Glasgow City Region Adaptation Strategy - report

Glasgow City Region Climate Adaptation Strategy and Action Plan

Increasingly, it will involve promoting long-term economic diversification to ensure that workers whose jobs are impacted by climate change are able to requalify and move towards green growth sectors. This will require improving our understanding of the effects of climate change on workers, working conditions, health and safety, assessing the related distributional effects.

Complementing just resilience by ensuring adaptation reduces, not increases vulnerability

A complementary piece to a just resilience approach is ensuring we also plan to ensure adaptation efforts avoid increasing vulnerability. Sometimes an adaptation intervention to address one issue or in one area can lead to detrimental effects for others for example, by redirecting water to other places and transferring risks or by accidentally raising property prices, reducing available incomes to adapt should a flood event occur. Some forms of adaptation may also give a false sense of security, reducing people’s preparedness to future risks. Addressing these issues requires a greater focus on integrated and iterative adaptation.

Fig.10. Intersection of future flood exposure and social vulnerability in 2050, 4˚C scenario. Source: Sayers et al. (2017). 6


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