convenience and consideration stitched right into the design. Polyester; 15.5L 15.5H 4W

100018-001 Black • 100018-002 Herringbone 100018-003 Hudson • 100018-026 Cool Grey

100018-061 Downing • 100018-062 Echo • 100018-063 Fletcher 100018-064 Terra • 100018-080 Heather Grey : NEW COLOR 100018-081 Marble : NEW COLOR • 100018-102 Pearl 100018-412 Navy • 100018-341 Spring Greenwich : NEW COLOR 100018-434 Bluebell • 100018-460 Baker 100018-461 Navy Downing • 100018-462 Taylor 100018-622 Crimson • 100018-690 Kayla • 100018-692 Crosby 100018-821 Tangerine • 100018-840 Clementine

5 3

Reusable Shoppers

Stylish & Sturdy

Horizons Laminated Shopper Pattern pops grace this reusable laminated shopper, perfect for everyday use. Laminated Non-Woven; 13L 15H 8.5W

1635 Black & Pattern 1636 Royal Blue & Pattern 1637 Kelly Green & Pattern

5 4

Recycled Cotton Market Bag A classic silhouette made of durable 85% recycled cotton, this eco-friendly bag sports a smart little pen loop, so you’ll never miss a thing on your shopping list. 8 oz. Recycled Cotton; 11L 15.5H 6W

Laminated 100% Recycled Shopper An eco-friendly favorite and a stylish alternative to plastic bags, this laminated shopper is made of 100% recycled materials and features on-trend patterns and recycle messages. Easy to wipe clean and easy to love. Laminated 100% Recycled PET Fabric; 13L 15H 8W

1765 Natural & Brown • 1766 Black & Pattern 1767 Royal Blue & Pattern • 1768 Caribbean Blue & Navy Blue

61270 Natural

Deluxe Grocery Shopper Roomy and reusable, you’ll grab this Deluxe Shopper again and again. Made from 100% recycled materials, it features a large open main compartment and a handy pen loop. Non-Woven; 13L 15H 8W

Chevron Non-Woven Shopper The popular chevron pattern keeps this shopper on trend and in demand. Non-Woven; 15.75L 12H 6W

1626 Black & Seattle Grey • 1627 Glacier Blue & Navy Blue

1760 Royal Blue • 1761 Black • 1762 Red 1763 Kelly Green • 1764 Natural

5 5


Want the latest and greatest in tech gear? We’ve got products designed to keep you connected everywhere you go—from headphones to speakers to gift sets and more.

5 6

Maximus Bluetooth ® Headphones FEBRUARY 2019 Stream music from your smartphone, tablet or any Bluetooth enabled device. Easily transitions to a wireless headset so you can take a call and stay hands free. ABS Plastic & Aluminum; 6.89L 1.97H 6.9W

100157-001 Black

5 7


Paxton Bluetooth ® Pairing Speakers

At home or at the beach, bring your favorite beats with you with this high-quality Bluetooth speaker set. Aluminum Alloy & ABS Plastic; Speaker: 1.9L 1.8H 1.5W & Charging Base: 4.7L 2.3H

100164-001 Black

Axel Bass Boost Bluetooth ® Headphones FEBRUARY 2019 Stream music from any Bluetooth enabled device and take a call mid-playlist! Bass boost and integrated function buttons make these headphones ideal for work or play. ABS Plastic; 6.3L 7.4H 3.15W

100165-001 Black

5 8

Travel Often Gift Set Wherever life takes you, this gift set featuring the Circuit Expandable Tech Organizer and Spectrum Bluetooth ® Earbuds will keep you connected and organized. Neoprene, Polyester Micromesh, ABS Plastic, Silicone; Box: 13L 9H 3.75W

100191-001 Black

Boardroom Gift Set Here’s a gift they’ll really remember! This gift set includes the Shadow Bluetooth ® Speaker and Emerson Leather Cord Wrap, perfect for the executive on the go. ABS Plastic, Leather; Box: 13L 9H 3.75W

100192-001 Black

5 9

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