Glasgow City Region Adaptation Strategy - report

The Strategy in action: Partnership working across the cultural sector

1 Reform, reshape and expand governance mechanisms to respond to adaptation needs, nurture new leadership, and create expectations in society 2 Develop the ability of organizations, businesses and communities to adapt 4 Enable and equip communities to participate in adaptation 5 Embed reflection, monitoring, evaluation and learning into adaptation action Creative Carbon Scotland (Glasgow City Region), Axis (Dublin), Greentrack (Ghent), TILLT (Gothenburg) Cultural Adaptations was co-funded by the Creative Europe programme of the European Union and the Scottish Government

Relevant interventions



Further information

Adapting our culture toolkit, Embedded Artist Project Toolkit,

Cultural Adaptations worked with four cultural organizations across Europe to increase the overall resilience of cultural organizations in two ways: helping cultural organizations to develop a new service in contributing their creative skills and knowledge to societal climate change adaptation and helping them develop their own plans to adapt to the impacts of climate change.

Fig. 18. A workshop in Glasgow to discuss adaptation for culture. Credit: CCS/Cultural Adaptations.

Building an adaptation toolkit appropriate for cultural organizations The project identified that standard adaptation-planning approaches could be improved to reflect the issues facing cultural organizations, which needed a more sector-specific toolkit. A workshop in Glasgow to discuss the creation of a dedicated climate adaptation toolkit was attended by 20 local cultural organizations. Insights from workshop attendees highlighted key areas to focus on that were particularly relevant in supporting adaptation of cultural organizations. “Teamwork was key to the development of the toolkits. This activity further helped to create bonds between project participants as everyone inputted their ideas and took responsibility for contributing.” Lesley Anne Rose, Producer and Writer Collaboration of cultural and adaptation organizations through embedded artist projects Each cultural organization formed a partnership with a local government organization working on climate change adaptation and together they engaged an artist to help provide novel, creative, transformational ways to make the transition to an adapted future successful. The Embedded Artists applied their skills, knowledge, experience and creativity within the adaptation projects, not to create a work of art but to achieve the aims of their ‘adaptation partner’.


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