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Melaleuca PURE Essential Oils pass the strictest tests. There’s a reason our brand is called PURE . We have multiple tests to double and triple verify that every bottle lives up to our name in purity, potency, and quality. GCMS Testing: Checks the purity and potency of the oil against thousands of compounds. Chirality Testing: Ensures no synthetic elements are present. Heavy Metal/Pesticide/Herbicide Testing: Makes sure all PURE Oils are free of heavy metals, pesticides, and herbicides. Organoleptic Testing: Expert distillers evaluate the smell, colour, and consistency of each oil before any other tests are conducted. Optical Rotation: Measures the molecular structure of the oil to confirm there are no synthetic compounds. Refractive Index Testing: Measures the density of the oil using a concentrated beam of light. This verifies the potency of the oil. Specific Gravity Testing: Measures how heavy (dense) the oil is as compared to water. Microbial Testing: Makes sure oils contain no traces of microorganisms such as fungi, bacteria, pathogens, and mold. We’re serious about purity. Flash Point Testing: Measures the combustible “flash” temperature of the essential oil. Isotopic Analysis: Breaks oils down to the atomic level to find out which isotopes are present in an essential oil and at what amounts – this is another way to triple-check the potency and quality of the oil.


High-Quality Oils at Affordable Prices

Ultra-Pure, Ultra-Concentrated All PURE Essential Oils are highly concentrated. For example, just one 15 ml bottle of PURE Lemon Essential Oil is the equivalent of 75 lemons! Many oils are up to 100x more concentrated than dried herbs!

• All of our oils are grown in their native habitats using sustainable and ethical practices. • Each oil is extracted using the method proven to be most effective for each plant source. • Our PURE Essential Oils are extracted from plants harvested exclusively for essential oils. • Plants are processed fresh and close to the farm (with the exception of resins, seeds, and wild harvests). Some are distilled as fast as 30 minutes after cutting.

When we launched PURE Essential Oils , we shocked the essential oil industry by offering our oils at a fraction of the cost – not because they were lower quality, but because our unique business model allows us to offer our customers unsurpassed quality at affordable prices. Since we launched PURE in 2015 in the US, over one million Preferred Customer households have tried PURE Essentials Oils . Now that’s not the number of orders we’ve received, that’s the number of customers who have ordered essential oils – and that’s huge! But it’s also no surprise because Melaleuca has helped customers save over $47.5 MILLION on essential oils in the last two and a half years alone. And once customers try PURE Essential Oils , they’re hooked. On average, customers who order PURE Essential Oils order 10 percent more Product Points. Customers who purchase our PURE Ultrasonic Diffuser for essential oils have double the retention rate when compared to Preferred Customers who don’t purchase a diffuser.

When Melaleuca began more than 30 years ago, our namesake product was Melaleuca Oil. Since then, we’ve set a high standard with T36-C5 Melaleuca Oil . We’ve literally spent decades researching essential oils, their benefits, and the best practices for growing, harvesting, and refining pure essential oils. In many ways, we are one of the original essential oil companies. So it’s no surprise that our PURE Essential Oils reflect high quality and purity.


15 ml

75 Lemons


Essential oils are up to 100x more concentrated than dried herbs.

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