Music City Plastic Surgery - June 2019

Ever since the first tube of modern mascara hit marketplace shelves in 1917, several beauty fearmongers have spread myths regarding the makeup’s potential danger. The ancient Egyptians believed their lash concoction of blended kohl, crocodile dung, honey, and water kept evil spirits from entering their body through their eyes, but these days, for the most part, mascara serves one simple purpose: enhancing the eyes. Old wives’ tales about mascara have circulated over the years, making it difficult to discern fact from fiction. To help you separate truth from falsehood, here are five of the most common claims made about mascara and some information on whether or not you should believe them. 1. YOU SHOULD REPLACE YOUR TUBE EVERY 3 MONTHS — FACT! Bacteria breeds in moist, dark, enclosed spaces, which makes your mascara tube a perfect home for these organisms to thrive. This is why mascara has the shortest lifespan of all cosmetic products. Once you open your mascara, you should throw it out after three months. 2. A BIGGER BRUSH EQUALS MORE VOLUME — FICTION! True volume and lash definition are better created through shorter, spread out bristles that allow room for more product to transfer to your lashes. FACT OR FICTION? THE TRUTH ABOUT MASCARA

3. YOU SHOULDN’T SHARE TUBES — FACT! Of all makeup products, mascara is the one you definitely don’t want to share. With all the bacteria that gathers in mascara, sharing is a quick and easy way to end up with a nasty bacterial or viral infection, like pinkeye. 4. WANDS WORK BETTER THAN EYELASH CURLERS — FICTION! Researchers say that a mascara’s brush and formula can work together to thicken and lengthen your lashes, but the best way to achieve a real curl is by using an eyelash curler before application. 5. YOU SHOULD REMOVE MASCARA BEFORE BED — FACT! There’s no debate on this one, especially after an ophthalmologist found solidified bits of mascara embedded in the eyelids of an Australian woman who was beginning to go blind last year. To prevent such irritation, use an effective makeup remover to ensure every bit of mascara is removed from your lashes before bed each night.

THE ULTIMATE FATHER’S DAY GIFT It’s hard for guys to admit that we need help with anything. It doesn’t matter if we’re tasked with finding the missing remote, repairing a crankshaft, or finding our way to the family reunion the next state over. If we’re asked to do something, we’re going to try our best to get it done on our own. We don’t like to admit defeat in anything, especially when it comes to our bodies. several years, there still exists a stigma around male plastic surgery. Many men ignorantly believe the procedures to be too feminine or that getting them would be an admission of weakness. But in reality, it’s their fear of asking for help that leaves many men denying an option that could have prevented the erosion of their confidence, the dissolution of their marriage, and even the loss of their career. Physical insecurities are often the biggest contributors to the infamous midlife crisis. So many dads throw their money at fast cars, state-of-the-art boats, and extravagant vacations. In a worst-case While the number of men, particularly dads, getting procedures has skyrocketed in the last

scenario, they might even start having an affair. Instead of doing something to destroy your family, why not do something that turns your attention back toward the family. That’s why I wrote this book. I want dads of all types — businessmen, baby boomers, weekend warriors, dads-to- be, musicians, current and former firemen or cops, and THE BEST-SELLING BOOK, ‘DADDY DO- OVER: BOOST YOUR CONFIDENCE IN THE BOARDROOM AND THE BEDROOM’

professional athletes etc. — to understand there are options to help you look younger and restore your confidence. Those options, which I call the Daddy Do-Over, consist of a combination of procedures aimed at each guy’s individual concerns and desires. These include the following: a gut tuck to tighten up your stomach, liposuction to remove those stubborn love handles that won’t go away no matter how hard you exercise, breast reduction to eliminate man boobs, and eyelid surgery to remove the dark circles and heavy bags under the eyes, among several other procedures. Confidence is one of those make-it-or-break-it states, especially with men. Depending on what kind of job you have, your personal level of confidence could make all the difference in whether or not you’re assigned the best accounts, sign the best clients, or close the biggest deals. Confidence is something that you naturally project, and it’s the cumulative result of your emotional state — your confidence in yourself — and your physical appearance. If you’re wondering if the Daddy Do-Over might help you, pick up a copy of my best- selling book an Amazon, and then give our office a call today!


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