Glasgow City Region Adaptation Strategy - report

The vision and Theory of Change are guided by the following principles:

• More of the same will not do. An effective response to climate change will require a revolutionary and systemic approach.

• Climate and social justice. People’s lives can be made healthier and happier, and inequality and vulnerability lessened by efforts to build climate resilience.

• Revolution in understanding. There needs to be a ‘revolution in understanding’ the potential impacts of climate change and the adaptation options available to a much wider cohort of people and communities. • Revolution in planning. There needs to be a ‘revolution in planning’. We must rethink how we use land and space and where and what we build, with planners and developers empowered to prioritize climate resilience.

• Revolution in finance. There needs to be a ‘revolution in finance’ to ensure that the funds and resources necessary to build climate resilience are made available.

• Recognizing uncertainty. Our future is uncertain; we need to reduce global heating and plan for worst- case scenarios, recognizing that climate change is not a linear process.

• Intrinsic value of nature. Nature/biodiversity has tangible cultural and spiritual value and efforts to build climate resilience should do so in ecological, as well as human, communities.


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