Glasgow City Region Adaptation Strategy - report

Each Flagship Action helps to deliver multiple interventions in the Strategy and invite a wide cohort of actors – public, private, third sector and communities – to coalesce behind them. They are also aligned to ,ational policy ambitions, as set out in the National Performance Framework and SCCAP2. The Flagship Actions meet a range of different principles, namely: • Fair – Ensuring a level playing field for all those in the region facing climate risk • Enabling – Unlocking barriers and constraints, to enable action by others, or building shared regional capacity, bringing mutual benefit to many • Inclusive – Involving those affected in decisions • Just – Addressing existing inequalities and future social vulnerability • Accountable and transparent – Open to having progress monitored and scrutinized • Iterative and reflective – Ensuring learning and including an adaptive management approach sharing learning and insights • Collaborative – Working to achieve more than the sum of its parts • Beyond business as usual – Part of creating a step change in adaptation action in Scotland A hallmark of the Flagship Actions is the way in which they will be shaped and delivered by working together. They are all at different stages of maturity and momentum, and the Climate Ready Clyde Secretariat will play an enabling role, fostering the initial process but encouraging actors to own and grow the actions, deciding together on the best way to take them forward. They have not yet been agreed with all of the key partners identified, but collective involvement will be crucial to success. The Climate Ready Clyde Secretariat will reflect and share success stories to increase momentum and accelerate action, as well as commissioning independent assessments of regional progress. The detail of this is set out in the section ‘Making it happen’. Whilst such scrutiny is important for long-term success, it is imperative that approaches are owned and developed within the region, with mechanisms that encourage effective participation and engagement. We believe an empowering, distributed approach to governance of these actions – allowing actors to decide and agree themselves on governance and accountability – offers the best opportunity to ensure action can become self-sustaining in the years ahead. Our first cohort of Flagship Actions reflect the interest, energy and commitment from those already engaged in adaptation in Glasgow City Region. They are the beginning, not the end. Climate Ready Clyde’s members are committed to revise and expand the Flagship Actions in the years ahead and indeed new, and very different Flagship Actions.


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