Glasgow City Region Adaptation Strategy - report

Glasgow City Region Climate Adaptation Strategy and Action Plan

3.1 About the Action Plan Whilst the Strategy sets the direction for Glasgow City Region’s adaptation efforts, significant action on the ground is needed. This action will come from many organizations, businesses and communities. To support delivery of the Adaptation Strategy, Climate Ready Clyde partners, working in collaboration with others in Glasgow City Region have developed a Strategic Action Plan. The Strategic Action Plan comprises a series of 16 Flagship Actions, and wider contributions from those across Glasgow City Region. Its role in Glasgow City Region’s Adaptation Framework is set out below:

A Glasgow City Region that flourishes in a future climate

Vision to (2050)

3 Impact Areas


Guiding Principles

11 Interventions 42 Sub-interventions

Strategy (2030)

Broader City Region Contributions

16 Flagship Actions

Action Plan (2021–2025)

Fig.23. Action Plan within Glasgow City Region’s Adaptation Framework.

The Flagship Actions are intended as an early, initial package of interlinked cross-cutting, synergized actions, supporting a systems level approach to implement the Adaptation Strategy over the next five years. The actions are not enough on their own; as adaptation is about a social transformation, there will be gaps to fill in the years ahead. Instead, they are a signal; a statement of intent that from here on in, things will start to look and feel very different as a region. The process of developing the Action Plan has highlighted the need to broaden and involve new perspectives and actors. A systems approach, that looks to broader interconnections and complexity requires understanding the perspectives of many actors in the system and the governance arrangements around decisions. We are therefore taking a more inclusive approach – including the creative and cultural sectors to help build a groundswell of broader and more diverse voices and different ways of thinking, as well as the private sector, to bring economic factors in support of the transition. On Climate Ready Clyde’s invitation, we have received many contributions of new adaptation activities, plans and programmes that form the Action Plan and will help to deliver the Strategy over the coming five years. We would like to acknowledge and thank all organizations who have contributed so far. The range of contributors, and the scale of activities, demonstrates the collective commitment and intention across the region towards building climate resilience. These activities also fully support and complement the scale of ambition of the Flagship Actions.


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