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Iskratel announces world’s first “amphibian” GPON OLT

Laser Components offers extended range of Fibercore product

Distributor Laser Components has announced that it has extended its portfolio of Fibercore products, to include single-mode fibres covering the wavelengths ranging from 488 nm to 1625 nm. Many varieties are now covered: for example, single- mode fibres with an ultra-low profile or large NA for improved bending resistance. Some of the new types have a high germanium content and thus intrinsic photo- sensitivity for writing fibre Bragg gratings without requiring further hydrogen passivation. The distributor comments: “the range of new possible applications is now as versatile as the number of variations: single-mode fibres are not only used in

telecommunications, but also in laser diode pigtails and connectors, fibre Bragg gratings, sensor technology, telemetry, hydrophones, biomedical applications, spectroscopy, and space travel.” Laser Components also offers a range of multi- mode fibres and special fibres, such as sapphire and hollow-core fibres. Polymer optical fibres (“POF”) and cables for applications with special requirements are also available. Fibercore, based in Southampton, UK manufactures a comprehensive range of speciality optical fibres including single-mode, photosensitive, multicore, polarisation maintaining, spun, doped, and multimode fibres; passive cladding pumped fibre and components, fibre Bragg grating, and complementary products.

Building on its SI3000 Lumia G16 compact GPONOptical Line Terminal (OLT), Iskratel’s new dual-nature OLT can operate as a traditional integrated OLT. It also provides a disaggregated white- box solution, based on virtual OLT Hardware Abstraction (vOLTHA) principles. This transforms the Lumia G16 into a fully virtualised, CORD-compliant physical OLT with virtual OLT software running in the cloud via a simple software upgrade, eliminating the need for hardware upgrades when virtualising the central office and easing cloudification of the edge. “We are extremely proud to be the first solutions provider to introduce a product that allows operators to avoid an entire investment cycle when transforming their networks towards software-defined, next-generation access,” said Janez Öri, Director Strategy and Business Development at Iskratel. “Furthermore, our virtualised GPON solution facilitates a cost-effective upgrade of the existing infrastructure, even before operators move on to securely introducing a fully virtualised NGPON architecture.” The original SI3000 Lumia G16 provides 16 GPON ports with a high split ratio to serve up to 2,048 fibre subscribers. Simultaneously, six GE P2P users can be served from the same product. In addition to CO deployment, SI3000 Lumia G16 inherently supports the deployment in street cabinets with internal control and a temperature-hardened design (up to +65 °C ambient). The new OLT was debuted at the SDN-NFV World Congress in October, alongside the new version of Iskratel’s Cloud- Services Platform (CSP) that adds centralised identity management and edge computing to improve multi-cloud orchestration and management, including all core and edge datacentre locations.

MACOMWith Industry’s First Single-Chip Solution for 100G Bidirectional Optical Connectivity

MACOMTechnology Solutions Inc has introduced what is billed as the industry’s first integrated, single- chip transmit and receive solution for short reach 100G optical transceivers, Active Optical Cables (AOCs) and onboard optical engines. The seamless integration of four-channel transmit and receive Clock Data Recovery (CDRs), four Transimpedance Amplifiers (TIAs) and four Vertical-Cavity Surface- Emitting Laser (VSCEL) drivers within the newMALD-37845 is designed to deliver better ease of use and reduced costs. Supporting a full range of data rates from 24.3 to 28.1 Gbits/s, the new MALD-37845 is designed for use in CPRI, 100G Ethernet, 32G Fibre Channel and 100G EDR InfiniBand applications. It will provide customers with a low power, single-chip solution suitable for small form-factor optical subassemblies. The chip supports interoperability with a variety

of VCSEL lasers and photodetectors, and is firmware-compatible with earlier-generation MACOM solutions. “Optical module and AOC providers are under tremendous pressure to enable their customers with 100G connectivity at volume scale,” said Marek Tlalka, Senior Director of Marketing, High-Performance Analog, MACOM. “We believe that the MALD-37845 overcomes the integration and cost challenges inherent to legacy multi-chip offerings.”


| ISSUE 15 | Q4 2018

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