Glasgow City Region Adaptation Strategy - report

Glasgow City Region Climate Adaptation Strategy and Action Plan


7 Enhance early warning and preparedness for floods and heatwaves 7.1 Extension of the flood warning scheme in Glasgow City Region 7.2 Implementation of an integrated climate alert warning system for Glasgow City Region 7.3 Continued delivery of strategic Flood Risk Management activities 7.4 A regional property flood resilience and resistance installation programme 7.5 Exploration of new insurance models 8 Ensure everyone’s homes, offices, buildings and infrastructure are resilient to future climate impacts 8.1 Adaptation embedded in Glasgow City Region’s net-zero transition 8.2 Creation of an adaptation forum for Glasgow City Region infrastructure 8.3 Adaptation of existing infrastructure, with policies and regulation to require all new investment to be climate resilient 8.4 Strengthening of adaptation requirements in the planning system 8.5 Creation of a regional retrofit framework for climate resilience 8.6 Creation of a framework for adapting cultural heritage assets 8.7 Lobby UK and Scottish Governments to reform infrastructure investment frameworks 8.8 Evaluation of future adaptation infrastructure needs 9 Deliver nature-based solutions for resilient, blue-green ecosystems, landscapes and neighbourhoods

9.1 Identify regional priorities for nature-based solutions 9.2 Delivery of the regional Strategic Green Network 9.3 Creation of the Clyde Climate Forest 9.4 Increase investment in targeted habitat restoration

9.5 Roll out of large-scale blue and green infrastructure projects to demonstrate benefits to communities – either through new green infrastructure or removal of hard landscaping or public realm 9.6 Support for new local infill or expansion of existing nature-based solutions to strengthen the regional network 9.7 Develop and accelerate blue and green infrastructure financing 10 Enhance regional decision-making and establish Glasgow City Region as a global research and knowledge hub for adaptation 10.1 Enhanced adaptation research through open invitation to collaborate on publicly available research priorities 10.2 Glasgow City Region established as a living lab for climate adaptation 10.3 Convene an Expert Advisory Committee on Adaptation 11 Begin the transition to an economy resilient to future climate impacts 11.1 Adopt a climate smart regional economic development approach 11.2 Delivery of a just, climate resilient transition which nurtures adaptation skills 11.3 Climate-resilient supply chains as part of a net-zero, circular economy 11.4 An SME (Small and Medium Enterprise) support plan


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