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Do You or Someone You Know Suffer From Sciatica? LOOK INSIDE FOR A FREE 30 SECOND SCIATICA SELF-TEST

• Missed work due to Sciatica or back pain? • Missed out on a family vacation or activity because you were afraid to aggravate your Sciatica? • Found yourself worrying more about your pain, numbness and tingling rather than living your life?

Patient Success Spotlight

If you answered YES to these questions, youmay have pressure on your sciatic nerve. We can help you find the cause of your pain and help you fix it naturally!

“My name is Brenda and I have had therapy at Boulet’s prior to this injury. I sought out therapy for muscle spasms in my chest, back, and neck. When I would raise my right hand, my neck would spasm. After intense therapy with massages, manipulations of my neck and head, and the exercises assigned I began to feel better. Today I do all my daily activities without spasms. Thanks to the Boulet team for their expert and professional care.” -Brenda A. NOMORE SPASMS!!

“More than 25% of American men and women experience daily pain and pain is estimated to cost the economy over $60 billion a year in lost productivity”

The Lancet – May 3, 2008

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