Glasgow City Region Adaptation Strategy - report

Glasgow City Region Climate Adaptation Strategy and Action Plan

This global overshoot is mirrored at the UK and EU levels. The actions we take to adapt and build our own resilience to climate change (e.g. through nature-based solutions) also offer the potential to enhance the natural environment, protecting and building the resilience of vital habitats and ecosystems and our own in a virtuous cycle. This will help ecological systems adjust to the historic consequences of carbon emissions, as we restructure our economy and society to work within them. Note: dark green circles show the ecological ceiling and social foundation. Blue wedges show social performance relative to a threshold associated with meeting basic needs. Green wedges show resource use relative to a biophysical boundary associated with sustainability. Red wedges show shortfalls below the social threshold or overshoot beyond the biophysical boundary, while grey wedges show indicators with missing data. Wedges with a dashed edge extend beyond the chart area.

Fig 12: Comparison of UK and EU-28 performance against the global ecological ceiling and social foundations. Source: University of Leeds.


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