Glasgow City Region Adaptation Strategy - report

The Assessment also found climate risks are unevenly distributed across Glasgow City Region. They will disproportionately affect those of us who are less well off, as such people tend to live in riskier places, be more vulnerable in general terms and have more limited means to respond. In addressing these risks there are potentially important opportunities (or benefits) from climate change, but these will not be fully realized, nor shared equally, without a planned and coordinated approach. Therefore, we need to implement climate change adaptation solutions now and plan an approach over the next decade which ensures the region is climate ready for a range of possible changes and impacts. This means building our collective and individual capacity to adjust in the face of different climate futures (which have both general and extreme changes) and ensuring a focus on the most vulnerable to the impacts. Doing so will help us reduce potential damages, cope with the consequences and ensure we take advantage of the few opportunities a changing climate offers the region. By planning and implementing adaptation alongside mitigation (net-zero) we can maximize the benefits of both strategies and minimize trade-offs.

1.4 Our vision, Theory of Change and principles

Climate Ready Clyde has worked with a wide range of groups to develop a compelling vision of a Glasgow City Region that flourishes in a future climate. The vision is underpinned by a Theory of Change, 4 developed ahead of the Adaptation Strategy, that sets out conditions required for that change to occur. We have used the vision and principles to inform the development of both the Strategy and Action Plan.

A Glasgow City Region that flourishes in a future climate

Vision to (2050)

3 Impact Areas


Guiding Principles

11 Interventions 42 Sub-interventions

Strategy (2030)

Broader City Region Contributions

16 Flagship Actions

Action Plan (2021–2025)

Fig.6. Vision and Theory of Change within Glasgow City Region’s Adaptation Framework.


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