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Early Decision Program In order to identify highly qualified students who have indicated Marian University’s College of Osteopathic Medicine as their first-choice medical school, we have reserved 10 spots for DO students as part of an Early Decision Program (EDP). • If you apply to our COM through the EDP, you are prohibited from applying to other medical schools until you’ve been notified by us about your admission decision. • If you are accepted into our EDP, you are expected to matriculate to Marian University and will have two weeks after the date of your admission to pay your admission deposits. • If you are not accepted, you are automatically considered for regular admission. What Is Osteopathic Medicine? Osteopathic medicine is a distinctive pathway to medical practice in the United States. Doctors of Osteopathic Medicine (DO) are fully licensed physicians with a medical degree and post-doctoral residency training (3-7+ years) that enables them to practice in any medical specialty. In addition to receiving the same medical training as other physicians, osteopathic medical students are trained in osteopathic principles and practice and 200+ hours of osteopathic manipulative medicine (OMM). OMM is a hands-on approach to the diagnosis and treatment of patients, and has been proven effective in treating multiple injuries and illnesses and decreasing complications and length of hospital stays. What Is the Difference Between a DO and an M.D.? The value of osteopathic medicine began gaining recognition in the late 1800s, when Andrew Taylor Still, M.D., founded a system of medical care that promoted the body’s ability to heal itself. He called it “medicine osteopathy,” although today the field is known as osteopathic medicine.

Admission Criteria In order to matriculate to our program, your undergraduate and/or graduate transcripts must show you’ve successfully completed all required courses, but completion of required courses is NOT required to interview.

Both DO students and students who graduate from a Doctor of Medicine (M.D.) program engage in direct, hands-on patient care. But DO students have additional training in healthcare approaches that emphasize the mind, body, and spirit along with caring for the whole patient—not just their symptoms.

Application Process

When you’ve decided that Marian University’s Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine program is right for you, take the next step and apply for admission.

Science Courses

Required Recommended Lab Semester Hours

DO graduates are fully trained and licensed physicians who can practice any medical specialty. They receive traditional medical training, as well as training on the musculoskeletal system and its interconnectedness.



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Submit a primary application. Instructions can be found on the AACOM Application Service (AACOMAS) website at . If you have a planned MCAT date, include it in the AACOMAS application. Primary applications are screened for minimum academic requirements, prior to an invitation to complete a supplemental application. Our preferred method of submitting letters of recommendation is through AACOMAS, but letters may be sent via Interfolio or Virtual Evals, after receiving a supplemental application invitation. Submit complete supplemental application, certification, and processing fee via the MU-COM applicant portal. Check application status via the applicant portal and continue to check email for interview decision.



Inorganic Chemistry

Organic Chemistry



Molecular Biology

Rather than just treat specific symptoms of sickness or disease, DOs assess the overall health and wellness of patients then determine appropriate treatment using the latest medical technologies.


Non-Science Courses

Required Recommended Lab Semester Hours


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College English

Behavioral Sciences

We prepare DO students who use their ears to listen to patients, their eyes to see the whole patient (not just a body part), and their hands to diagnose and treat. They also educate children and adults about improving wellness and preventing illness and injury through healthy lifestyles. At Marian University, DO students collaborate and train with students and faculty in other health professions. They complete coursework emphasizing a holistic approach to delivering positive patient outcomes in a fast-paced, ever-evolving healthcare environment. Learn More About Osteopathic Medicine From The:





Minimum Academic Requirements • Candidates must earn a baccalaureate degree prior to matriculation. • Applicants must have a minimum of a 3.0 on a 4.0 scale to be eligible for admission. • Applicants must submit scores from the MCAT. The minimum MCAT score accepted is 494. MCAT must be taken within three years of matriculation year. We do not accept MCAT scores taken during anticipated matriculation year. Letters of Recommendation • A minimum of three (3) letters of recommendation are required from individuals who know the applicant in a professional capacity and can comment on one’s character, work ethic, academic history, scientific acumen, empathy, compassion, resilience, emotional intelligence, commitment and knowledge of the healthcare environment. The Admissions Committee strongly prefers that the letters be from the following sources:



• American Association of Colleges of Osteopathic Medicine |

Schedule and prepare for interview.


Interview. MU-COM uses a traditional interview format.


• Indiana Osteopathic Association |

Wait for admissions committee decision. All decisions are communicated to students within a few weeks of the interview.


• A pre-health or academic advisor/committee

Prepare for matriculation.


• Science faculty member

• Physician, preferably a DO

Visit for a complete list of admission requirements.

Candidates who may not have the ability to submit letters from any/all of the above sources should select letter writers who know them well.




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