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There aren’t many places in the country where you can begin your Thanksgiving by hopping on a boat in shorts and a T-shirt, but Naples is one of them, and I always take advantage of it! In fact, I’ve been looking forward to doing just that since this time last year. When my husband, John, and I moved to Florida from the Northeast, we started a brand-new Thanksgiving tradition to celebrate all the Sunshine State has to offer. On the morning of Thanksgiving, we invite all of my girlfriends and their husbands over for brunch before our families show up for the day’s big meal. We steam a bunch of lobsters in our kitchen, then everyone piles onto our boat — which we keep docked just behind our house — and we sail out onto the gorgeous blue water. Once we’re bobbing offshore, we drop anchor and break out the lobsters! Take my word for it: There’s nothing better than sipping a mimosa or bloody mary, cracking into a fresh lobster, and laughing with your best friends while you look out over the waves. The cleanup is easy, too, since we just drop our lobster shells back into the ocean! It’s one of my favorite get-togethers of the year and always makes me feel lucky to live in Naples. Of course, the rest of the day is just as precious to me because I get to see A Very Florida Thanksgiving TURKEY, LOBSTER, AND A DAY ON THE WATER

my family. This year, my brother, my sister, and her kids are flying down from North Carolina to visit us and share Thanksgiving, and I can’t wait to see them! My mom, who lives here in Florida, is coming over, too, and I’m particularly thankful to spend the holidays with her this year. In June, she was diagnosed with colon cancer, and, after a round of chemo and an operation to remove the tumor, she’s finally back on her feet. I’m so thankful we caught the cancer and she’s doing well. John and I plan to spoil her with all of the turkey and stuffing she can eat! What I really love about Thanksgiving is that, in my family at least, it’s devoid of the stress that can come with Christmas. There’s no mad scramble to buy the perfect gift or worry whether people will love what you got them. Instead, it’s a time for appreciating what you already have, eating good food, and spending the day with the people you love most. Usually, we have a leisurely meal on the patio (yes, really!) with two or three turkeys and John’s famous seafood stuffing. Even Black Friday can’t ratchet up my stress anymore — after years of owning carts and kiosks in the mall and dealing with the insane midnight rush of customers, I can finally enjoy both Thanksgiving and the day after without the obligation to go anywhere. Personally, I think the deals are just

as good in the week leading up to Christmas as they are on Black Friday — I’d rather get my beauty sleep! If you’re struggling with a cold Thanksgiving this year and thinking longingly of Florida waves and steamed lobsters (I wouldn’t blame you), give me and Vincent a call at 239-444-8298. We’d love to set you up with your very own waterfront getaway in Naples in time for a tropical New Year!

–Kimberly Alvord

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