Annuals & Perennials 2020-2021 UK


A dependable choice for growers and retailers

Imara ® offers growers reliable, low-maintenance and economical production. It is robust and durable, holding up well during trans­ port so plants move from the greenhouse to the garden centre in top shape.

Strong and resistant.

Imara ® is bringing back one of the most popular plants with consumers. Sun or shade, rain or shine, it is guaranteed to flourish in home gardens. This reliability and proven garden performance make Imara a top choice for consumers. The gardener’s favourite is back!

A new generation of impatiens walleriana, Imara ® is stronger and more resistant to downy mildew than ever before. With out­ standing garden performance, Imara ® will survive in the garden until first frost.

We offer POS material to ensure your success

More garden performance.

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Annuals from Seed

Annuals from Seed


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