Glasgow City Region Adaptation Strategy - report

Intervention 5 Embed reflection, monitoring, evaluation and learning into adaptation action Aim: To foster a learning culture within Glasgow City Region that recognizes and uses various types of knowledge to increase the impact of our interventions and to enable citizens to hold organizations to account through a process of monitoring and evaluation. In addition, we want to build networks that further develop relationships with comparably vulnerable cities and regions around the world to exchange knowledge and learning, and to foster a learning culture within Glasgow City Region to accelerate the impact of the interventions we make. Background: Becoming a climate-ready City Region will not be easy or straightforward to implement. It will be a complex and messy process, and it is likely that in some cases we will not get things right the first time. It will also involve drawing on the different types of knowledge: academic, cultural, experiential. Fostering a culture which recognizes the value of this knowledge, as well as evaluation and reflection, will enable us to iteratively improve implementation. Businesses, community groups and public bodies have much to learn from others in the region and beyond. In particular, the many regions and countries around the world that are more vulnerable to climate impacts and are many years ahead in their adaptation approaches. The challenge: Leveraging different types of knowledge and learning and reflecting on our interventions will be crucial to ensure that we act, learn and improve our approaches. We also need to disclose and report our progress, so residents and communities can see progress and hold those responsible accountable. Disclosure will also provide confidence to businesses and investors that Glasgow City Region is continuing to implement leading climate action and will help us build partnerships with cities and regions around the world. As the host city region for COP26, we will take a leadership role in supporting international approaches to adaptation. Where we are now: Glasgow City Region already has links to cities and regions globally such as New York, Copenhagen and the Nouvelle Aquitaine and Andalucía regions in France and Spain, and these will be further strengthened. The use of learning and knowledge exchange is increasingly emphasized at the national level through the Adaptation Scotland programme, which Climate Ready Clyde continue to engage with, contributing our learning and seeking to learn from good practice being implemented across Scotland and internationally. Climate Ready Clyde also supports major public sector organizations to report progress as required by the Public Bodies Climate Change Duties.


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