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B u s i . The Bible Fa^|y»Magaziive F orever , 0 L ord , T hy W ord i s S ettled

I n H eaven PSALM 119 :89



|----- ------------ —----------------------- —-------— |-----1 NO. 2 m mhi « mfwinm winviiijrO FEBRUARY, 1924 ^ imninirMinimi limit m miwii«i|gj7

LEADING ARTICLES IN TH IS ISSUE Absalom S tealing the H earts of Israel..,................... ....................Rev. J. F rank Norris The Birth From Above.................. ........ .Dr. A. C. Dixon T he Conflict of th e A ges ................Dr. Frederic W. F a rr No Comprom ise.................................Dr. A r th u r H. C a rter The Bible and Experience.................. ...Prof. H. E. Dana The Possibilities of God ................. ........Dr. A. T . Pierson LOOKING FORWARD TO MARCH “Pulpit, Pew and Company” ............. ............. Dr. Mark A. Matthews Jesus Christ, the Great Advertisement..................Joseph A. Richards An Age of Bible Study................ ........... .....Dr, David James Burrell Is the Bible a Pious Fraud ?...................... Pastor A. Reilly Copeland How to Study the Bible........................................... Dr. W. J. Erdman Why We Cannot Keep Still....... ........................ Dr. John M. Maclnnis

The WrittenWord Q Inseparable Q The Living Word THY WORD IS TRUTH john - i 7- i 7 I AM TH E TRU TH jo h n -14-6

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A Statement of Doctrine, Embodying the Historic Evangelical Faith, is in the Deed to Our Property, which Gives Assurance that our Fundamental Position can Never be Changed. For Further Information Address T. C. HORTON, Superintendent Bible Institute of Los Angeles 536-558 S. Hope St., Los Angeles, Calif.

T he K in g ’ s B u s in e s s M otto: “ I, th e L ord, do k eep it; I will w a te r it every m om ent: lest an y h u rt it, I w ill keep it day a n d n ig h t.” Isaiah 2 7 :3 . PUBLISHED MONTHLY BY AND REPRESENTING THE BIBLE INSTITUTE OF LOS ANGELES.

T. C. HORTON, Editor-in-Chief H. RICHARDS, Business M anager CONTRIBUTORS DR. J . FRANK NORRIS






stan ds for the Infallible W ord of God, and for its great, fundam ental doctrines. ITS PURPO SE is to strengthen the faith of all believers, in all the w orld; to stir their hearts to engage in definite Christian w ork; to acquaint the ua rl1d work the Bible Institute of L o s A ngeles; and to work in harmony and fellowship with them in m agnifying the person and work of our Lord Je su s Christ, and thus hasten H is com ing. m agiiuym g Volume XV February, 1924 Number 2 Table of Contents Editorials Page

Reason vs. Revelation,..................................................................................... 67 Prophecy of Ecclesiastical Policy.................................................................. 67 Blind Blasphemers ......................................... 68 To Rescue or Ruin...................................................................... 68 The P reacher as a P rophet...................................................... ...........................69 Contributed Articles The Birth from Above— Dr. A. C. Dixon.................... ............................... 70 Absalom Stealing the Hearts of Israel— Rev. J. F rank Norris........ 71 The Conflict of the Ages— Dr. Frederic W. -Farr................................'...... 72 Ye See the Day Approaching— Dr. F. B. Meyer....................................... 73 The Possibilities of God— Dr. A. T. Pierson................................. ........ 74 • The Bible and Experience— Prof. H. E. D ana................................... 75 No Compromise— Rev A rthu r H. C arter..................:............................... 76 The Eternal Octave— T. T. Holloway........................................................... 77 My Bible— T. C. H o rton .................................................................................. 78 Current Comment ........................ 60 The Family Circle............................................ ....................... .................. ......... 83 Our Young People........................L........................... ................................................. 84 The Children’s G arden .............................................................................. .................. 85 Pointers fo r Preachers and Teachers (Hom iletical H e lp s ).................... ......... 86 Bible Institute in Hunan Province, China................................. ....................... 88 Evangelistic Departm ent ...................... 91 Bible Institute Happenings (Particularly of interest to friends and stu d en ts).......................................................................... 94 Best Books __ ___...................... ;........ .............................. ._ __ 95 International Series of S. S. Lessons..,......................... .........................................I 96 The Whole Bible S. S. Lessons.................................................................................104 The Chosen People, the Land and the Book (Jewish News N o te s)...............1 15 Our Letter Box................................................................................................................. 1 ] 7


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AH I Wanted There is Money in This—GOOD Money There is something else in it, too: Something Better than Money Have I caught your eye? Then let me tell you a little story

A t a family gathering of the employees of the Bible Institute of Los Angeles recently (some 200 in number) for conference and prayer,— the Manager of our Printing Department,— a busy business man,— told us that he had that very day sold THE KING’S BUSI­ NESS IDEA to twelve men, each one of whom had agreed to go out and sell THE KING’S BUSINESS IDEA to three other people. The telling of this incident provoked an unusual interest and suggested a proposition which is well worth passing on to the larger family* circle of KING’S BUSINESS readers. WE WANT YOU TO SELL SUBSCRIPTIONS TO T H E K I N G ’ S B U S I N E S S . No limit to the number— one or a hundred — bu t suppose you undertake to sell three: The method is simple. Take your copy of the magazine and confront your prospect. Show them the covers. Call attention to its con­ tents. A wonderful Bible Family Magazine— something for old and young -—should be in every Christian home, and non-Christian, too, if possible. This experience will be novel to you, perhaps, and will give you a real thrill. Remember — you are selling something. Don’t take “ No” for an answer. You are conferring a favor because you are selling an article of real merit. When you have closed your deed, seek to get every customer interested in becoming a salesman in turn. There will be lots of fun and money in it. We get the money and You get the fun. We surely have ten thousand subscribers a t least who can do this. Will YOU do it for your Lord ? The magazine is published at a loss at $1.25, bu t we are doing business for Him, — so our loss is His gain. B U T if you will carry out this plan it will increase our subscription list to a point where we will be able to obtain enough first-class advertisements to help defray the cost of publication.

Now we have laid our cards on the table. Our great and growing work calls fo r your help. All you have to do is to S E L L the Magazine, send us the names, addresses and subscription price, and we will send our hearty thanks and commend you to God. Who Will Be The FIRST?

T H E K I N G ’S B U S I N E S S


REASON VS. REVELATION Mr. Pace has' given us a splendid cartoon. It rings absolutely true to fact. It is a world-wide picture and a sad picture of the human heart in its attitude to­ ward the authority of God and His holy Word. Do you want to visualize the jury from the Word of God? Then commence with Mr. Preconceived Opin­

A PROPHECY OF ECCLESIASTICAL POLICY Fifty years of intimate acquaintance with the in­ side workings of the evangelical churches should af­ ford one an opportunity to size up the ecclesiastical situation, and, perchance, make a prediction. At any rate, we will risk it and permit you who are interested in church politics to keep your eyes open and judge for

ion, and think of Gain with his self- established mode of w o r s h i p (Gen. 4: 3-8). Mr. Pomp— Belshazzar (Dan. 6: 17-30). Mr. Pugnac­ ity —Goliath (1 Sam­ uel, 17). Mr. Pre­ tence —Judas Iscar­ iot (Matt. 26:48). Mr. Prevarication— Ananias (Acts 5 :1- 5). Mr. Poltroon— Pilate (John 19:1- 16). Mr. Prejudice Sanballat (Neh. 6: 1-14). Mr. Priggish —Absalom (2 Sam. 15:1-6). Mr. Pollu­ t i o n —Herod (Acts 12:20-23). Mr. Pique —King Saul (1 Sam­ uel 18:5-9). Mr. Pas­ sion —H a m a n (Es­ ther 3:5). Mr. Pride —Nebuchadne z z a r (Daniel 3:1). There is but one great Judge Reason

yourself as to its cor­ rectness. Experience is a great teacher, and we are willing to be taught. What, think you, is the program of the Modernists in t h e evangelical c amp ? What are their plans f o r t h e f u t u r e ? What preparation is being made for the various gatherings of delegates which will take place next s p r i n g ? Do you think they are wait­ ing until the next Conference, Assem­ bly, etc., shall con­ vene b e f o r e they take any action? If you do, you are mis­ taken. In all proba­ bility the men whom the Modernists in­ tend to elect have al­ ready been chosen and will be f u l l y

and that is his majesty, the devil. He possesses the mind of every enemy of God’s Word. He presides in pulpits and seats of learning,' and his jury—as above named—gives the verdict against the truth every time. “The carnal mind is enmity against God, for it is not subject to the law of God neither indeed, can be. So, then, they that are in the flesh, cannot please God.” (Rom. 8:7, 8). But there is another mind—the mind of Christ— and we are commanded to be like-minded one toward another, according to Christ Jesus, that we may with one mind and one mouth glorify God, even the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ. We have the Book. It has been given to us at a great price. We can test it. We can prove it. And we should test and prove it, so that—if necessary—with the Book in our hand we can face and fight every enemy of our Lord, with the calm consciousness that even the gates of hell cannot prevail against us.

coached and at work so that their ticket wjll carry. You know how wisely they will proceed, don’t you? Will the Fundamentalists, the men who Stand four­ square for the whole Bible and the Virgin Birth, have any show? Not much, if the Modernists can help it. They will vote for a few conservative men just to show how condescending they are,—and especially will they vote for those conservatives who do not like to and will not fight. They will preserve an outward attitude of brotherly love, but in their hearts will be a determined purpose to protect the deniers of God’s Word. Their game is for control, for position, for funds, for power. These political leaders are on the job twelve months in the year. But how about the dear fellows who hold the Word of God'in their hands and in their hearts and rejoice in its infallible truths? They naturally despise the political game, and quietly submit to the rule of the enemy.

T H E K I N G ’ S B U S I N E S S


Did Christ fight these ecclesiastical politicians ? Yes, He did, and paid the price with His own blood. Did the apostles fight them? Yes, they did, and laid down their lives for the faith. Is it worth while for believers in the infallible Word of God today to fight those who deny it ? Look into the faces of your children! Look into the faces of the hungry-hearted men and women who will never get any Bread from Heaven from the Modernists! Look into the faces of the martyrs who shed their blood that we might have the Word of God! Look into the face of our Lord who loves us' and for His sake and for His glory let us do our part, prac­ tically and persistently. The enemy is awake and on the job. Let us meet him, fully armed, with .God’s armor' and God’s Word! ' BLIND BLASPHEMERS We are accused sometimes of being too harsh. We do not want to be unkind towards anybody. Our de­ sire is to help, everybody we can. We do, however, want to have the courage of our convictions when it comes to the blasphemers who lay their unholy hands upon our Lord Je'sus Christ. “ Blaspheme—to speak in an impious or irreverent manner of God or sacred things’’ (Standard Diction­ ary). In The Presbyterian of September 20, 1923, we find the following (speaking of the Modernists): “ Rev. Dr! Henry Sloane Coffin, of New York,, says (L u th ­ era n Chu rch ;H erald ): *1. T h e B ib le is n o t w ith o u t e rro r. I t is th e W o rd of God o n ly in so f a r a s i t a cco rd s w ith th e W o rd m ade, flesh in C h rist.’ ‘2. I do n o t k n o w h ow o u r L o rd w a s bo rn , a n d I c e rta in ly r e ­ fu se to te a c h th e v irg in b ir th a s e s s e n tia l d o c trin e .’ . ‘3. C h rist d ied fo r o u r sin s, b u t no sin g le in te r p re ta tio n of f h a p r A o q t o a d P H i i n t p 1 ‘4. D e a th did n o t c o n q u er C h rist, b u t th e S c rip tu re s do n o t te a c h a p h y sic a l re s u rre c tio n .’ ' ‘5. J e s u s d id n o t c o n sid e r f a ith in H is m ira c le s e s se n tia l. “Rev. Dr. L. Mason Clarke, of Brooklyn, enum erates, the five points: (1) The inerrancy of the Scripture; (2) The virgin b irth of our Lord; (3) A p articu lar theory of the atonem ent; (4) The physical resurrection of Christ from the grave; (5) The reality and genuineness of the miracles attrib u ted to Jesus. He then says (The Christian Regis­ te r) : ‘You see t h a t th e lis t is h e a d e d w ith a fa ls e p ro p o sitio n w h ich , if once g ra n te d , c a rrie s a ll th e o th e rs w ith it. B u t th e S c rip tu re s a re n o t in e r r a n t a n d n e v e r w ere. T h e A ssem b ly in th is fo o lish p ro n o u n c em e n t a r ra y s its e lf a g a in s t th e r e s u lts o r B ib lical sc h o la rsh ip th a t a re a s a s s u re d a s is th e la w of g ra v ita tio n . No e c c le s ia stic a l body on e a r th can e v e r su cceed in im p o sin g th is p re p o ste ro u s claim on th e m in d of th is ag e. T h e id ea of a n in fa llib le B ib le is a h u m a n in v e n tio n . I t cam e in w ith th e R e fo rm a tio n , n o t w ith -C h ris tia n ity . I t is n o t f u n ­ d a m e n ta l to th e G ospel, a n d n e v e r w as. I t is n o t e s s e n tia l or n e c e s sa ry to p re a c h in g th e G ospel in th e P re s b y te ria n C hurch. M ore th a n th is, th e G en eral A ssem b ly h a d i^o c o n s titu tio n a l r ig h t o r a u th o r ity to m a k e a n y su c h d e liv e ra n c e . In e n tire fra n k n e s s , I m u st sa y to yo u th a t I do n o t a c c e p t o r b eliev e a n y one of th e s e five p o in ts.’ ” (T h en he, also , d en ies, th e V irg in B irth . E d .) “ Rev. Dr. Henry Van Dyke says (Presbyterian Ad­ vance) : ‘The curious thing about these five dogmas is th a t one is non-essential, and th ree are certainly anti-Scriptural. The doctrine of the Virgin B irth, in which I believe w ithout question, .is no t essential, ****The doctrine of the iner­ rancy of the Scriptures on all subjects is no t ta u g h t in the Bible, but inferentially contradicted. ***The dogma th a t the wonderful works of Christ were w rought by His own omnipotence is not Scriptural. ***Finally, the dogma th a t Christ’s resurrection was entirely unchanged from the body buried in th e tomb is un scrip tu ral.” ’ “ Rev. Dr. G. B. Stewart, President of Auburn Semi­ nary, says'(The Chapel Bell, of Auburn Seminary): ‘The tendency in some recent Assemblies to set up ex- tra-Confessional tests, notably th e Assemblies of 1910, 1916 and the last, should have no endorsement from those

Auburn men who have imbibed th e Auburn sp irit.’ ( “The Auburn sp irit” suggests th a t sp irit which comes from th e place of burning— th a t old deceiver, th e devil). These men blaspheme the Bible and they blaspheme Jesus Christ. We hold both as sacred These men are representative of the men everywhere who, in the garb of ministers of the Gospel, are denying the Written and the Living Word of God; are robbing the church of its Bible and its Lord; robbing the country of its only safeguard against the criminal class and the Bolshe­ vists ; robbing the world of its only Saviour and Lord; and robbing God the Father, God the_Son and God the Holy Spirit, of their glory. These men are planning to destroy the structure of the Presbyterian church and will be ready to gloat over its ruin. They wear the livery of Heaven but, serve their Master, Satan. There is no more contemp­ tible game under Heaven that any man can play than this unholy game. They take the gifts of God’s people with which to clothe and feed their bodies, while with their mouths they utter oily speeches as did Absalom at the gate. All they have and are they owe to the Bible, the church, and the country which was built upon the Bible.. The attitude of these men is sanctimonious, sacrileg­ ious and unholy. It provokes righteous indignation. But there is a silly, sentimental attitude upon the part of spme real Christians who are afraid to speak out their convictions lest they should hurt the feelings of these religious pirates. Bless your heart, brother believer, any man who can publicly proclaim your Lord to be a bastard, is unfit to fill a-pulpit. He belongs in the penitentiary'. Pray for him, certainly, hut don’t let him prey upon you. Have sorrow for him, yes by all means, but shed your tears for the poor, benighted flock which he is leading to hell. .. .AIA. H i TO RESCUE OR RUIN A Japanese daily paper, “ The Yorodzu,” has said: “ It the power of America to rescue the world, or to lead it to ruin.” This is a strong and strange statement from a source that hut a few years ago was looked upon as our deadly enemy. If the statement is true, it is a solemn truth, and one which should arouse America to con­ front the task. But America has her own problems, and they are far more serious than the world nations recognize. America has become infected with the same insidious disease that pervades the other nations,— ANARCHY —a distaste for and dirsegard for all authority—a disease which is developing with great rapidity and bids fair to become universal throughout our land. America has a task to perform which is tremendous in hulk nnd bewildering in variety. She must come hack to the foundation principles upon which she was builded. She must bow to the Book whose practical precepts are alone sufficient to secure success. She must yield her stubborn will to the Supreme will of the Divine Ruler or she will not be able to rescue herself from the ruin that confronts her. She must turn aside from the sentimental attitude she has assumed and remember that pride goeth before a fall, and that a slipping from her moorings predicts a fall that will he great.

Millions are Waiting for the Ministry of Christian Workers (Page 77)

T H E K I N G ’.S B U S I N E S S


THE PREACHER AS A PROPHET “ The United Presbyterian” has a very suggestive article on the subject of “ The Minister as a Prophet” in which, among other things, it says: “There are THREE CLASSES OF MINISTERS; th e first, those who live in th e heavy a ir of stuffy lib raries commun­ ing w ith men who are dead w ith th e issues and thoughts of a d istan t past, when creeds were b u ilt and religious though ts took form . T heir teaching is detached from cur­

vision, and the only basis for a preacher-prophet is the Word of God and world events as they verify the Word predictions. The predictions of God’s Word cannot be changed. All efforts to make them void have failed and will fail. These predictions stand rock-ribbed in the midst of the turmoil of nations, staggering under the weight of increasing debt and ceaseless unrest. Hundreds of solutions have been offered, but none of them work. Why? Because not one of them is founded on the basis of fact, but of fancy, and the

re n t life; no voices speak to them out of th e world’s pres­ en t un rest, and as a resu lt, T H E Y H A V E NO GOS­ PEL to give to a world th a t is tra ­ vailing to b r i n g some ideal of ju s­ tice, o r overthrow some hoary wrong. THE S E C O N D CLASS lives a t th e o ther e x t r e m e . They are engrossed in th e problem s of today. They a r e acquainted w i t h every movement of society about them . Their finger is up ­ on th e p u l s e of present., life., and they feel its every t h r o b , b u t they have no tim e to commune w ith God and study th e deep­ er teachings of His Word. They do n o t ta k e tim e to know God; t h e r e f o r e , they have no mes­ sage from H im for th e age in which they are so deeply interested. In THE THIRD CLASS is th e p ro­ phet. In a sense he combines th e char­ acteristics of th e o th er two. He sees all th a t they see and knows how to

'main fact which is overlooked is the fact that men have a n a t u r e which is opposed to God and op­ posed to right­ eousness, and no power can cure or change it. A new nature mu s t be t h e foundation for a r a t i o n a l national building, and t h e Bo o k rings true to fact when it predicts present conditions as they pass be­ fore our vision to­ day in every na­ tion on the earth. But .the Book

M I L T O N S T E W A R T Departed to be w ith his Lord November 20, 1923. Jtt iKnnonam

Opposite th e editorial page in the November issue of The K ing’s Business appeared the photograph of Mr. Milton Stew art (b ro th er of Mr. Lyman S tew art), tog ether w ith a few words con­ cerning him and his service for God in th is and other lands. On September 28, 1923, Mr, Lyman S tew art (P residen t of the Bible In stitu te of Los Angeles) fell asleep, and his photograph appeared in the December number. At th e tim e of Mr. Lyman S tew art’s home-going, Mr. Milton Stew art was so ill th a t it was not deemed advisable to inform him of th e event, and on Novem­ ber 20, he followed his b ro ther into, the glory land. Mr. Milton Stew art was an outstanding example of what a Christian layman can be and do for God. Quietly, unobtrusively, he m inistered his funds in a wise manner. He was in h earty fellowship w ith the Bible In stitu te of Los Angeles* and a generous contributor to the erection of the In stitu te buildings in Los Angeles, as well as those of the Hunan Bible In stitu te in China, the adm in istrayon building th ere being known as “Milton S tew art H all.” He also supported several of the colportage bands in connection w ith the boat work of - the Hunan Bible In stitu te. His h ea rt was, however, drawn out in a special manner to th e foreign field and he comm itted a large fund to a trustee, Mr. W. E. Blackstone, who, together w ith an Advisory Committee of th ree other men, has adm inistered this fund to th e leading evangelical Mission Boards, including Presbyterian, Methodist, Baptist and many of th e “F aith Missions,” such as th e China Inland Mission and others, thus enabling them to do a g reat deal of evangelistic work which would not have been otherw ise pos­ sible. He was very wise in insisting th a t th is money should go only to those m issionaries who professed to be staunch believers in th e fundam ental doctrines of God’s Word, and we cannot but rejoice th at, as far _as possible, it has been used along definite lines, bringing definite results. These two b ro thers were united in h ea rt and life for a much longer period th an is allotted to most men (Mr. Milton Stewart being 85 years of age and Mr. Lyman Stewart, 83). It is not often th a t two brothers, living in fellowship w ith th eir Lord and w ith each other, drawn, out into giving so largely of th e ir time and means in obedience to our Lord’s command “Give the Gospel to all people," should be so nearly united in being called to the well-earned rest which God has promised to those who love and serve Him. Their lives are a testim ony to the grace and goodness of God, and th e ir entrance into th e heavenly home was abundant.

a l s o predicts a c omi n g change, not wrought by the plans of men, but by the Prince of Peace and Po­ wer who w i l l take the sceptre. Wh a t , t he n ? Shall we sit and w a i t ? No, we cannot. We have our orders from H e a d q u arters: Truth it in love to all people, and hasten the day of His r i g h t e o u s reign so clearly d e f i n e d in the Book! A ll the problems of life have their solu­ tion in God’s Word, and the remedy is always pos­ sible of practical application in every age. Pity the preacher if he be not a prophet-preacher, with the unchangeable Word in his hands1and on his lips. FINE YOUNG MEN AND WOMEN ARE DEDICATING THEIR LIVES FOR THE SPREAD OF THE GOSPEL (Page 77)

bring th e messages which he receives from God in to th e hum an life of th e generation and th e day in which he lives. He is in te rp re te r and sees th e sp iritu al bearings of these g re a t movements, and can b ring a message of hope and guidance from God to th e people to rn by doubt, unbiased by self-interest. The GOSPEL HAS THE ONLY REMEDY fo r th e ills of th e world, and th e p rophet of God is th e in ­ te rp re te r of th a t Gospel to man. He has a message, too, for those souls who have lo st th e ir way am id th e strain and w rench of w arring interests, and speaks to th e ir h ea rts.” The prophet must have a basis for his prophetic


T H E K I N G ’S B U S I N E S S

The Birth from Abo\)e By Dr. A. C. Dixon P asto r of University B ap tist Church, Baltimore, Maryland. “M a r v e l n o t t h a t 1 s a id u n t o t h e e , Y e m u s t b e b o r n f r om a b o v e .” J o h n 3 :7 . “A s M o s e s l i f t e d u p t h e s e r p e n t in t h e w i ld e r n e s s , e v e n s o m u s t t h e S o n o f M an b e l i f t e d u p , t h a t w h o s o e v e r b e l i e v e t h m a y in H im h a v e e t e r n a l l i f e . ” J o h n 3 :1 4 , 1 5 . “H e t h a t b e l i e v e t h o n t h e S o n h a t h e t e r n a l l i f e ; b u t h e t h a t o b e y e t h n o t t h e S o n s h a l l n o t s e e l i f e , b u t t h e w r a t h o f G od a b id e t h o n h im .” J o h n 3 :3 6 .

children back to th e wigwam in th e woods away from the corrupti g influences of city life; and I m ust confess th a t his plea was so convincing I felt like going w ith him. It is certain th a t the civilization of to-day is n o t saving the world. It does not produce b irth from above, bu t rath e r infests w ith a death from beneath. “Nicodemus, religious and civilized as you are, you m ust be bom a g a in !” The new b irth is Not Education. Nicodemus was, beyond doubt, as a member of th e Jewish Sanhedrin, a man of culture. Though “ knowledge is pow­ e r,” th ere is only one kind of knowledge th a t has power to save th e soul and th a t is the knowledge of God in Christ. Unless we know Him, who is the B right and Morning Star, all knowledge of the sta rry heavens will leave us as cold as th e arctic regions w ith th è sta rs shining upon them . Un­ less we know th e “Rock of Ages,” all knowledge of the rocks will leave us as hard as the granite. Unless we know Him, who is love, our knowledge of philosophy will make us self-sufficient and vain-glorious. Unless we know th e g reat central fact of all time, th e incarnation of God in Christ, our knowledge of history will not transform our charac­ ters .nor fill our lives w ith self-sacrificing m inistries. “Yes, Nicodemus, religious, civilized, learned as you are, you m u st be born ag ain !” The new b irth is Not Morality. Nicodemus was evidently a moral man. If he had not been, he could not have been a member of the Sanhedrin. So far as we know, he was living in rig h t relation w ith every­ body around him. Morality is rig h t relation w ith people. Spirituality is rig h t relation w ith God. We may be in rig h t relation w ith our fam ilies, our neighbors, and y et in wrong relation w ith God. Getting rig h t w ith people does not make us rig h t w ith God, though getting rig h t w ith God will, sooner or later, bring us into rig h t relation w ith all people. “Nicodemus, religious, civilized, educated and moral as you are, you m u st be bom ag ain !” The new b irth is Not Accepting Christ as a G reat Teacher. Nicodemus said: “We know th a t Thou a rt a teacher come from God.” Mr. Ott, in his charm ing book, “The F ifth Gospel,” declares th a t Nicodemus was one of a committee, perhaps a comm ittee of one, appointed by th e Jew ish San­ hedrin to propose to Christ th a t, if He would w ithdraw His claim of Deity, they would accept Him as a teacher w ith divine credentials. But Jesus refuses on the ground th a t suah a denial of Hi's sup ern atu ral being would make it im- pos'sible for Him to give to Nicodemus and all others what they need most, th e b irth from above. Nicodemus, in order to experience th is b irth from above, you must believe in Him who came from above. (Continued on Page 118)

HE How of everything is mysterious, while the Why is plain enough. I cannot tell How fire burns or wheat grows, bu t I can tell Why, if the world is to be heated, lighted and fed. So th e How of the new b irth is mysterious like the wind, bu t the Why— the Must Be— is plain enough, if we are to be prepared for th e place which Christ is preparing for us. Nicodemus—marvel a t th e How as much as you please for you can no more explain it than, you can explain the source of the w ind; bu t do no t marvel a t the Why— the Must Be— for th a t is evident to every one who, in thinking clearly, sees th e necessity of preparing people for a pre­ pared place. There m ust be a correspondence of character With holy environm ent if th ere is to be happiness. This new b irth is . Not Getting Religion. Nicodemus was already an intensely religious man. He fasted, gave tith es and prayed w ith conscientious regularity. Indeed, a ll m en are religious. It was once th o u g h t th a t the aborigines of A ustralia were w ithout religious instincts, h u t it was a m istake. They, too, have th e ir worship. We are born religious. The m a tte r w ith pagan lands to-day is th eir religion. Next to sin, religion has done more to damn the world th an anything else in it. It drags th e African down below the rep tile he worships. It tu rn s Hindoo temples into houses of prostitution. Even in Christendom it satis­ fies people w ith architecture, stained glass windows, elo­ quent o rato ry and classical music, w ithout any atonem ent for sin, and then makes them com fortable in luxurious and lu stfu l living. Religion needs to be saved by th e grace of God in Christ. I t takes th e touch of His cleansing blood to purify the re­ ligious n atu re and make it look up while it lifts up. R e­ ligion, left alone, degrades more th a n it elevates. “Nicodemus,” said Jesus, “religious as you are, you m u st be bom ag ain !” The new b irth is Not Civilization. Nicodemus was a highly civilized man. He was far re­ moved from savagery. And civilization is a good thing. We though t more of it a few years ago th an we do now, because civilization of a very high type plunged th is world into the abyss of w ar and carried it on afte r a m anner dis­ graceful even to savages. I t has been proved th a t civiliza­ tion may he a veneer which covers most revolting corrup­ tions. I heard an American Indian lecture for an hour on th e advantages of savage life in the open air over civilized life in crowded cities, pleading for th e privilege of tak ing his


T H E K I N G ’S B U S I N E S S

Absalom Stealing the Hearts of Israel By Rev. J . F ra n k Norris P asto r F irs t B ap tist Church, F t. W orth, Texas

and girls, our young men and young women, fresh from th e fam ily altar, where the Bible is read and revered, and te a r th e ir virgin faith to shreds by raising all kinds of dark arid insinuating questions, w ith ambiguous phrases and subtle suggestions. They p u t out th e strugg ling ligh t of hope and faith and plunge th e ir studen ts into ou ter d ark ­ ness. But when these same professors are called upon to come out in th e open and face men who know th e ir treach ­ ery, who know th eir methods, who know th e ir insinuations, they flee like lightning-bugs before the rising sun. THIRD,— they have form ed a powerful conspiracy. The god of th is age is th e god of wealth of th is world, th e god of the political force's of this hour, the god of th e wisdom of th is age, and we face a powerful conspiracy. We behold th e little struggling denom inational college selling its b irth rig h t for a mess of Mr. Rockefeller’s pottage. We see th e one-time orthodox school, th e little college th a t once made ch aracter, now “ standardized” and accepting in toto and w ithou t question, th e plan, program and curriculum of Chicago University. The various evangelical denom ina­ tions are sharpening •th eir axes on th e grindstones of the Philistines. It is a world-wide conspiracy. Recently we have had th e spectacle of th e W orld’s B aptist Alliance,—much to commend it. W onderful and gracious for b reth ren of like faith and order from all over th e earth to meet together in common fellowship. But “Be ye no t unequally yoked together w ith unbelievers: for w hat fellowship h ath rig h t­ eousness w ith unrighteousness? and w hat communion hath ligh t w ith darkness? And w hat concord h ath Christ with Belial? or w hat p a rt h ath he th a t believeth w ith an in­ fidel?” We w itness th e main spokesman, th e genius, .the rea l founder, th e man who has been the Executive Secre­ ta ry and who still is th e European Executive Secretary, unanimously elected again a t Stockholm, a man who stand s for everything th a t Fundam en tal Baptists oppose. In his book, “The Churches a t the Cross-Roads” he advo­ cates th e following: F irst, Open church membership. Second, Union of all denom inations. Third, Union of the united denom inations w ith the church of England. ■ . - F ou rth , He advocates ordination of B aptist preachers at th e hands of the Episcopal church. F ifth , He endorses Roman Catholicism in th e following words: “T h e C a th o lic a n d th e P u r ita n a r e c o m p le m e n ta ry to each o th e r. T h ey n eed ea e h o th e r fo r fu ll-o rb e d f a ith a n d o rd er. L e t m e tr y to in d ic a te th e eh ie f p o in ts o f d ifferen ce. Of co u rse, I am s p e a k in g g e n e ra lly a n d w ith o .u t th e q u a lific a tio n s W hich e x a c t d efin itio n w o u ld re q u ire . T o m e, th e g r e a te s t th in g a b o u t th e C a th o lic C h u rch is th a t i t h a s k e p t th e fa ith . In a ll its lo n g h isto ry , it h a s n e v e r w a v e re d o r w e a k e n e d b efo re its foes. I t h a s n e v e r tr ie d to m a k e te rm s w ith th e w orld, by g iv in g u p a n y p a r t o f th e d e p o sit of fa ith . A t its h e a r t you find th e G ospel.”— P a g e 172. Our orthodox b reth ren , certain Southern b reth ren in­ cluded, entered into th e conspiracy, th e plan, the political agreem ent to vote for Dr. Shakespeare for re-election, pro­ vided th e ir man was elected president. This arrangem ent, this agrém ent, th is Tammany H all conspiracy, took place in th e parlo r of a hotel a t Stockholm, Sweden. Is th ere any wonder then, th a t m ultiplied thousands of God-fearing men and women have ventured to raise a ques- (Gontinued on Page 120)

| HE darkest and most tragic picture in th e Old Testam ent is th a t of th e treason and rebellion of Absalom against his fa th e r’s throne. There are several distinct and sep arate steps, or stages, in his treachery and rebellion: F irst, “Absalom stole th e h earts of th e men of Israel.” Second, “Absalom sent spies throughout' all the tribes of Israel.” Third, “Absalom sent for Ahithophel * * * And the conspiracy was strong .” F ou rth , “Absalom reigneth in Hebron.” F ifth , “Absalom met the servants of David.” This Old T estam ent tragedy is only equalled and p aral­ leled by th e treach ery of Jud as Iscariot in th e New T esta­ ment. The enemies, those who have done th e most harm and h u rt to the tru th , are not on th e outside b u t on the inside. “Wounded in th e house of his friends” has ever been tru e, and will be tru e to the end of th e age. David was powerful enough, statesm an enough, general enough, leader enough, to defeat, overcome and subdue all the foes and enemies on th e outside of his kingdom. He could crush u tterly the m ighty Philistines and drive them before his conquering army like chaff before th e wind. But when his own son rose against him, an enemy w ithin the ranks, a tra ito r w ithin the fold, then we behold the m ighty David, the one who could slay bears and lions and Goliaths and k ings|#-w e behold him fleeing, bare-footed and head covered, across the valley of Jehosphaphat, fol­ lowed by his terrified servants and broken army. W hat a picture of Modernism,— its methods and its re­ sults! A generation ago the Bob Ingersolls were outside. Today, they are on the inside. They have been baptized, ordained, have string s of theological handles to th e ir names, teach in sem inaries and preach in our pulpits. They have accomplished th e ir work while th e tru ly orthodox have been asleep, or indifferent. They have come w ith fas­ cinating and pleasing voices of orthodoxy, b u t w ith the bloody and treacherous hands of infidelity. They have come w ith “ Hail, M aster!” on th e ir lips, bu t w ith th e price of p erju ry in th eir hands. They have come as angels of light, proclaim ing themselves the m inisters of righteous­ ness, bu t the direct representatives of Satan. FIRST,— they have stolen our schools, or they are in the act of it. Schools, colleges, universities and sem inaries th a t were once the G ibraltars of orthodoxy,— in stitu tion s th a t stood one hundred per cent for all th e fundam entals of the faith, are now th e citadels of th e enemy. Millions th a t were given w ith th e tears and prayers from th e saints of God in the generations gone by, to defend and contend for the faith , are now used to pay the salaries of men to destroy th e faith. Like Absalom, they possess pleasing personalities, and on th e surface, are blameless in th e ir lives. When chal­ lenged fo r th e rig h t shibboleth, they relate th e ir "Chris­ tia n experience” and demand th a t we pu t our faith in th eir experiences, ra th e r th a n in th e Word of God. SECOND,— they have sen t o u t th e ir spies. Their work is done under cover, or behind th e cu rtain of darkness. “ But while men slept, his enemy came and sowed tares among the wheat, and went his way.” They take our boys

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Tke Conflict of tke Ages Between th e Serpent and th e Seed of th e Woman By P a sto r F rederic W. F a rr Calvary B ap tist Church, Los Angeles, California, in “China’s M illions”

“T h e d r a g o n s t o o d b e f o r e t h e w o m a n . . . t o d e v o u r h e r c h ild .” — R e v e l a t i o n 1 3 :4 .

At a la ter tim e God revealed to David th a t th e Seed of th e woman and .the royal line of Ju d a h ’s kings should come th rough him. Then the enemy made repeated and persistent effort for its extinction. F irs t of all Jehoram slew all his b reth ren (2 Chron. 2 1 :4 ). Then the A rabians came and slew all his sons save the youngest (2 Chron. 2 2 :1 ). Then A ihaliah destroyed all the seed royal of th e house of Jud ah (2 Chron. 22 :10 ). A t least th is was her intention and the godly in Israel probably believed it true. W hat m ust th e ir feelings have been? One little baby was saved from the massacre (2 Chron. 22:11) unknown to all save his rescuer. The promise of God hung on the life of a single infant. Divine providence watched over him and eventually b rough t hjm to the throne. The slogan of his coronation is found in 2 Chron.’ 23:3, “As th e Lord h ath said.” In one of th e la ter books of the Old Testam ent a plot is described for the destruction of th e whole nation in a single day. (E sth er 3 :1 3 ). It narrow ly escaped being successful. Every preparation had been made. The decree had gone fo rth and the day was fixed. The conspiracy failed through a chain of causation starting- w ith an attack of insomnia on the p art of th e king. Who awakened him in th e m iddle of th e night? W hat a trifle it was (E sth er 6 :1 )! All ended in the hanging of “ the Jew s’ enemy” upon his own gibbet. In The New Testam ent In the New Testament th e long promised Seed appears. It-is possible th a t Satan was taken by surprise. Prophecy is designedly obscure, th a t evil men may not understand it and defeat the purpose of God. Having ascertained through Herod where Christ should be born and w hat time the sta r appeared, he supposed if he slew all the male chil­ dren in Bethlehem under two years of age, he would surely destroy the woman’s Seed. Everything seemed to favor th e plot. Imagine the resu lt if God had not again in ter­ fered! None bu t God knew of th is attem p t on the life of th e new-born King. The enemy was again defeated and the promise preserved. When th e Saviour began his m inistry a t N azareth, Satan tried to have him cast down headlong over th e precipice be­ hind th e town, bu t th e Lord passed unharm ed th rough the m idst of His attack ers and went His way unharm ed (Luke 4 :3 0 ). On two different occasions the Devil tried to drown the Saviour in the lake of Galilee. The first storm (Matt. 8: 23-27) was caused by an earthquake (seismos). The Mas­ te r rebuked first the fears of His disciples and then the storm . The second storm was caused by a sudden squall (Luke 8:22-25). They were in an open boat which was filled w ith w ater and were in g reat jeopardy. He rebuked th e storm first and then the disciples’ fears. In Gethsemane the attem p t of Satan to take th e Saviour’s life very nearly succeeded. When the life-blood oozes through the pores of the skin, th e end is very near. God sent an angel down to streng then and uphold Him until He could get to the cross. At length the crisis came and the bruising of the heel was perm itted upon th e cross. N either th e tim e nor th e oc­ casion was in the enemy’s hands. Satan probably though t (Continued on Page 123)

IHIS a ttitu d e on the p art of Satan shows p ersisten t I opposition to the purpose of God in human re- j demption. * The first th ree chapters of Genesis are th e seed plot of Scripture. The g reat doctrines of salvation may be found there in germ. Genesis 3:15 is called the protevan- gelium, th e first preaching of the Gospel. This passage declares th a t th e serpent should bruise th e heel of th e wo­ m an’s Seed, affecting Him in the least v ital p art. The Seed of the woman should crush the serpen t’s head, affecting him in th e most vital p art and accomplish his destruction. The sacred history records th e successive steps and stages of th is age-long conflict. In The Old Testam ent The first stage is seen in Genesis 6:11, 12. Satan sought to fru stra te the plan of God by ruining all mankind, but God intervened to save th e one fam ily th a t kept its purity. By faith Noah prepared an ark for the saving of his house and the attem p t of S atan came to nought. Another attem p t of Satan is seen in the history of Abra­ ham. Among the in teresting experiences of the p a tri­ arch ’s life, the two denials of Sarah are singled out and recorded because they were efforts of Satam to get rid of th e “Seed of th e woman” (Genesis 12 and 20). Divine in­ terposition was again necessary. God plagued Pharaoh and spoke to Abimelech in a dream . Satan was defeated. W hat would have become of the promised Seed had Ab­ rah am ’s wife become an inm ate of a royal harem? In Genesis 16, th ere came a tem ptation th rough Sarah to make Ishmael the seed, bu t (Gen. 17:19) God refused. In Genesis 41, a m ighty fam ine was created to destroy the en tire family. Divine foreknowledge anticipated the emer­ gency and provided for it, The selling of Joseph into Egypt seemed like th e successi of one of S atan ’s designs. Joseph explained its meaning a t a later tim e (Gen. 45:5 and 50: 20). It was to save much people alive. Another divine interference was necessary. "God-sent a man before them, even Joseph” (Psa. 105 :17 ). The book of Exodus chronicles th e D ragon's attem p t to get rid of the nation. P h araoh ’s policy was political bu t S ata n ’s design was to destroy all th e male children. Thus autom atically th e Seed of the woman would be cut" off. “ If it be a son, ye shall kill him ” (Ex. 1 :1 6 ). God acted upon the h earts of th e parents of Moses in such wise th a t they were not afraid of the king’s commandment and as a con­ sequence th e ir baby was saved. When P haraoh ’s daughter saw th e child in th e little cradle of rushes, a te ar glistened on its cheek. Her h ea rt was touched. T hat little tear brought about th e defeat of the enemy and th e preservation of the chosen nation. “Despise not th e day of small things” (1 Cor. 1 :28 ). At the Red Sea, S atan ’s opportunity seemed a t last to have come. They were “ entangled in th e land” (Ex. 14 :3 ). The sea was before them , iron w ar chariots behind them. They were helpless. Then came th e divine word, “The Lord shall fight for you.” Exodus 15:9 is what Satan inspired the Egyptians to say; verse 10 is the testimony of th e re ­ deemed people; “Thou didst blow w ith Thy wind, th e sea covered them .”


T H E K I N G ’S B U S I N E S S

“Ye See tke Day Approaching” By D r. F . B. Meyer in “P rophetic News and Israel’s W atchman”

struggles up tow ard the sunshine, so the hum an soul reaches out its lame hands and gropes tow ard th e E ternal, W ith full knowledge of th is instinctive craving, the wily enemy of souls has in all ages devised and enforced a spe­ cious religious system in which th e hum an priest, human authority, human rites and ceremonies, have been substi­ tu ted for Divine realities. Men have spent money for th a t which was not bread, and labour for th a t which satisfied not. This system culm inated in the Roman Pontiffs ana Babylon the Great. F o r many hundreds of years, and to th is day, the self-called successors of St. P eter have sa t in th e temple of God as God. Each of them , a t his inaugu ra­ tion, has taken his seat in God’s Church, upon God’s A ltar; and so sitting, has been adored of his fellows, who have fallen down before him and kissed his feet. In 1870 the crowning act of th is impious deification took "place in th e Vatican, when it was declared th a t ther oc­ cupant of the Papal chair is, in all his decisions w ith re­ gard to faith and morals, infallible. A rrangem ents, we are told, had been made to reflect a glory around th e person of the Pope, by méans of m irrors a t noon, whilst th e decree was being promulgated. But the. sun did not shine th a t day. The sky was darkened w ith tempest, and th e voices of the Council were lost in th e rolling of the thunder. Not only in th a t Church, bu t in other Churches, th ere has been, .and is, th e same tendency to forsake the early sim­ plicity and pu rity of th e Church, and to sub stitu te human conceptions and practices. These have veiled and almost hidden the beautiful face of her Lord. Division's, rival­ ries, sectarianism , and strife have covered the soil w ith th e ir noxious growth. Man-made systems of doctrine and polity have taken th e place ,of apostolic teachings and in­ stitutions. All th is is as wood, hay, stubble, which must be b u rn t up; and already th e re are symptoms th a t a purer, sim pler faith and practice are being created . Christendom is on the eve of judgm ent, no t unlike th a t which befell the Hebrew religion a t the fall of Jerusalem . We must not look for a reversion of th e past, bu t th e bring­ ing to view of deeper though ts of Christ and tru th . W hat­ ever is capable of being shaken will depart, bu t th a t which cannot be moved will be revealed. As the knowledge of God emerged from the Jew ish to th e Christian stage, so will it emerge from th e beggarly elements— as th e apostle calls them— into higher, nobler, and more sp iritual forms. III.—WORLDWIDE EVANGELIZATION IS ANOTHER SIGNIFICANT SIGN OF THE APPROACH OF THAT DAY., Our Lord laid it down th a t th e Gospel must be preached as a w itness unto all nations before the end would come. He never tau g h t us to expect world conversion, bu t th a t every land should be trodden by the beautiful feet of the messengers of peace, and th a t the Evangel should be de­ clared in every speech. W riting to the Colossians, St, P aul speaks of th e hope of the Gospel as having been preached unto every creature which is under heaven; and surely we are on th e eve of beipg able to say th a t men have now the chance of hearing in th e ir own tongue the wonderful works of God. The m issionary enterprises of th e Church, th e tran slation of the Scriptures into innumerable tongues, the various efforts which seek the direct salvation of men, th é seriousness of (Continued on Page 124)

EHOLD”— it is one of th e la st words of Old Tes­ tam en t prophecy— “th e day of the Lord cometh! It shall be one day, which is known unto the Lord; and it shall be in th a t day . . . .” «But”— it is one of the la st words of th e New Tes­ tam en t— “th e day of th e Lord will come as a th ief.” “ Of th a t day and hour knoweth no man,” said the Lord, whose day it is. We cannot fix th e exact hour when the sun will rise above th e rim of th e darkly-heaving ocean of hum an affairs, h u t we can watch the gathering ligh t on the horizon. To the w atcher for the dawn among th e high mountains, th e first symptom is th e rosy touch of th é dawn on the ligh t cirrus clouds or th e white vestured peaks; th en th e sky becomes drenched in purplé, and th e suc­ cessive summ its slowly kindle downwards. The heaven will often become as a canopy of scarlet be­ fore th e Bridegroom Himself appears, rejoicing as a strong man to run his daily race. So th ere are successive phases which bear w itness to His approach, who com eth.w ith the clouds of morning glory. L et us notice some of the signs th a t indicate the near approach of th a t Day. I. —THE EXTRAORDINARY EVENTS THAT ARE • CEN­ TERING ON PALESTINE. The fig-tree is th e acknowledged emblem of Israel. When our Lord, w ith an unwonted sternness in H is voice, said of th e barren fig-tree, beneath whose w ealth of foliage He searched in vain for fru it: “Let no fru it grow on thee henceforward for the re st of the age,” He foretold th e re­ jection of th e chosen race for th a t period, i. e., the whole lispensation which followed on the rejection of th e Messiah. But He foretold th a t one day her branch would become ten ­ der and would pu t fo rth leaves, and then th e summer would be nigh. And are th ere not signs th a t th e buds are begin­ ning 'to swell on the long-dried-up branches of th e Hebrew stock? The la st century w itnessed an extraordinary revolution in th e civil statu s of th e Jews. The bands were loosed from th e neck of th e daugh ter of Zion. H er children have risen to become th e bankers, statesmen, scholars, authors, and musicians of the world. Their numbers are increasing w ith th e ir w ealth and influence. To a very large extent they are able to control the money m arket, and therefo re the fortunes and destinies of th e world. Their a ttitu d e toward Christ is also manifestly softening. But to those who look for His appearing, th e evolution of the w ar is of the most sta rtlin g character. No studen t of Scripture can deny th a t th e whole trend of its teaching points to the re-establishm ent of God’s people in the land of th e ir fathers. It was given them by th e most solemn covenant, fo r ever. The repeated pledges of Jehovah to His friend, th e glowing predictions of th e prophets as they dip th eir brushes in the richest colors “th a t n atu ra l beauty or inspired im agination can supply, th e clear w itness of th e New Testament— all necessitate and demand th e ultim ate resto ration of the chosen people to th eir land. And hefore our eyes the way is being prepared. II. — THE WANING POWER OF ECCLESIASTICISM. Man is made for God, said th e g reat Augustine, and can­ not be a t rest ap art from Him. As a p lan t rooted in a courtyard, th e high walls of which exclude th e sun, still

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