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June/July 2020

Fancy Fridays The Importance of Finding the Fun Since the shelter-in-place order went into effect, it’s pretty common for the days to feel like they blend together. While our office has still been operating through the pandemic, I’ve noticed how Fridays feel like Saturdays, which feel like Tuesdays. This is why I was pretty excited when a patient told me about Fancy Fridays. The idea behind Fancy Fridays is pretty simple. Since my patient and his wife couldn’t go out to eat due to the closure of restaurant dining rooms, on Fridays, they would dress up as if they were going out and prepare a meal together at home. It was how they kept doing date nights while everything was shut down, and since it sounded like a really fun idea, I took it home and proposed the new tradition to my family. Right away, my wife was into it. The kids took a little more convincing, though. They thought it was silly and didn’t see the point in getting dressed up when we weren’t leaving the house. Ultimately, Laura and I told the kids that participation in Fancy Fridays was mandatory. We were going to do this together as a family. They fought the first Fancy Friday but finally agreed to participate. The next week, I noticed that they were a little more into it. By week three, my daughter, Macy, was planning our whole meal in advance. Macy likes to cook, so she has really enjoyed coming up with the meals. We do an appetizer, main dish, and even desserts. Macy has made a number of fancy desserts for us, including chocolate souffle and homemade vanilla ice cream with caramel and churro chips. She’s really putting the “fancy” in Fancy Friday. Kaden, my son, has also really gotten into the tradition. He started asking me each week

if we were doing it again and if we could dress up. One Friday when I got home, the kids were already dressed up!

Fancy Fridays have become something the whole family can look forward to, and the kids are taking steps to make it happen. We’ve done Italian night, Greek night, even Asian night. Our favorite Fancy Friday has been pizza night. Laura and Macy made pizza dough from scratch using Italian flour. That evening, everyone got their own ball of dough, and we made little personal pizzas together. It was a lot of fun! We’ve never been the kind of people to eat out all the time, but not being able to go out at all was really wearing on us. Being able to take what would have been just another night and make it special has been really good for us. It’s helped us maintain a sense of normalcy in strange and uncertain times. The situation as a whole has been difficult in many ways, but Fancy Fridays are a great reminder that we can overcome such challenges. We can still have fun and find joy in life; we just might have to put a little spin on it.

–Julian Manrique

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