American Heirlooms - November 2019




There is one thing that connects people from all over our community: food! This September, our shop’s craftsmen and their families were invited to our shop supper. We have hosted this meal on a regular basis in the past, but we haven’t had a group meal like this for the past two years. After hearing how much families enjoyed the gathering, we decided it was worth hosting again in 2019. Winfred and his father-in-law offered to cook the meal in their massive pot, steaming sausages, onions, carrots, regular and sweet potatoes, corn in the husk, and green peppers in one pot for hours. Fruit, cookies, and salads were awaiting the finished food product inside the shop as the nearly 60 hungry guests looked on at the feat happening before our very eyes. As the food steamed and boiled, we all waited anxiously to dig into the feast they were preparing for us.

The cooker we used to steam our entire meal for two hours!

Tables await hungry guests to enjoy their meal and a slideshow.

Desserts wait to be eaten. (These were not made in the cooker!)

There was even salad available for lighter options.

The crowd of guests watches as the food is taken out of the cooker.

The food is cooked and awaits hungry guests to dig in and enjoy the feast!

The two-hour wait while the food cooked in the pot was worth every bite.

Everything was so moist and juicy, and, while I had never eaten corn that was cooked in the husk before, I thought this style was a great way to prepare this common dish. It was so succulent. No one left our shop hungry on this day! After our meal was pulled out piping hot and ready to be devoured, guests gathered around tables in our workshop, and we all enjoyed a slideshow after mealtime entertainment. This presentation included

photos from the previous year and historical photos of our shop’s 35- year history. It was a simple, fun time to connect over memories and stories, and I know the families of our craftsmen enjoyed learning more about what they do on a daily basis. All it took was a little creative food genius and some shop talk to once again unite our families. –Ethan Zimmerman

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